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How long do I have to move my website?

How long do I have to move my website?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

If I cancel my subscription how long do I have to move my website and transfer the domain?

Hey Linda,

Here's Kyle's word on this: You CAN take your backup file of your website with you so you can easily restore your website whenever you decide to become active again.

Hope you find this helpful.


To the end of the period you have paid for.


For any websites hosted here, you need arrange alternative hosting for your website before your subscription ceases as you would be locked out the platform, site support back ups are only available for 60 days.

You can never revert back to being a starter.

I also suggest you backup your sites, you can use the AIO WP Migration or Updraft plugins. UpdraftPlus is a premium and highly recommended
Also domain names must have passed the grace period of 60 days.

To cancel subscription


Scroll to bottom and cancel billing.

Thanks. I am aware of the 60 day domain thing. I am having trouble asking this question in a way that gets me a definitive answer. I do not need to back up my site. I have a whole new site ready and waiting for me. I just need my domain name to go with it. But I cannot transfer the domain name until after July 31. I am not using my site at at wealthy affiliate. I am trying to avoid paying $49 tomorrow for another month just to keep my domain name. I own the domain name. How can I transfer it on August 1 if I cannot get into my website here? It seems a waste of $49 when I paid to renew the domain already but am just paying $49 so I will be able to transfer the domain after the 60 days.

Is this a domain name you purchased from Wealthy Affiliate? Even so, Can you not just redirect your nameservers to your new site?
I'd be very interested to know how you get on, a I am currently thinking of moving a site.

you can transfer the domain already and then cancel your subscription.

Thanks for your answer. I cannot transfer the domain name because I renewed it less than 60 days ago and you cannot transfer your domain name for at least 60 days after a renewal.

I'm not sure about that Linda. But I'd recommend that you download your website as back-up before you cancel.

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