My Super Heroes

Last Update: January 29, 2016

Yes that 's right I said my Super Heroes .And I bet the first thing that comes to your head is Who What is he talking about .

In order for me to tell you I have to take you on a journey , so let me ask you are you ready to take this ride because it has a lot of bumps and bruises along the way. Ok it looks like you are still here so here we go .

As you know it is pretty easy to build a website because it is basically done for you , in fact you already have the seo aio installed for you and also the Spam shield along with some others Right ? So you get your website up and start to follow your lessons Right ?

Then you start to add content for your site the juices are flowing you are feeling like there is nothing you can not do (sound familiar) ?

Wow does this feel great you are on top of the world and it just seems like this is what you were made to do you know in your heart that you can do this and nothing And I Mean Nothing can stand in your way .

So now you are feeling like a king or queen and you say to your self I bet I can make my site better and faster then it is right now. So you start to add plugins for social media and for avatars and even one to help with your mail list

Then you start to notice wow my site is slowing down (What) and you look for solutions to help you (Right) ? you get all these suggestions from friends and the internet like most people you ask Google and they give you more plugins to add on (which you do)

Ok this is what I did but I made a fatal mistake I added a plugin that killed my site (stupid huh) this was my own fault I added a plugin called ZenCache I thought that it would speed up my website but instead it killed it .

All the work I had done and was so proud of was gone I tried everything in the book that I learned and believe me I have learned a lot, but to no avail .

This is where the Super Heroes come in All through this I have been putting support tickets to Wealthy Affiliate Support . They have been paitent and so so helpful through this entire ordeal .

They were there. to not only show me what to do but never ever degraded me in any way. we finally figured out the problem and we got it fixed but if it was not for them I would have deleted the domain and got another one which would have been the same .

so yes WA support are my Super Heroes all the best Max

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Rean Premium
Awww what a lovely post.. So glad you were saved from loosing all your hard work.. true heroes indeed. Only on WA can you find such selfless giving.. Bless.
Maxiam59 Premium
yes and thank you for reading all the best Max
Martstervt Premium
Thanks for the Journey Max, there is a lesson on Percervierence and thankfulness. Much appreciated!

Maxiam59 Premium
you bet and all the best Max
XinZhang Premium
Great to hear the support is there if you need it. Not surprising but certainly reassuring!
Maxiam59 Premium
thank you for your comment and all the best Max
MarionBlack Premium
Thanks for taking us on your journey Max. WA support team really are superheroes.
Maxiam59 Premium
I would be lost with out them all the best max
AlexEvans Premium
Wow Max that would of been a testing time for you. What a testimonial for the support crew. Gives us all so much confidence in the platform. Thank you for sharing your experiences.
Maxiam59 Premium
my pleasure I feel they should get the praise they deserve all the best max