Best Writer Or Writer That Resonates?

Last Update: Jun 23, 2019

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Recently, I came across with a comment from someone with a lengthy note about my writing style. In fact, he pinpointed the use of hyphens.

He reviewed my article to that extent. He sent me a long comment about the grammatical errors in my blog post, which I do appreciate.

Yet, what struck me the most is when he said, "Your post should not be a conversation."

I said, "What?"

I disagree.


In this case, which one do you want to become? Become the best writer out there or become that writes content that resonates?

If I were to choose, I'd rather become someone that resonates.

You don't have to throw away the grammar rules when you write content on your websites. Of course, you have to know that "You is" should be "You are."

This isn't my point at all.

You may familiarize with thousands of grammar rules to produce an epic or killer content out there; yet, remember this, my friends, you aren't to impress. You're here to connect.

You create content because you have a message to say to your readers. That's the most important thing. This brings money, influence, and power.

Being able to resonate with your readers is the key factor to success. Not grammar rules.

I remember Robert Kiyosaki mentioned this, "I want to be a bestselling author, not a best-writing author." That inspired me, especially I'm not someone from a country where English is only a secondary language.

I may be teaching you how to leverage your content, but that doesn't exclude myself from creating mistakes. I admit that I can't write a perfect, error-free piece of content. But that doesn't stop me from doing what I should do.

To dedicate myself in teaching you how to write a piece of content that generates results. That's what I do. Be it traffic or conversions, whatever. That's the mission on Wealthy Affiliate. My networks are aware of this because they've been following me since I began here.

This is my message.


Aim to become someone that resonates. Strive to create content on your websites that connect with your readers regardless of the niche you belong to. You may use the writing tools available right now just to ensure you won't annoy the grammar Nazis out there.

However, this shouldn't be the cause for you to stop from doing what you love and to make money by writing something you want.

Generally, don't compromise your message simply because you're too conscious with perfect content. Don't be afraid to have your content read by the world with all the inevitable errors. Because, you know what, there's no such thing as perfect content.

If you aim to write a scholarly article, it's best to compete with Wikipedia, etc. But not in this industry. Why? Your readers will see you as someone they praise, not someone they could build a relationship and pay later on.

Have you ever seen someone leaving 100+ comments on scholarly sites? Not even Writer's Digest has that. But blogs? Jeff Goins' blog alone has 500+ comments.

Look at Melyssa Griffin, Mariah Coz, Pat Flynn, Neil Patel, among others. They have tons of engagements. Did they care too much about grammar? No.

My friends, we're building blogs. Not just websites. Blogs are personal. Besides, we aren't here to do a thesis. We may do research to leverage our content. But the tone of our writing remains the same.

We aren't writing for our professors, but for our audience.

And who are our audience? Scholars?

Again, I'm not saying you shouldn't care about grammar. My point is, you don't have to be scholarly in writing your blog posts. Become a conversational writer.

Build a relationship and connection with your audience, not just claps.

If you want to keep updated with my latest posts, simply follow me. If you want my help to leverage your content for your blogs, feel free to leave me a private message. I've helped almost 30 people in 1 month. That's how amazing Wealthy Affiliate is. :)

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Recent Comments


Hiya Mecyll
When I started my training on WA, Kyle was at pains to point out that we are to speak in our blog as though it is a conversation with a friend, and he understands that we can get hung up on writing content, but we needn’t as it is not a dissertation or college module.
So in my humble opinion you have done exactly as Kyle suggests and let’s be honest this guy Kyle knows a thing or two.

It is always good to get an alternative view and let’s be honest it wouldn’t work if we all thought and worked in the same way, never the less you are able to objectively look at the pros and cons and then do exactly as you are with the added benefit constructive analysis which you have chosen not to take based on evidence... 🤓

I thoroughly enjoy your style of writing so don’t doubt yourself 😁

Hi, Cordelia. I'm really delighted you are happy with how I write. Hahaha. Besides, I'm taking my content seriously. So, there's really no BS in whatever I say there. Yet, I still have these comments. Well, what else could I say, it's their opinion.

The fact these kinds of people start to exist, it's a proof that my content starts to get noticed. :)

Totally agree with you.

Personally, there are 2 tricks that I follow -

1. I join forums and FB groups and actively try to catch the vibe of the tribe there.
2. I write the first draft to my husband on FB messenger. That way my writing automatically gets set to a conversational tone.

It works really well for me.

That's great. At least you did something to overcome that. Many people here are demotivated because of the grammar Nazis.

Hi kameliab85,

What a great tip you shares. I'll use it.

Thank you


Haha. You're right. It can be terrifying for someone who's just starting to write. I was like that too, when I started. Slowly, I have learnt to recognize good and bad comments. I try to learn from the good ones and just ignore the rest.

I'm glad that you liked it. :-)

It's very terrifying for those who are new to blogging. I've heard a lot of people consulting me about their content. Most of them asked me about the grammar, the entire thing. I mean, I could sense the fear and doubt.

That's why I never failed to encourage them because I know that's the least that I could do. :)

I totally agree. You should be writing blog posts as if talking to a friend, not as a scholar. A few grammatical errors are perfectly fine. The content and how you're talking to your audience is far more important. I've read excellent posts teaching how to do something. A few had glaring spelling mistakes, but that didn't worry me in the slightest. The author's knowledge was what mattered.

