Month 1 Update

Last Update: August 07, 2017

Hey everyone I'm a newbie as if y'all didn't already know.Lol!!! Writing was never my strong suite.My training has been going real well.And any time that I get stuck on a lesson there our community here to get my back.I want to say thank you,because i know first hand what it means to serve and give back.With that being said I'm move into the lesson that join this site for MONEY.My goal or in a few months hope to be making $600 to $1000 a month.Then by 6 months from now hope to be making $1200 to $2200 a month.

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garydlc Premium
Hey Mark
I like your ambitious goals, it is all possible in this business just put your shoulder to the grindstone ad see the results pour in.

All the best
LindaKwas Premium
Keep working hard and learning. I wish you all the best!
markr0675 Premium
Great job Mark! Keep up the momentum! :0)
MKearns Premium
Keep on with your aspirations Mark!
olster79 Premium
Hey Mark, well done for getting through the first month. Keep going and put the effort in, and you will definitely be able to achieve your goals.

Best wishes

MarkSm1 Premium
Thank you Steve