Let's Fix This! I found a huge problem with some of my dormant websites.

Last Update: Sep 11, 2022

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As many of you know, I am currently working on providing topics to help others see the exact steps I take to operate my niche websites.

I'm not going to go into detail about my previous posts, you can read them on my blog.

What I will say is this.

Those who know me, know that a drunk driver ploughed into me a couple of years back. This resulted in a year of intense physical therapy, then another year of....um...shall we say depression?

Anyone who has ever gone from healthy to DANG WTF just happened in an instant knows what I am talking about.

Only by the Grace of God, I survived and the other driver did as well.

With that being said, I had reached a point a little over a month ago to determine if some websites that used to bring in a very good income, should be deleted or not.

They have been sitting completely dormant since 2020, with zero new content being added.

I was going to delete them because they were not bringing in enough income to justify the upkeep. They are not hosted here, but instead on a VPS. Why not here? Well, because I need complete access to the MYSQL database as a programmer (not as a content writer) so a VPS is what suits me best for those particular websites.

As I started participating actively, here again, another kind member introduced me to Prince Parthas Potions (and more).

I have spent the better part of August reading his posts, trying his methods, getting my hopes up, getting on fire again and all the while, I have been having a TON OF FUN.

That is I was having fun with my new websites

I still was too sad about my old websites, one of them has not just my time invested in it, but my hopes, my dreams, and my heart (literally).

It's only due to the kindness of a dear friend I made here, that they are even still online. She encouraged me to just "leave them be, for now, wait before you decide". This dear friend knows who she is.

Well, after reading another of Prince Partha's posts about how one of his sites sat dormant for a while, and seeing how dormant websites can in fact be revived (beyond anything one could probably imagine), I finally decided this morning to see what I could do to revive my baby, my dear heart, my dream website.

The first thing I did was update the plugins.

Then I noticed a snafu when I tried to view the website on my phone.

It was loading way way way too slowly.

I deactivated some of the plugins, thinking maybe the developers had not kept up with technology, only to see that this in fact did NOT improve my site's speed enough to justify reviving the website.

I tested everything I could think of.

Plugins: Nope, not helping, I have these same plugins on my sites here at WA and speed is golden

WebHost: Nope, I have several sites hosted on my VPS, another is super slow, yet others including one that uses PressBook, is super fast

By this time I am thinking it's my theme, which I did update.

But, I love my site design so much, that I was not ready to change the complete design of my website.

So I came here to research and see what else could be causing the problem.

That's where I discovered this class by Jay


So, one hour later......I am now in a bit of a red mood because I had already gone through checking everything that Jay covers.

I could NOT for the life of me figure out what I was missing.

So, I try several image optimization plugins.....found one that helped a bit, but the others did not a bit good.

Tried deactivating plugins one at a time, but nothing, I am not in the green yet for the desktop.

I noticed that some of the plugins were horrid as far as causing my site to slow down, but even with images smushed/optimized / put through the wringer and every plugin deactivated......NOTHING

Only then did I revert this site to pressbook, because I KNOW the pressbook theme rocks.

And, believe it or not....still not in the green!

This is when I look at the actual insights when I notice some fonts something or another stupid file from the main theme is still trying to be loaded.

THAT is when I got that AHA moment!

I needed to clear my cache! Something I had completely overlooked. I was so involved with fine-tuning everything else, that I did not pay attention to the cache of the website.

Once this was done, my speed improved dramatically....yet this experience was a huge eye-opener for me.

Is it in the green, no not yet, I am going to have to do a completely new theme because the theme developers have not really stayed up to date with the latest technology, so I shall find something better that is more current.

I have also discovered that altho the plugins I use are current with this version of WP, not many of them have been updated in well over a year so I am going to revamp things a bit and find replacements, or delete the use of them completely.

This website is not just a typical blog, it's a food blog, so it entails a bit more than write and go.

I have said in previous posts, that some of my sites are not making what they used to, traffic has lowered, rankings have plummeted, and I thought all of this was due to no new content in some time.

Yet now I see that it's not just that.

It's a combination of several things, no new content, site design behind the times, outdated plugins, and site speed being HORRIBLE due to all of these an more!

Now that I know what to fix, I am going to FIX IT!

I say this and share this simply because I have told many others here....if you find yourself to run into a problem....FIX IT, do not quit.

I almost quit, I almost gave up. I came very close to giving up on all of my online ventures a few months ago.

And this morning, I had to make a very very hard decision that I was not willing to face.

Delete the site, or FIX IT.

Now I have made my decision.

I am going to fix it, and get it back up and running, with updated content, super site speed, and a great site design....it will now be better than ever!

For those of yo who may be struggling, trying to figure out why things may not be going as planned.

Just read this, and take it from me, there are MANY things that can cause an article or site to not rank well.

The website I am referring to in this post, has my very best effort in everything about it, and yet it still went downhill....simply because I did not keep up the pace.

Jay, Kyle, and many others here provide new training and classes CONSTANTLY.

My greatest mistake, was NOT neglecting my work.

