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Last Update: February 03, 2019

Seven Months Today

Today marks my 7th month anniversary with WA and I am experiencing all those doubts like Kyle warned us about when we started our journey here at WA.

I was doing great the whole month of January until the last week keeping up with the daily tasks that were set for 2019 in December.

Then things started to fall apart lost my motivation and started to procrastinate about doing what needed to be accomplished on a daily basis.

During the past couple of days I have been checking traffic to my websites and yes I know that I should only be concentrating on one but with my mind this would never work by now I would have thrown in the towel and quit.

So I took a couple of screenshots to share with you all and was wondering if you had any suggestions on moving forward?

Pinterest Followers To Date After Two Months

Pins that have been followed the most and shared:

Website Traffic to Date On Both Google and Bing/Yahoo:

As everyone can see I am not breaking any records here and feel that I am doing something incorrect!


Last week on my blog I shared about a publication Search Engine Land with this I have been doing research and reading many articles which of course is taking away from my productivity.

With the research has brought about many questions about doing things the right way or wrong way with my online business.

Not that anything being taught inside WA is not 100% solid believe me it is you are never going to get this type of training anywhere on the internet.

This has more to do with my personal writing and how I am doing my websites whether I am doing them correctly or incorrectly to accomplish what I have set out to do.

Helping others has always been one of the greatest rewards in my life and here at WA I have tried to help other members as much as possible.

Doing this has always been gratifying and gives me a purpose in my life of feeling needed, as it may do for others.

But in doing all this research what I am finding is there seems to be something missing that I am leaving out along the way at certain places and I want to start over.

It is like writing essays for a class and when you half-way through and decide that what you have done is not what you wanted to do at all rip it up and start over.

Just curious if I am the only member that feels this way?

Work and Hours Wasted

Spending all the time I possibly can within the WA community learning and helping others today seems like so much work and time wasted on things that I have done wrong.

This learning curve is huge to say the least and if I could start over I think that maybe two websites would have been better than me expanding so quickly.

One subject is never enough to keep my mind going but two may have been plenty to make things easier to manage.

Listening to the people who have been here before us and walked this long road are the ones that all of us need to rely on.

Because of this I am going to be cutting back on working on all the websites that I have up now or possibly combining them to make things easier to manage.

What I am asking from the members here is for information on how I should proceed with working toward the goals that so many others are working toward?

Admitting Failure Time

Yes, I am ready to throw up the white flag and admit as much as I have tried to be successful in doing all that I can do the time has come to throw up the flag in defeat.

That seriously feels great to get out of my system! I have written a blog post of how the road to success if paved with failure and I can honestly say that mine sure is!

Not that I did not give it my all that is what I have always done with anything that I ever get involved doing just part of my makeup mind, soul, and heart.

This has been a long and hard road to failure and so much work but guess what today makes me feel so relieved that I can now say STOP this roller coaster and leave me off.

Below is a screenshot of my writing stats so you can see that I am not kidding when I say I gave it my all - the 2 unpublished articles are writing in progress for 2 of the websites.

In Closing

I would like to take this opportunity to tell Kyle I am sorry for trying to do something that was highly suggested against by him.

Also, I apologize to other members who tried to tell me to slow down and not get in over my head because now I see what they were saying!

For those of you just beginning listen to the members who were here before us and especially to the man who created this community and gave us the opportunity to learn all this!

What I neglected to do has now set me back months on things that I could be accomplishing right now if only I had listened to all of them - especially Kyle!

Saying I am sorry to them only makes me feel better because they already knew what the outcome was going to be - failure!

Moving forward I will be working just as hard but cutting back to make sure I am listening to the people who know exactly what they are talking about and not trying to get ahead faster than what I am able to do.

Research and more research has gone into this decision just so you all know and I will be more patient in dealing with the success that is yet to come my way!

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog today praying some of you that feel you can handle it like I did listen to these words it took courage for me to write them!

Bless you all and best wishes now for all of 2019 and the future,


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TeriCalhoun Premium
Susan, I'm going to stick my neck out and tell you that your website is boring, and so is mine. Who reads anymore? Your content is there, but your page, and mine, lacks pizzaz. I can think of two people that I follow, no, three who have relatively shallow content, but they have pizzaz. Their overall design is great, their photos illustrate their content with emotion, they have interesting capture pages. These three people are Babsy Rocks, who has studied advertising for years, Gary, who has a website on diabetes, can't find him among my friends right now and MThompson3, who doesn't have his site listed yet, but it's beautiful. Ok, I blog on health and I have observed that the most successful sites use small blocks of words in newspaper style, 2 column inches by 1 column inch, for example, or slides and lots of pictures and their arrangement of text and images is very artistic. It is visually pleasing, and the kicker is they ask for the sale. Oh! and let's not forget Smartketeer, a veritable genius. observe and analyze what they do. Hope I didn't hurt your feelings, but only the truth will set you free love.
Marley2016 Premium
Thanks, Teri, I only follow what Jay and Kyle say to do!
It is not my sites that bother me so much but the fact
that I have over extended myself working on them and
I just want something a bit different so I am going to
revamp ::))
And no you did not hurt my feelings!
TeriCalhoun Premium
Good, I'm glad. Good luck..We both need to sit down and make a plan of action. I'm going to write from ___to___, comment from ___to___. I get you Susan. You can do it and when you do, tell us how you did it 'cause I'm going to be all ears. Now, vamanos! Get to work on that blog girl. lol
SondraM Premium
Don't be too hard on yourself. I too have started way too many affiliate marketing websites. I've made enough to know that the process works, even if I forget important things like the reviews.

