My Web Traffic Grows Even I Didn't Do Anything For Days

Last Update: Jun 16, 2019

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Although a few days ago, I shared about how sick I was. And even though I didn't really have the strength to carry on with what I should do, I forced myself to my limits and managed to make updates on Wealthy Affiliate and tweak some posts to ease my "perfectionism."

It's not really the 100% perfectionism as I used to be, but it's more making a few changes to achieve the seamless flow of my newly implemented funnel.

After following the fellow members' pieces of advice, I rested and gave myself a break, stayed away from my planner for days.

I consumed my days talking with my husband and enjoying my pause.

Until today.


I resume to my routines and wrote another 2,000+ words on someone else's website (my day job), wrote my own blog posts with an average of 2,000+ words, too. At the same time, I achieved Level 4 out of 5 in Wealthy Affiliate training.

My husband asked me many times why couldn't I just sleep more and just pause. I told him, "You'd understand if you were too passionate about something. It's unstoppable."

I guess that's what happened to me in the past few days. I couldn't seem to stop from doing what I should do, although my body calls me - actually screaming at me - to lay down and sleep more than before.

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I work around 16 hours per day. Everyday. That's 7 days x 16 hours, guys. (112 hours)

Within less than a month on Wealthy Affiliate, here are a few of what I achieved so far:

  • I reach Rank 228 from 200,000+
  • I reached Level 4 (turning Level 5 now)
  • My other website got ranked.
  • There are around 20 people received my help in their content and saw improvements on their way of writing and delivery of content. In fact, many of them were thankful because of that.


Though I rested, I was surprised to know that my website traffic continues to grow albeit Google's new algorithm update lately, shutting down 50% of the monthly traffic of the most prominent sites in the world.

*My Google Search Console screenshot taken on June 16, 2019.

If Daily Mail UK lost 50% of their traffic, I got more.

Though it's been a week since I updated a post on my website, the graph shows me something else, given that Google implemented a recent update.

Below is a screenshot of my Google Analytics today that my traffic growth is nearly a 100% in 28 days alone.

*My Google Analytics screenshot taken on June 16, 2019.



There's nothing beyond than doing what most website owners don't do. In fact, there's a study in which only around 30% of the bloggers across the world do this.

Become a fan of a comprehensive content.

Become the source. Create original content.

Reach out to influencers & contribute to millions of its followers.

Connect with people. Offer help.

Here's the catch.

Don't overdo it, guys.

You may be the most passionate person in the whole community and in the blogosphere. But you aren't superhuman, invicible of disease due to fatigue.

Remember why you're working for. Certainly, not for hospital bills.

If you want to become updated with my latest posts, follow me. Further, if you want to learn how to leverage your content and ask how I manage to achieve these things albeit being sick for days, send me a private message. I'll be delighted to give you my assistance. For FREE! :D

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Recent Comments


This is very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

It's my pleasure. :)

Nice to hear you took a rest. Welcome back.

Brian McCown

Yes, Brian. Thank you so much. :)

This is awesome and very motivating. Ensure you take care of yourself Mecyll.

Sure, I will, Staci. Thanks for leaving a comment. I really appreciate it. ♥️

Wow that is alot of hours! Good results though. Puts everything into perspective when you or someone close is sick.

Good luck with "slowing down", I agree it's difficult to break a habit you've had for so long!

Yes, it's really true. It's really difficult to stop. I don't know. Perhaps, it's passion that hits me so hard that even if I got really sick, I still continue. Although my body starts to shut down, I still do and continue helping people. I don't know. :)

Mecyll, Awesome results!
As you can tell We all are proud of what you've done, even though I'm new to WA community I enjoy reading your 2000+ words posts.

Please dont stop enlightening us with all your bright ideas, but take your time.

Health and family are priceless...

Take care.


Yes, Carlos. I'm starting to slow down a bit. You know, as I mentioned many times in the comments, it's difficult to change a 10-year lifestyle in a snap. But, I'm doing it. In fact, I didn't consume 16 hours yesterday but I did a lot. 😇

Just like APachowko1 said,
Numerous studies talk about how working through lunch, working long long hours does not actually improve productivity, quite the opposite, so I am glad you are resting.

That said, impressive results, well done, be very very proud of yourself.

Look forward to seeing your next month achievement xxx

Certainly, Cordelia. Certainly. How are you doing, by the way?

Hi, yeah not bad, but slow training last week, back at work after a 3 week sick period, shattered.... but happy.
I am going slow and steady, I am struggling with the social engagement side of things as Twitter and Pinterest are new and I find them time consuming. Have made the decision to leave for the time being but will wait sept 2nd when I am due for foot surgery and have to take 10 weeks off work.
Am going to give my WA some big “wellie” (that’s uk slang for hard work.. lol)


Thanks for sharing the slang. At least, I'm aware what's "wellie" actually meant. I hope you're getting well, Cordelia.

Yes, social engagement takes a looooooot of time.

I'm very happy for you! Keep striving but also also I think you need to give yourself a relaxing spa day, you deserve it!

Yes, Misskaren. I will keep that in mind. :)

I'm glad you're feeling better but don't over do it just because.

Yes, I won't do that again. Workaholic lifestyle has been my thing since I was a teenager. So, it's hard to change my lifestyle in a snap. But I'm trying. :)

It is always dangerous to burn a candle at both ends. It is not the number of hours you work but how you work. Numerous studies have show those who work shorter hours and longer holiday are more productive than those who work many hours and take shorter holiday. Longer hours does not increase your productivity.

I know. But it has been my pleasure to work like this since I was a teenager. A student council president and a full-scholar at the same time. That kind of thing.

So, it's hard to change ways just like that. Just because I am in this industry.

It is also about your health. It has been discovered that those who work long hours tend to have shorter lives. No point working yourself to an early grave.

That's what I exactly wrote at the end of the post.

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