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Hey guys!This post is a status update from where I left off last with you all at am here to tell you that the long-awaited journey has finally arrived....thank you God! :)Today, after a lot of hard podcast is now live! It has been quite an interesting journey and I'm not quite sure what God has been showing me through it all.Technical Difficulties What held me back most? Technical difficulties...Needless to say, I actually had an
Hey guys,I'm really excited here because I am going to be incorporating podcasts into my website! It's an amazing piece that allows me to connect with my audience on a much deeper level than simply blogging.Why Podcast?I wanted to give you this update so you guys can see what I'm doing on my site and how I'm doing it. As of right now, I work full time and may not be able to get my 1st podcast (which is already recorded) up on my site. Where do I begin?I have felt overwhelmed trying to figure ou
September 05, 2015
My successes so farHello everyoneToday I have completed all ofCourse 2 Training and would like to give an update on the successes I've had so far. They are all small victories and none of them are financial victories (yet) and I am fine with that. I believe it is important to celebrate the small victories and keep pressing forward, knowing that the work you are doing is not in vain just because you have not seen any money come flowing in yet. If you guys remember, Kyle, the founder of this site