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Last Update: Nov 19, 2016


I am setting up my "Black Friday" page.
I used a current banner and added the link that I got from my black aeroplane links.
It is the "Black Friday" link. When I click on the banner I get a message that I am signed up for everything. My question, is this what my visitors see?

I added a banner that I down loaded from the banners list. The link just added another Banner. I then added my affiliate link. My question, will this link give my visitors the "Black Friday" deal?

What is the correct way to link the B.F. Banner?

Thanks Friends,


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Have you been able to get this worked out Marty? I was just wondering? I have been doing some serious Black Friday promotions on WA recently. Great deal.

Hi Steph,
I am sorry for the delay. The link never did change so I just added my affiliate link with the idea of getting the Black Friday deal if someone went yearly.|

I had no signups so it didn't matter. Thanks for your comment.

You are welcome. :)

The link will work on at 10:00 am on Black Friday according to Kyle's email. Your customers will be able to see the ad.

In less than a week we'll be at the 25th and this should settle out!

Thanks, Mike, I look forward to another BF yearly.

Read Kyle's posts....these links will not activate until the 25th, that's why you're getting this. He also said the'announcement' was basically a heads up for current members to get articles and ideas going. Watch your email and Kyle's blogs for blogs more addressed to promoting. He had said coming soon...watch your inbox... :)

Thanks, Rosie,
it occurred to me that I should not link it until the 28th so I have removed the links and will add them back at the appropriate time.
I wouldn't want someone to signup for the regular price on a B.F.
banner. That would be bad for business lol.

Thanks for your knowledgeable comment:-)


So I did not ask a dumb question after all

Hi Rich,
I guess it wasn't dumb as much as it was a "head in the fog" question, lol. I was linking too soon and have removed them until the promo takes effect.

There is NEVER a dumb question....never feel that way....please?

Oops....my comment went to wrong reply....please never consider or call your questions as dumb....there is no such thing as a dumb question. At least that's how I feel....

I think Kyle said it wouldn't work untill the 25th. Might want to pm him, but I'm sure that's what it said. Hope this helps.

Thanks JP,
I have come to realize that I was linking too soon.
thanks for commenting.

No problem. That's why we are all here. :)
Have a great weekend.

So am I.

Hi Roger, I jumped the gun on the links and removed them.
I will add them back when the promo is active.

Good to see you Marty, same here it is just how the internal system works here at WA, Mel has the idea or just copy and paste the link in your browser it show it as it is.

Nice to see you too Alexander,
I have been working on my sites and music so I haven,t been so active in the community.
I removed my links as I realized and Rosie brought to my attention that the links shouldn't be used till the promotion becomes active...Daaaa

I took advantage of the BF deal last year and look forward to renewing. Thanks for stopping by.


Great question, Marty. Thank you. s

Hi Shashe,
I realized that I shouldn't add links till the promotion is active and that is why the BF link is not working. Thanks for your comment.

You should always check your links using an incognito browser session, that will tell you what others will see.

You are right, I should check them incognito. I realize that it is too soon to link the BF promo and have removed the links until the time is right.|
Thanks for commenting.

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