While it would have been nice to make more money on what was almost an obscene number of websites; I have enjoyed the learning journey. That is what I needed for me to learn. So, I have no regrets.

I joined at the end of 2016. Yet it seems like only this year have I truly begun to find my stride in both my online and offline business activities. It is like everything that I have been working towards the last four years is finally coming together.

So, just be proud to be who you are and what you have accomplished. This phase will pass.
Marley2016 Premium
Thank you so much for that - I am just wondering where I
would be IF I had listened LOL - stubborn Irish in me -

But this is how we must learn our way at this I am sure
so I am going to cut back on the websites and work on
probably only two - Marc and Craig both gave me the
great ideas to maintenance them or redirect the posts -
at least I have options ::))

Thank you so much,
SondraM Premium
You have gotten some awesome advise. Things will get better.
marchanna Premium
Marley, forget about ranking high here at WA it doesn't earn you any money. It just makes you feel good and important.

So that has some value, sure, but it takes too much time away from the real work. Unless you are going for WA affiliation and Vegas, forget about ranking high in WA, it doesn't matter at all. At least that's my take!

Don't apologize to Kyle. Apologize to yourself for making a mistake and move on.

Pick the one website you feel most passionate about and focus on that alone.

Put the the others on maintenance (there is a plug in that shuts them down from google seeing them as inactive/unsupported and posts a nice maintenance message). You can always come back, enhance them, and ridirect them to your main site.

Just move the posts over to the new site by copying and pasting and get them all in one place. That's what I would do, someone also mentioned the 301 redirect, perhaps not a bad idea but you aren't really going to maintain those sites for now, just get them right out of your mind :)

cheers Marc
TeriCalhoun Premium
Excellent advice.
Marley2016 Premium
When I wrote my blog in December I said being an
Ambassador did not matter to me and it does not I
love helping here at WA - and have been since then
through PM with members.

I just have to admit that doing the 5 websites is too much
spreads me too thin and doing the research over the
past couple of weeks I need a regroup and re-evaluation
of which direction to go.

Thank you and yes I am either going to do the redirect or
shut them down as you said for maintenance. Another
very good idea - you are awesome for bringing that to my

Thank you,
Marley2016 Premium
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog,
hope it helps you in some way,
marchanna Premium
I get the impression you arent all that passionate about your sites but are very passionate about helping people.

Maybe you should dive in deep and find out exactly you are passionate about helping people do and do a website on that. Scrap the others.

The main mistake I made was picking a topic I wasn't passionate about, due to my own misidentification.

I thought about it a lot, scrapped two websites in nov and dec and started again. I didn't apologize for screwing that up but moved on and started from scratch in jan 2019.

You should be patting yourself on the back for identifying your errors. :)
Marley2016 Premium

I like the websites I created but should have done only 2 one on my niche and one on promoting WA - this would have enabled
me the time that I would like to have remaining to do the other
things I seriously want to do helping here inside WA - so today
I took the day off!

Logged in at 8:30 pm and am cleaning up my email and messages then going to read a few blog posts and head to
bed for an early start tomorrow to see how I am going to
mesh the sites and make this the way it should be ::))

So for a time I am going to be absent from the community
eyes until I get finished what I should have been doing in
the first place!

Thank you so much for the time and all the help you have
seriously given me with answering what I should be doing
because now I really do have the answer I needed.

Very kind and thoughtful of you,
marchanna Premium
Absolutely my pleasure Susan, you are a terrific person and I wish you the best of success. I think your consolidation plan sounds really good! Marc
NateThomas7 Premium
Sorry to hear that you have gotten to this point. You have always been so helpful and it is appreciated.

I am just starting and was thinking along your lines of starting a bunch of sites. I know you will find a way to make it workable and I appreciate everything in this post

Marley2016 Premium
Take the advise of Kyle and the members who have been here
way before us - working more than one website is not only
hard but tiresome - keeping up with them has worn me out to
say the least and prior to having them all I was always here
12 to 18 hours a day!
Now I still spend that amount of time here but it all goes toward
working on the sites and trying to keep up with lessons and
research I have to admit I failed terribly - regroup time!
Thank you for reading,
Labman Premium Plus
We've all been there at one time or another.

Focus on what's working and let the rest go. If you have posts that are relevant to the sites you are keeping, you can do a 301 redirect and move them to your active site.

Don't give up, just change your focus.
Marley2016 Premium
Thank you knew there was a way to move those posts
but did not remember how!
See by asking here we always receive the answers we
need you are so awesome thank you,