Windows 10: All-Out War and My Ultimate Victory

Last Update: Jul 20, 2016


I’ve been absent from WA for the best part of two weeks for three reasons:

  1. I was in dire straits (no music, alas) with my attempts to switch to Windows 10
  2. I needed time to reinstall software and catch up with my to-do list
  3. I had a week-long run of migraines and their aftermath.

You can ignore (2) and (3) because the story lies in (1)

The Windows 10 that I’m now running is the result of the fourth installation of it.

The first time, I followed Microsoft’s instructions and installed it over Window 7. I had backed up everything, thankfully, although MS said that that wouldn’t be necessary. Huh! What a load of b----!

Some members here tried to help me out of the mess that resulted. Thanks again, you wonderful people!

“You should have done a clean install,” I was advised. So the second time, I did exactly that but something went wrong with it towards the end. I tried to install it yet again but my computer refused and I couldn’t get access to Windows 7 at that stage. My only option was to call in the heavy artillery, so I phoned a computer technician. He came in the next morning and $70 later Windows 10 was running on Guinness, my computer.

“That’s three installations,” I hear you say.

That’s right. But silly me, I decided to add a user account for a member of the family. Somewhere along the line I did something wrong and couldn’t undo it, even after Googling for help. To cut a miserable story short, I then managed to lock myself out of the computer. I must have mis-typed the password.

It was Saturday evening but I phoned the technician anyway. He didn’t laugh. However, he was out of town until Tuesday. He suggested I should try – you’ve guessed it – to reinstall Windows 10 again.

I set to work with grim determination, thinking of the $70 I was saving, but I was shaking underneath. By bedtime I had Windows 10 and several essential programmes (yes, I know, they’re now apps) up and running. I slept well that night.

To anyone who is still planning to install Windows 10 from the free upgrade, I recommend you (a) back up everything you want to keep and (b) do a clean install. It’s quite straightforward barring MMQs (Mysterious Microsoft Quirks). And oh yes, (c) type in your password correctly.

Recent Comments


What a nightmare you had but glad you got it working at last. xx

Thanks, Cheryl. Your two messages have cheered up my day.xx

I'm glad it, finally, worked out for you. I got over the hump 4 months ago and am lucky except for some of the quirky occasional settings "hmm we can't find this page"

I must say it's working really well. I get the quirky settings, too, but not often. After all, it's Microsoft. I'm glad your is working well. I know that some people had no problems at all with their installations. Lucky them!

I had the same problem when downloaded of Window 10 was completed. Sticking with Windows 7 for now...

Probably a wise decision. I know of several people who had trouble with Windows 10 and went back to 7

Great tips, I have not installed yet.

I hope, when the time comes, your installation is free of the drama. Good luck.


Thanks for the Tips.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

You remind me so much of myself.....

But great work, you did it!

Thanks Therese. So you're a computer wizard, too :)

Glad to hear you finally came right!


Thanks. I can do without that kind of excitement in my life.

Glad you got win 10 going. I'm having issues too. After a failed try a windows update tells me I now don't have a valid win key for my win 7. So now I have to call HP and ask...what happened to my product key lol.

Your product key should be on the package your Win7 came in.

This might help. I haven't tried it.

Great advice :)

Thanks, Jude :)

That is one of the reasons I didn't want to upgrade to Windows 10, I have seen too many situations exactly like you have been through and in most cases they lost it all, at least you backed up.

Glad you got it all done.

Thanks Steve. I actually like Windows 10 better than 7 and I'm glad it's working for me.It's just as well I didn't know how much strife I would have.

Thanks Steve. I'm glad I wasn't able to foresee all the strife.

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