Mindset: Homeostasis, Consciousness, Awakening, Transformation

Last Update: May 01, 2019

Hi everyone -- thanks for stopping by to read! Some may recognize the prose of Rumi (above)

I've been spending the last few weeks contemplating the critical aspect of Mindset.

Puzzled why so few members of WA find their way to success; now I think I've ascertained that the main trigger of success or failure online (or in anything, really) is:


There's nothing more to it than that. But it's a BIG that.

It comes as no surprise that people have to handle their mindsets and fix them to succeed.

What they may not be doing, and I don't think they are doing, is getting started on their errant mindsets before they start blogging about their niche. They get caught up, and aren't ready.

Before choosing a niche, this mindset aspect has to be dealt with.

So, I've scoured all the WA training modules and blogs I could find on mindset. There may be some I missed, because not everyone addresses this issue with the exact word 'mindset.'

That being said, there's not a single training here that well explains the origin of mindset.

That's a real gap.

In fact, it's a gap with pernicious effects; people are falling into the trap of thinking that this stage is not the first stage of developing themselves to be successful online.

That's completely wrong thinking.

The current mindset most of us have creates wrong thinking, in order to convince us that we don't need to change.

Our egos are tricking us and we don't even realize we've been tricked!

There is a simple reason for this.

This blog is an introduction to some video training modules and blogs I'll be doing here for WA members and then on YouTube for the public at large.

There is a gap in knowledge about original mindsets leading to difficulties in changing them.

My mission is to fill in this gap -- yes, this is my new niche and quite honestly it took me some time to realize how it fits me. Homeostasis blocked me!

I promise to explore the notions of homeostasis, consciousness, awakening and reformation, but first, please let me share:

Some Facts About Mindset.

Note to the reader-- you should wonder where and how I have ferreted this information.

Some of these ideas are expressed from old knowledge in new ways; others are expressed from new knowledge in old ways.

For the record, I'm going to state
that I'm highly informed about this topic.

The information I share is based on 18 years of personal and academic study about the psychology of personality, stages of human mental development and resultant personal growth that has led to my own awakening and subsequent (and still ongoing) mindset transformation.

I've decided it's time to break out from evaluating and move into action; WA is offering me the tools to do this logically and comprehensively, so -- let's do this :)

Feel free to challenge me at any time; I assure you that I welcome discourse on these extremely important matters.

It's impossible for one individual to know all things about a subject; nevertheless, I'm going to present myself as a subject matter expert,

Let me prove it to you and if you want to debate me, enter the arena :)

So please comment.

As part of my intention to jump into action, I'll be doing some video training modules and blogs on the topics discussed below.

The initial set of training modules and blogs will be done in WA and fine-tuned for my website and YouTube channel.

Before I publish any of those, though, I'll finish certifying the WA training, which I have neglected due to the aforementioned pondering and also twice rejecting niches because I just wasn't passionate enough about them.

As a result, I've collected a lot of probably useless domain names -- that is certain :)

>>> Many, many thanks to Kyle, Carson and others who have posted blogs and training modules that have inspired me to take this direction. Much gratitude. <<<

Mindset Facts

A) Mindset is not about cognition (thinking), but It is what drives us to think the way we do.

For example, what's partly happening is that people come into WA thinking that learning the ropes and tricks of online marketing is the ticket to success. And why not? WA has the greatest value of training I've been able to discover and many would agree.

But if it were true that knowledge alone is enough, we'd see 90% of the people succeeding here, instead of maybe 10%.

If you are not concerned about this high failure rate, you might want to be.

B) The origin of our current mindset helped us survive when we were immature.

However, as adults we can take on the responsibility of altering our mindsets and continuing our development.

C) Most people's mindsets are frozen by the time we become 25 years old. By then, we think our egos are the essence of who we are, so we don't change our mindsets anymore.

Let me emphasize that again:

by age 25, we have largely forgotten how to change our mindsets because we don't think we need to change anymore -- at least for a while.

D) Eventually, people go in one of two directions:

-- a neglect to change their mindset and keep a permanently frozen mindset until death.

-- a realization something is seriously wrong that needs to be figured out.

The latter category of individuals doesn't always realize the DEPTH of mindset problem.

They don't know that their conscious and subconscious mindsets are sabotaging their ability to achieve success -- however they define success to be.

Here at WA you very likely fall into the group that knows something needs to be fixed!

Congratulations, you are here to change your lives for the better!

Give yourself a round of applause, I mean that sincerely.

There are many who wouldn't bother to try.

E) Since original mindsets are adapted for survival, they are maladapted for change.

F) Original mindsets are wary of new mental territory. Successful mindsets seek out the new.

Analyzing these facts, it's possible to see that learning new stuff about marketing and websites is only the skin and bones of getting where we want to be around here.

