My Successes So Far

Last Update: September 05, 2015

My successes so far

Hello everyone

Today I have completed all ofCourse 2 Training and would like to give an update on the successes I've had so far.

They are all small victories and none of them are financial victories (yet) and I am fine with that.

I believe it is important to celebrate the small victories and keep pressing forward, knowing that the work you are doing is not in vain just because you have not seen any money come flowing in yet.

If you guys remember, Kyle, the founder of this site didn't have any money come in until 60 days in. Keep in mind it will take shorter or longer for some of us based on a ton of different factors.

So now for my successes so far:

#1 - I successfully created a website!

Before joining WA, I would not have known how to navigate smoothly along step-by-step and focus on what's important while leaving out the not so important items.

#2 - I have quality content!

This is the most important piece, I have quality content! It's not because I'm an amazing writer, it's because I've created a website around what I am passionate about! What I love!

I have asked myself the question, what makes me come alive? and I have done that with my website! :D

I am not going to explain my website in it's entirety here but I welcome you to go visit if you want to check out my passion!

I STRONGLY recommend you do the same-don't think about what is going to make money or how you can make money on here...everyone does that in this world.

Find your calling and go do that! Everyone has a different way of reaching this point. As for me, I am a follower of Christ and have a personal relationship with Jesus :)

That has led me to find my calling and God has stirred a passion in my heart. Find whatever that is for you. Discover what that looks like and go create it!

#3 - I have an amazing logo!

I have used a certain website that enabled me to get an amazing logo to brand myself and my website so that it stands apart from everyone else! If you go to my website, you will see the logo there.

This was a 3-4 week process to get finalized but it was worth every penny and is extremely valuable to me. If you are curious about this and want to know more, then please send me a private message because I'd love to help you out with the process :)


So that's it guys! No major financial victories here but I'm not feeling even the slightest bit burnt out or that I want to quit or give up on my website, because I'm driven by something I'm passionate about!

I'm driven by something far greater than myself and I know that the money will come, yet it's not what I am seeking first.

I have faith that God will provide that part as a secondary means of the kingdom work I am doing. For now, I press on and keep fighting the good fight.

My hope is that you are able to find your passion as well and make a difference in the world for good!

Thanks for reading and please feel free to share your thoughts and feelings below :)

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johandpl Premium
Hi Matthew, based on your comment from your website on the 18th August, I want to let you know that we definitely share the same vision. We were created to serve Christ in everything we do. I am actually proud to call you my brother in Christ. My website is coming along very nicely and the training as well. I love your success report a lot and hope that everything you touch, comes to fruition. You have a blessed day and remember we are here to build each other. If someone is not building, they are destroying. People can be very cruel and unfortunately there are a lot of destruction going around. My message to you today, right now, is: Don't let any negative thoughts take root in you. Remember as a child of the Most High God, you have a choice. What I like to do when negative thoughts come to me, I simply ask:"Is this thought going to bring me closer to my goal?" Sometimes you have to look at a negative situation and try to see what is the positive inside of this? It has helped me tremendously and I believe it will help you as well. Anyway you have a blessed day and don't be a stranger Matthew...Bye...your brother in Christ....
GeorgeEkman Premium
Hi Johandpi I really appreciate your comments brother.
despatis Premium
Congrats Matthew, for going premium and for writing your first blog about your success so far. Well done and to be continued. To your success, Desmond.
MatthewR Premium
Thanks Desmond!
andrel Premium
Hello wise young man! I read with pleasure your website. My son is just thy years. Also this year he had graduated the University of Southampton UK. He wanted to continue his 4D sound projects in Holland, but this year did not work out. Now he got a good job here in Latvia and began to make his first euro. Tom is not only my son he is my best friend. Let success follows you!
MatthewR Premium
Thank you Andre for your encouragement and for checking out my site! I greatly appreciate your kind words and give all the glory to God :)

I am very happy to hear that your son is also your best friend! I hope that you two continue to grow in your relationship and I wish him the best of success in his new career as well as for you here on WA!
GeorgeEkman Premium
I sure like to read follows like yours so I am following you please follow me back.
Dmorrow Premium
Good job Matthew! I like where you're going with your page. Many young people are leaving the churches these days and it's good to see a young person interested in bringing them back and keeping them involved.

MatthewR Premium
Thanks Debbie! I am very grateful for your kind words!
GeorgeEkman Premium
Yes Debby it is real good to see young people working for theLord
MatthewR Premium
Thanks George! :)
Josorei Premium
That's great Matthew! It sounds as though you are moving forward towards your goal, just keep up the good work and you will soon start to see more success even in the terms of money. I took a brief look at your website and I really liked it.
MatthewR Premium
Thanks Josorei,

I appreciate your uplifting words of encouragement! I am also happy to hear that you like my site, that is very important to know that it is an appealing site that people would naturally want to visit.