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I just uploaded another training video that shows how to install and configure another simple, yet professional wordpress theme.Installing And Configuring The Free Dynamico Wordpress ThemeI am completing a series of videos, that are designed to help someone migrate to more professional looking designs for their websites, as they add content to their website.The generatepress tutorial I completed, is for those who are just getting started here at Wealhty Affiliate. It's a good them to use until
One of the most frustrating things that people encounter when starting to start a new website, is acquiring a great domain name.When trying to think of ideas to use, for names that make sense, one can spend hours upon hours trying to register the name they come up with, only to find that it's not available.I have done this a time or two in the past, it can cause quite a headache, that's for certain!Someone can make a beautiful website, loaded with great content, and put all of their heart into
I completed another tutorial that explains how to configure a professional wordpress theme. This time I did not complete an image tutorial, that has to be read with images to support it. I instead created a short video.I found creating the video to be much easier and quicker than using images, and now that I have a better mic, I should be able to provide more tutorials (as promised) in the future.With that being said, what other kinds of videos would community members like to see? I'd like t
In my previous post, I explained about how a single paragraph evolved into several very profitable products. Another member here asked for a step-by-step guide, so I thought I'd explain a bit more in depth to illustrate the steps I took (and still take to this day) to develop my products.I frequently visit forums that are related to my main nice, skin care. I do this to not only interact with others who are interested in the same niche, but also to help and assist where I am able, and to ask
I am amazed at how the internet allows one to create digital content that just keeps giving and giving. More than 15 years ago, I answered a question that someone had asked in a forum that has now gone belly-up.The question had to do with making homemade soap, and since I am an expert at making homemade soap, I thought I would take my reply and expand on it outside of the forum to provide better instruction.I took my short forum reply, and wrote an 800 word article that I placed on my blog.I t
The past few months has been very, shall we say, enlightening. I finally got my "health" under control where my TSH levels are now in the "safe" range, yet a bit of disaster struck yet again. Last Halloween a teen driver decided to go to a party, and I guess she got in a hurry to get home in time for curfew or something (I'm just speculating, I am not sure what was on her mind to be honest).To make a long story short, I was riding in my car, she decided to bam into be from behind, she ended
I have completed the GeneratePress tutorial, it can be viewed at Configuring The Free Version Of The GeneratePress Wordpress ThemeI will be creating a few more tutorials for more free themes before I start creating courses for the Premium version of GeneratePress. (See Which WordPress Themes Would You Like To See An Editing Tutorial For? for more information about why I am writing this post)I tried to cover the free version in a manner so that a user can better understand how to configure it a
I wanted to create a post that I can use in reference to the WordPress theme courses I am creating.Each course is created assuming that persons utilizing the course or tutorial, have already completed the EOC training. If not, then I highly recommend that you complete the OEC training because you will need to already know how to do certain things such as install and activate new themes and plugins, create categories, create menus and use widgets.All of these things have already been covered in
I am about to create a few tutorials / courses that will explain how to configure some many themes provided here for WA members. Before I begin, I wanted to share a few things that I do, when I create a new website, so that members here can better understand a few things before they attempt to change a theme on their own websites.First, one should consider that the theme screenshots that are showcased in the Appearance area of the WordPress dashboard; demonstrates how a website CAN appear, onc
I'm planning to create a few courses that show how to configure WordPress themes so that they look like the "professional demos" that the developers showcase, more than a typical site with a plain blogroll with no completed configurations.Some themes I have in mind are "news" or "magazine" style, and some are minimal with very little configuration needed.I've noticed that there are a lot of questions where others do not understand how to do the tasks needed to get their sites looking the way th