We have to get inside our craniums (figuratively) and ascertain what our current mindset is!

Because if we don't know what it is, we can't change it easily, if at all.

The problem is that many layers of the ego lie in the subconscious patterns of our behavior.

Many, as well all know, seek counseling and guidance to address significant suffering these mindsets can cause.

But even a so-called 'healthy' mindset that can limit changes of direction and scope and won't seek professional intervention and in any case, most such interventions are only designed for mentally unhealthy individuals.

Healthier individuals have to find help someplace else, some other way.

Let me put it this way: people can't change direction if they don't find out where the engine room is and take control of their ship.

That's right! Our minds run on autopilot until we turn the switch to manual!

Only then can we take true control. Until then, the ego will let's us think we are!

Which now leads me to explain something very cool -- and yet frustrating --that goes on in the universe. It's called:


Homeostasis is the dynamic stability inherent in systems and organisms that allow for self-regulation and survival.

Homeostasis fights to maintain stability of the system and so resists necessary changes, rejecting them as unnecessary for as long as possible.

Our egos are also homeostatic. They resist necessary changes, which is why developing a new mindset can be difficult or impossible without some sort of intervention. This intervention actually comes from both inside and outside of us. I'll explain more later

Suffice it to say that this intervention is called:


Everyone knows they have it, but nobody really knows where it comes from. Scientists really can't figure it out. As I say, we'll discuss the origin of consciousness later.

What's very important to realize is just how pervasive consciousness is, at least the way that I'll define it (as have many philosophers).

Through consciousness, we become aware of our awareness and immediately activate it.

With awareness, we can observe our homeostatic processes and note that they exist.

We can observe the homeostatic structure without being captured by the dreams they try to make for us (to protect us).

That's right! At this stage, people realize that all that inner mental activity, all that internal dialog, all that worry, shame or anger -- it's not them!

More accurately, it's just a small part of them.

In this realization, the clouds are parted and the sky is observed in wonder and joy!

Then the real work begins. It's like we've been in The Matrix all our lives life. And we have! Then suddenly we're ejected into reality.

This process of using awareness to dissolve our entrapment by our egos is called:


The door to wakening can only be shown to someone.

They have to walk through it themselves. I know, sounds like Morpheus talking to Neo.

But it's so.

I'll describe the process of awakening for me in the training videos.

However, at least I will say it was quite a shock because I have (had) a strong ego all my life that doesn't like not being in charge of my mind!

Having awakened (and making sure one stays awake -- no easy task, as it takes practice) -- one can then begin the stage of:


A new dynamic stability (a new and improved system of homeostasis) must be formed by utilizing awareness to deconstruct existing static perceptions and habits.

Methods can then be used to guide ourselves towards new perception and habits that are conducive to achieving the desired goals. This is called transformation of mindset.

Comprehension is insufficient.

Any of us can comprehend this advice: 'Just Do It' and 'Never Quit' and we can even try to maintain that frame of mind as if these can become cheerleading mantras.

And it is actually possible to make them so, but it is very difficult to sustain this.

Why? Homeostasis. People haven't dealt with changing the underlying structure, which is designed for survival, not for progress.

We jump out of these as yet undeveloped frames of mind because homeostasis naturally drives people back into safe patterns. As a result, we fail and diminish in our efforts, sticking within our comfort zones.

More of a subtle problem are those who are thinking they are accomplishing something, but are actually just emoting from their usual comfort zone. These people too, will be unsuccessful and sadly -- will wonder what went wrong. These are kind people too. It's tragic.

It pains me to see this, when I know something can be done about it.

But people have to be ready to do something about it.

They'll have to want to engage or they will stay stuck!

Alleviation of Suffering.

Does everybody recognize the fundamental nature of humanity is to alleviate suffering?

It's true. And it's related to love.

Even the most evil person in the world commits murder to alleviate his own suffering.

The saddest people alleviate their suffering by committing suicide.

The normal people of the world alleviate the suffering of themselves, their friends and family.

The truly awakened people of the world try to achieve enlightenment so they can alleviate the suffering of humankind.

They do this in many ways!

One doesn't have to be a Mother Teresa to alleviate suffering of mankind

Making money online as an affiliate -- successfully selling products to those who want them, gets people what they want.

This is a valid form of helping people as long as we do our absolute best at it.

In this way, mindset transformation is completely relevant to affiliate marketing.

In fact, it's relevant for all the evergreen niches, too -- making money online, relationships, health & wellness and self-improvement.

What matters is that In each of those niches, recognition of the process to transformation will allow people to be successful in anything they do. Failure to recognize it will result in failure.

I suggest that learning about the transformation of our mindsets is PARAMOUNT in comparison to anything else we learn here at WA.