It was neglecting to stay up to date with technology, google, wordpress etc. That is what i regret most, this playing catch up is CRAP CRAP CRAP.

From now on, I intend to KEEP UP by participating more actively in the classes as they are offered!

Now I am off to FIX my most magnificent masterpiece, it's going to be EPIC!

And, I want to extend a great big thank you to all fellow members who provide help, who share, and who encourage. You all know who you are.

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I have not cleared the cache forever on some sites, and rarely on others. It is not something that is really talked about.

I am glad you decided to fix things rather than delete them. There are already too many things in our lives that cannot be fixed, and it is cheaper to throw them away, rather than try to fix them. Even if you could find someone who knows how to fix them.


Well said Alex.

I for a moment have decided to wait some more on this particular website. It's been 2 years, it won't hurt to wait another few months.

I'm instead enjoying the week off from doing much of anything other than keyword research.

I'm glad you found the issue. It reminded me of when my phone wasn't getting texts and I couldn't text anyone but a loading circle on my messages.

After 45min on the phone with tech support, he told me I need to get a new phone. By now I'm already frustrated, irritated, and steaming. I hung up on the guy.

Long story short I asked the only geek I know my husband. Not 5 mins later he said it was done. What did he do?... Cleared my cached... 😆

Too bad he's not a software engineer.

Wow, then you know exactly what I mean :)

I tried out Astra, and made a royal muck of things lol. I had to restore from backup, and now, hours later, I am STILL trying to FIX THIS lol

The unfortunate thing is we are like men when their car breaks down. They first check the points, then the alternator, then tinker, and then they check if they have fuel. Women tend to do that first. For our blogs we dont remember to check if we have fuel and then it runs on empty

Oh no! I was going to try that out too but Jay and you highly recommends generated press so that kinda stopped me. Why mess around?

Hi Maria... an excellent motivational post. Thank you.
We all need to find that "never say die" spirit every now and again.

Hi Richard, I am glad you enjoyed my post, today is getting to be a mighty fine fun day for me, this website will NOT DO AS IT is told lol.

Wow. Maria, your post is definitely the opposite of TheCatherine’s blog about, “if it ain’t broke don't fix it,” an euphemism that sort of has a weird misconstrued meaning for everyone.

I like and enjoy how you write, so terrifically blunt like me.

I love blunt personalities. Its because we speak the truth, nothing but the hard core truth as stated in your last WA recent post.

I am glad you finally figured it out. Best wishes to you in reviving your site.

Her post is accurate as well, my site was broken so bad I am still shaking my head here lol.

I can NOT believe how time alone can cause a site to go from green to horrible red when nothing has been changed about it at all in 2 years.

I have one other website that I have to fix as well, it's not my baby, but it was a huge adsense earner so I am going to review it as well.

If you read the post properly my point was that if it ain't broke don't fix it is a euphemism for settling for adequacy. Something I am not prepared to do life. Constant change happens as Maria and I found out to our costs

You are not kidding Catherine, I am in tears right now, I crashed the entire site 😒 then I tried to fix it 🤔 then I messed it up beyond repair 😫 🤢 🤯 😭😭😭

THEN I remembered my backup 🥴

And now, the site is REFIXED back to the old slow site speed self


I think I am just going to say to heck with this for now, revamp what I can, add new content, and figure at least my main competing websites have worse site speed than me right now!

We are both in the same niche so I feel your pain. I am wondering how to test whether site speed matters in our niche. Just a thought

Yeah I understand your point. Its other people who have different viewpoint of what it means for them. You are correct about adequacy-did not mean to be offensive, if so I apologize. You do have a point there. My late husband and my mother in law used to say that to me all the time. I understand constant changes are hard for some people. Your example in that post discussed to moving, deciding and finding a place to live in Mexico. You took the plunge to move to different countries. I only moved to 3 States in my lifetime. I’ve only been to Canada, Ontario and Manitoba. I never traveled overseas nor been to Mexico. I admire your bravery. I appreciate what you do and that you been here on WA a long time.

I hope it works out. I don't know anything about Pressbook Theme. I read your training about it. I learned something new. I do not use Generate Press. I use only 2 themes, Kadence and Schema Pro with Rank Math Pro plugin (both from MyThemeShop). Both themes are fast. Some of my plugins do need to be removed. Too many is not really needed. Informational post is a new thing I am learning about. I’ve been doing transactional posts and list post as well as how to posts. PP Potions got me thinking hard about this “informational post,” with no intention of selling except ad networks. I dont have any ad networks. I am barely making a head way, on my sites. I am now thinking about outsourcing. I am searching for good writers high quality SEO and pay them for it. I have MS, its a constant struggle everyday with fatigue and muscle spasms. Do you know of any other than Fivver or iWriter, or PandaCopy?

I don't take offense that easily, Brenda. I like your bluntness. I am certainly not phased by it in fact i admire it, i like people saying it how it is. it's all good - except for my site speed still working on that

This is good to know. I hope that site speed will be resolved soon. Im looking for high quality writers now outsource because of my health struggles with my MS.

Great share, Maria! I enjoyed reading this.

Thank you! I am so pleased you enjoyed it!

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