Yes, unless if we're writing a book. That's another story. We have to hire experts to do the job. I don't intend to be perfect in my writing either. If I have to publish a book (which I'm planning to do so), I will hire someone who will edit my work. That's all. I don't want to be disturbed by someone who just started blogging and telling me these things.

I've been blogging over the years and saw my mistakes, learned from them. I feared the grammar Nazis so much. But then, I told myself, this isn't right. I have to do something.

So, I read a lot of books, underlined the phrases I think are great to add for my writing, vocabulary, etc. I know I still have to improve my writing until now, but that won't stop me from writing my message at all.

Hi Mecyll,

Grammar is important for the ease of reading the written words but as you have said you have to write to connect with your audience that is the main and most important purpose of your writing.

Remember no matter who we are or what we do there will alway be people who disagree with us. Everyone has an opinion we just have to choose which ones we listen to and which ones we ignore. Keep doing what brings you happiness and contentment.

Much success to you!

Kind regards,

Thank you, Nichola for the words you shared. Yes, grammar is important to keep our content "passable," if you know what I mean. But then again, why do we blog?

Do we blog because we want to impress people? or do we blog because we have something to say? If we say something, do we have to be conscious of the grammar?

Imagine if we speak in front of an audience, do we still be bothered with grammar...that much? I don't think so.

Sure, we have to keep those grammar rules in mind. Too much errors are annoying, too. Yet, if we keep ourselves stuck in those rules, we tend to ignore the message. That makes us blind then.

This is what I experienced when I was still in college. My classmates, who were grammar Nazis, focus on criticizing the person because of this and that error, neglecting the focal message of the speaker. In the end, they miss a lot of things.

The same thing with blogging. :)

You are welcome.

I love this.

I wouldn’t read someone’s blog if it had no personality, individuality, and passion behind it. I want to feel like it’s conversational and not facts on facts and a term paper. Blah boring!

As a consumer, I am buying from the writer who keeps me engaged and entertained with their creative writing style. I’m not looking to buy products from Wikipedia style writers.

Keep doing the damn thing girl!

Those negative commentators are focused on grammar and not on buying or on your mission as a blogger. In turn, they aren’t your audience anyway!

Keep it real!

Thank you so much, Kate. Honestly, I was disturbed with the comment I received to the point I had to step back because you know I'm helping others to leverage their content on their websites. And here I am, receiving this kind of comment on my content!

So, I took a deep breath, had a 30-minute break before I turn that bad feeling into a post, which I know will resonate. I know this concern is relatable to most people here, especially those who have been stuck because of the fear to write and fear from the grammar Nazis out there.

Which is why, I'm so thankful for you and others who like the post and shared their sentiments. I'm so happy, really delighted. I didn't expect this amount of support.

Could not agree more... A blog should be a little rough around the edges and 'human'. None of us are perfect so why do we have to write perfectly.
As long as the message that you want to convey gets across to the audience that's the aim right ?
I try to write my posts as if I am having a conversation with a friend. It's more personal and real, not as manufacturered. I feel people can relate to this more and get more of a feel for your UNIQUENESS as a writer :)

Agree with you.

That's really true, Daniel. Even the scholarly websites try to get a touch of "blogging" by employing humanizing content. This is the very reason why Kyle emphasized in Level 1 training to put our images on our websites, trying to humanize our blogs as much as possible.

We want to promote content, a product, a service, etc. in a way that we don't try to impress someone with jargon or technical, scholarly we. We promote something in a friendly manner that resonates. From there, it converts. :)

A blog should get the personal touch of who writes it, be you and your clients will find you.
You need to be you and don't let one comment bothers you, as you keep writing you'll do better.
Keep at it, you're doing great.

This is the very reason why we blog, and why people love to read blogs over websites. Sure, Alejandra, I will continue writing. One comment will not stop me. I have had a lot of experiences in the past, which I serve as lessons. So, one comment will not put me down either. But I will keep his notes as an area to improve further. :)

Thank you so much for herring it.

I have the same problem with my writing.
When I'll write my first post I will share with you.


Hi, Ilana. I'm happy that you can relate to the post and the core message I'm trying to send here on WA.

Sure, you can share with me your latest article. I'll be delighted to be of help. :)

Writing like you are talking to someone is the best way for me.

That way it flows naturally.

Keep on doing what is best for you.

You will never keep everyone happy.

Darren :)

Hello! Yes, this is why blogging is very powerful because it connects with people. Even if we sell something or promote our books or whatever, it resonates with our audience well. Conversions are high with this method VS scholarly articles. Yes, they may impress us, but it lacks the emotional factor.

Yes, I agree when you said, "You will never keep everyone happy." That's really true. :)

Salamat for sharing!

I will also write like I talk which is not grammatically correct, but a person who knows me would recognize me in the writing. That's how personal I take my writing. :-)


Yes, true. Walang anuman, Mel. :)

I write like I talk, too. I guess you observe how people in the Philippines speak the English language, right? Haha. I had to go through the hurdle trying to practice writing that could at least - just at least - sound better, not even close as to someone who speaks the language and write better.

You're doing great. Keep up the great work and keep moving forward!


Yes, I will do. :)

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