We can go through any number of training modules and blogs here, but we'll fail if we don't know how to change our mindset if it's wrong.

Our transformation will led to more success, more focus, more attention on what matters, more consistency with persistence, more positivity, determination and most importantly, the drive to take action!

In my case, my previously explored niches would have done some alleviation of suffering in the wellness and education areas. But personally, after 6 months at WA observing and learning, I've realized they were lacking in scope in comparison to what I should try to accomplish.

I believe we should operate at our fullest potential and I need to include myself. Those first niches would have limited me.

Now I have no excuse!

Learning transformation will help YOU find that which YOU have no excuse not doing!

If you've read this far, hopefully you'll stick around for more :)

Please Like and Comment! Or share ideas:

What do you think of this model of transformation?

Does it make sense to transform your mindset or are you perfectly-minded already? How have you achieved this ?

Will transformation of your mindset help you master your niche and why?

Always remember --- Just do it and never quit!


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TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Marc

This is SO well said! I totally agree - mindset is everything!

And sometimes we trip ourselves up with patterns and believes that doesn't serve us well.

I also believe that many people come into WA with the most sincere intentions to do the work, to work hard, follow the training and never quit, yet our negative believes and patterns works against us on a level which we don't always recognize or understand.

Thus being able to eliminate those negative patterns and believes are SO important for our success here at WA.

I am looking forward to learn from you, Marc!

Wishing you an awesome day!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
marchanna Premium
Hi Sharlee, thanks for taking time to read all of this!

Totally agree with you that intentions of people joinging WA are sincere. Yes, there are a few trolls out there who join, not worth paying attention to (altogether too much attention is being paid to them, imo).

I hope I didn't downplay this sincerity too much, and I'm glad you mentioned this particular point.

What I see is a huge gap in people recognizing that their subconscious (or even conscious) patterns are a problem here!

So we have the handful of people with the right mindset flying high and right into the Super Affiliate status.

Then we have a huge group of people who try at WA and give up. A significant number.

Then we have a huge social group supporting each other, which helps... but.. It. Isn't. enough.

There doesn't seem to be many people -- in the middle -- taking a look at their mindset and seeing that there are flaws leading to failure patterns.

I'm trying to get that message through -- that mindset is really everything -- that everything, especially success, follows from that.

I need to do a better job getting through.

Right now, not enough people are reading this blog post (it is a bit long LOL) and recognizing the truth of it -- at least, that's what my intuition tells me!

Nevertheless, I'm determined to get it out there. I'm going to figure out how I can improve my pursuasive skills on this.

Finally, I need to say, absolutely, I'm very happy to do what I can to assist you, too! And learn from you as well.

all the best as always, Marc
TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Marc

> What I see is a huge gap in people recognizing that their
> subconscious (or even conscious) patterns are a problem here!
This is SO true, Marc! And I am at a loss of how to help somebody who "don't know that they don't know".

I don't think it is you that are failing to get through to them, Marc. It is just the road that everybody is on.

Some of us have gotten to the point where we are aware that we "don't know", and we realize that what we don't know can keep us back, but others may not be there yet.

Some realize that our mindset and words, our patterns and behaviors are keeping us trapped, and for others it all seems like woo-woo talk. ;-)

The other day at the laundromat a guy asked what I was studying so vigorously. (I read with a highlighter in hand and a book looks "horrible" when I'm done with it - looks like I'm preparing for exams - LOL!) So I laughed and said that I'm just reading "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People", by Stephen Covey, for the who knows how many'eth time.

Well, he never heard of Covey, or any of his books. [gulp]

Neither have he heard about Napoleon Hill, or Tony Robbins, or Bob Proctor, or Wayne Dyer, or any of the many others that I tried to mention. Words like "mindset" or "self-help" didn't seem to spark any recognition or enthusiasm either.

I must admit, I didn't try very hard, I could probably have gotten him interested if I asked him more questions about his life, or tried to point out how certain thought-patterns can keep us from realizing our dreams...

Let's face it, what is being taught here at WA is extremely simple: do this, do that, watch this video and follow along, this is how you do this... If at any point it is difficult for us, we should recognize that it is not the "work" that is difficult, but that it is our subconscious that makes it difficult for us to do. Our subconscious is lovingly trying to protect us against something that has harmed or upset us in the past, and it don't want us to get ourselves into a similar situation again.

This is a field that highly interests me... so I'm on board Marc! ;-)

Wishing you an awesome day!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
marchanna Premium
Hi Sharlee, what an amazing reply!

You said: 'And I am at a loss of how to help somebody who "don't know that they don't know".'

I think you've hit the nail here. I think they have to be ready, around somebody who is ready, or around someone who knows and explains it. But in many cases an unready person's ego will reject the ideas.

