$100+ In One Day! My First Time!

Last Update: August 08, 2018

Hey there!

I just wanted to share this result with you. I went to check my earnings today and was really surprised.

I made more thank $100 in one day! One day!!

This is just a one time thing for me right now and for now my daily goal is still lower than $100/day but I'm really happy to get this result because I do work my butt off. This is also the first time it has happened for me.

More importantly though, I also want to share it to show you that your hard work will pays off. It always saddens me when people give up especially only after a short time.

If I can give you one big peice of advice it would be to follow what you see not what you feel. In other words, don't be so married to a niche even if its not working out or you see it probably might not workout.

There are tons of things I want to do in more competetive spaces and I'd probably enjoy them better. But for now I have to focus on building my foundation for my business then once I've made it to where I can support myself comfortably I can venture to more competetive spaces and experiment with different things.

Everything will happen in due time. We've just got to climb the stairs one at a time to get there.

Hope this makes sense. Have a great day! Enjoy your lunch if you're on the east coast with me, lol :)


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omark4 Premium
Awesome . I love to hear members are getting some success inside this platform that gives me and probably everyone upthere more energy and faith to trust this business and go further and dont give up easily eventually I hope that one day each of us will feel the same thing as Marlinda
Marley2016 Premium

First of all CONGRATULATIONS, this is so great and I am so very happy for you. Patience is a virtue way too many people give up
even before they have had a chance to have their websites even ranked on Google. Not me I am in this for the long run. Work more work, patience more patience, work more work, and patience more patience is what I feel it is going to take when doing a business online.

You have got this and keep up the great work :)
Calvinator63 Premium
Hi Marlinda,

Outstanding job, congratulations. What a feeling huh it is like every thing that you have done up to this point is validated, you know you are doing it right, and you on your way!!

I'm willing to bet that you just might see a 500.00 dollar day, that's when you get to sing the happy happy song all day long, don't remember if it was the joy of making the money or the campaign that made me happy all day LOL!!

I'm betting at you pace it might just happen before Christmas, what do you think? Are you ready for it?

Defiant6 Premium
Wow, that's amazing! You are definitely doing the right stuff here at WA is you've made your first $100 day! I still have a long ways to go for that. Heck, I'm just trying to reach my first $10 in a day, lol. I've earned some money over time, but definitely nothing on the level that you've just done. Here's to many more days for you just like the one you just experienced!
Marlinda1 Premium
Thanks! It wasn't too long ago when I was making a couple cents too. Keep up the good work too :)
sdelaguaro Premium
That’s great, congratulations! I am so happy for you.

I have not been able to return to my training in two days. My 91 year old Mom whom I take care of has not been well. Hope to get back to it tomorrow. At least some done.

I am trying to at least keep up on my emails and the community side of things.

I wish you much continued success.

Best wishes,
pongo05 Premium
JelenaBB Premium
mlda65 Premium
congratulations!!! yes I am on the East coast with you. (Boston area sot of) LOL
Michf1 Premium
Congrats Marlinda! It’s so exciting to see that this has happened for you!

Hope I see the same thing too one day :D

All the best,

Michelle :)
AlanJE Premium
Great result Marlinda, Best Alan
Zarina Premium
I know the feeling :) Congrats!!
davehayes Premium
Oh Nice one, well done!
Memorylaneuk Premium
Well done you and thanks for sharing. Your message will hopefully inspire lots of people here to just keep on working and the results will come.
With Grace and Gratitude
StPaul Premium
Happy for you! Congrats keep rocking!
littlemama Premium
OMG!! It's happening girl!