Why Im Leaving Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: November 29, 2016

It’s the last day of the month and as the hours tick by, my WA subscription trickles away. I won’t be renewing it,

I’ve been weighing up the pros and cons of staying for several months now and as time passes, the cons get heavier.

These are the main reasons I can’t stay:

1. I can’t afford another year’s sub. In two years I haven’t made a cent and who’s to say that will change? I’m on a fixed income and it barely covers my living expenses.

2. I’ve struggled with tuition from videos, which are, in fact, mainly audios. I like to take notes so give me text any day – unless it’s something heavy with visuals, like pruning a bonsai. My hearing is impaired and getting worse, so I need to read for information. In fact, I can’t finish the training course because I can’t hear it well enough.

3. I dislike the ranking system. I gather that most members accept or like it so I won’t rock the boat by discussing my opinion of it.

4. I don’t fit into the system, I’m not comfortable here – the veritable square peg. After two years’ premium membership, I still feel I don’t belong. That’s my fault, not WA’s.

I’ve found someone to help me – and he uses written material – so I’m not giving up. I’ve met so many wonderful members here and I’ll sorely miss you. I thank you all. WA has become a habit but… the time has come to move on.

My warmest, strongest, best wishes to you all for your online success and your personal happiness.


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MNorton Premium
Hi Margaret,
I'm so sorry to see you go. I don't know you that well, but I feel you are still a part of this amazing community. We all have our reasons for doing what we need to do, and I understand. I do hope things get better for you on your journey. Please know you will be missed. Blessings to you always.
mckm Premium
What a lovely farewell, Mary. I'll miss the lovely people here.
Ultimateless Premium
I am sorry to see you go, even though I haven't really known you.

I was looking at your website and I couldn't really see how you are monetising it, am I missing something? Even if you go you might put in lots of call to action buttons to products that will give you a commission, I might be out of line here as I haven't had an in-depth look...

The ranking system as someone else has said here is to keep this site 'happening' but it is still only the training that is worth the money.

I wish you all the best in your new venture. Michael
mckm Premium
Thank you, Michael. I appreciate the tip re call to action buttons and will do so. I'm mainly using Amazon for monetising - they dropped me once and I'm trying again.
All the best to you, too.
Ultimateless Premium
This may not be for you but I would go for other affiliate programs more suited to your site. Amazon always has a logo which I think can be off-putting.

Here is one which may be more suited to your health site?
mckm Premium
I took a quick look and it looks promising. There's a lot to read on the site so I'll check out what interests me. I so appreciate this! - Margaret
Ultimateless Premium
You're welcome, I don't want you to leave and I'll help you all I can.
TomasB Premium Plus
This is a post that I wont be clicking the LIKE button on. I'm sorry to hear this news because you have put so much time into your website, but I understand your frustration.
It's encouraging to read the part of your post where you found someone to help you in a format that you are more comfortable with, and that YOU ARE NOT GIVING UP.

Remember all that you've learned here, that's the foundation of your success on the next phase of your journey outside of WA.
mckm Premium
Tomas, I won't forget what I've learned here. My website will continue and hopefully improve. And I won't forget the encouragement I've received from the wonderful members here.
I wish you the very best for your work now and in time ahead.
OldMCSEGuy Premium
Like you, I don't fit in here either. I spend more money per month on coffee than I do wealthy affiliate. As far as the ranking system is concerned once you understand it's not skill-based but social based it's okay. The purpose of it seems to be to keep the most active people in the system so that wealthy affiliate will keep its Authority ranking in Google. Which is fine. Wealthy affiliate is a business that makes its income by keeping people involved in it. One difference is that I am and have been making money not necessarily with wealthy affiliate but online for years. The free traffic stuff is kind of a bust for us but it does generate some income. Being legally blind, many things are a challenge for me also. Can you imagine never being able to drive, or not being able to see a menu at McDonald's. But I've been that way for over 60 years so I guess I have adjusted to it. But this darn stroke kicks my butt everyday. However I am happier than I have ever been in life.

It is far better to get a person to work one-on-one with you. All it takes is a little drive and you'll get there.

I hate to see you leave and I hope you achieve everything you wish for.
mckm Premium
Yes, I soon learned that the ranking system is social based and that's one of my gripes. For health and other reasons I didn't have time for both work and socializing. I tried doing my bit to help and comment and improved in rank but my writing and website suffered. So, back to work and my rank plummeted. I'm ashamed to admit it, but it felt like punishment. There has to be a better system. You mention one thing I was aware of: that Wealthy Affiliate is a business. It calls itself a university but it doesn't fit my understanding of the term. I won't express my views any further because I'd like to leave without causing a tsunami.
I don't know how you cope with blindness. It's something I've always dreaded. I grumble about my declining ability to hear but I'm blessed with good sight for my age.
I'm learning a lot from my new tutor and believe I'll get there - I hope it's sooner rather than later.
I hope your business and your life go well for you
DianneBee Premium
And all the best to you too! I buy training that is text and great visuals that really help me a lot. I'm staying with WA a little longer but I understand that people learn differently, it's not one size fits all.
I ignore the ranking system. With learning and posting, I don't have time for it.
Happy Trails!
mckm Premium
There's training out there to suit a range of learning needs but you have to look carefully. This is a great place for people just starting out and who have good hearing.
I too found that if I contributed then my learning and business suffered.
Have a good life.