As you've pointed out, Steven Covey, Earl Nightingale, Tony Robbins, T. Harv Ecker and others are great examples of people with the charisma to teach a breakthrough by 'overlaying' imprints on the subconscious and using other means to release the subconscious from it's protective ways.

So glad you are so very interested! You've been 'on board' before I arrived in 'WA town' but it's good to know you are focused like a laser beam on this!

Hope you've had a great weekend! Marc
TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Marc

> I think they have to be ready, around somebody who is ready,
> or around someone who knows and explains it. But in many
> cases an unready person's ego will reject the ideas.
100% agree with that Marc!

The saying goes that when the student is ready, the teacher appears... And when the person is ready, even though they may not know about these things (yet), upon hearing it, their interest will be triggered and they'll be receptive to learn.

Yes, we had a good weekend - hope yours was awesome as well, Marc!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
FKelso Premium
I'll be interested to see what's next.

I agree -- mindset is vital, but it is not easy to get the subcouscious to change.
marchanna Premium
Hello Fran, I'm glad you stopped in! By all means, if you agree then share this blog with some people you know who can benefit from being exposed to this information.

As for getting the subconscious to change, we can only do that once the block is lifted out of the subconscious.

This is the typical process used in psychotherapy, but we can do it on ourselves at any time.

The process takes time because one must be constantly mindful of what the ego is doing to protect us from that subconscious item.

Hence an ongoing mindfulness practice is absolutely necessary for most people.
cld111 Premium
I know the thing that is KEY for me is listening to books or videos or whatever consistently on this topic.

If I stop listening (or reading, but I prefer to listen) then I feel my mindset shift in a negative way.

If I keep up with listening to teachers on this topic, my mindset shifts back to being more positive.

It makes a huge difference in my life and in my business. When I stop focusing on this topic, my business takes a bit of a dive because I stop believing in myself and I let things slide more.

Like anything, it takes consistent work.

- Christina
marchanna Premium
I completely understand. When I first started doing this, I listened to the same book on mindfulness practice EVERY DAY for at least 6 months.

It does take consistent work and it's the most important consistent work that needs to be done. -- But I think you already know and agree, Christina :) cheers!
ERichardson1 Premium
Good morning, I thank you so very much for bringing up this topic. For pointing it out to everyone, mindset is everything, believing in yourself and what you are doing, not staying to yourself I may be successful at doing this, but knowing and believing that you will be successful in doing this, is what must surface from within you. In order to achieve your dreams, refusing to stop refusing to give up no matter what .and that must be in place already within your mind. I think you so very much for writing this article, May prosperity be with you.
marchanna Premium
Hello ERichardson1, thank you for your comments.

You do understand how mindset is where it all starts! I think my blog is just one more effort to help people see this truth and how they can identify what's holding them back with their current mindset.
EllieMisc Premium
Great stuff Marc. I look forward to your training videos.
marchanna Premium
Thank you EllieMisc!

I've got to put several together while I finish up with the overall training by Kyle! I'll be as quick as I can about it.
cld111 Premium
This is my favorite topic. (You probably know that from reading some of my blog posts.)

Mindset is EVERYTHING.

It's everything.

It's so 100% everything that I can't even stress it enough how it's everything. lol

I think one big issue is that people aren't aware that they can change their mindsets and completely transform their lives.

(So good for you for helping people to become more aware with your blog post!)

People think that they're stuck in their circumstances. Meanwhile, by changing your mindset, you can completely change your circumstances.

While it's not always easy to change your mindset, if you do, the entire rest of the world around you will be SO MUCH EASIER.

So, it's definitely worth it. lol

Great topic! I can go on for DAYS about this, but I don't want to overtake your post. :)

- Christina
marchanna Premium
Christina, I'm very happy you noticed this blog and commented upon it.

I do follow you for your inspirational posts about success and mindset! It's always a pleasure reading your words.

I think I made this blog too massive -- but it's really for me to have a framework about the website project I have in mind.

You're absolutely right, too many don't realize mindset is EVERYTHING.

In fact, I didn't realize it was so 100% of everything until I sussed this out by being at WA for 6 months, looking at various blogs and seeing the real success rate is due to people with correct mindset!

Please feel free to share this post in your blogs if you think it's helpful. I know it's quite specific and too detailed, it makes a long read and I think for that reason, it would make a better multi-slide training than a blog.

But I'm learning!

And feel free to go on DAYS and DAYS about it because people still need to 'get it'!
cheers Marc.
cld111 Premium
Let me know when you post again. I want to make sure I don't miss it!

- Christina
marchanna Premium
You bet; I will do that! I need to put together a schedule such posts now that it's my niche area.