Bloom's Taxonomy (and How to Use It to Write Reviews)

Last Update: May 15, 2019

Hi Everyone!

Marc here again with yet another an article on:

how to apply your brainpower to create the conditions you want!

In this case, I digress from my usual theme of mindset, which I introduced here:

Nevertheless, what I will have to say about Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning should become a razor to hone your self-education for the rest of your lives!

More on that later. For now, I want to talk about an example of using Bloom.

The issue is how to how to create a thorough, quality review and avoid getting that bad reputation for doing a poor job on a review.

The reason I'm doing this now is that Tiffany Domena

asked me to elaborate on her blog here::

She discusses the reasons WA reviewers get complaints and I believe it's more than partly due to the lack of quality insight provided in the reviews.

By the way, I also recommend this important training by Tiffany about getting WA referrals:

She's up-and-coming folks, she's a true Ambassador for WA, paving the way, not socializing on the road! She's becoming one of the successful ones here, so pay attention to Tiffany!

Okay, so.....

What is Bloom's Taxonomy?

As is evident in the chart, Bloom's Taxonomy is a hierarchy of learning. Basically, without knowledge, you can't comprehend something. If you can't comprehend something, you can't apply the knowledge.

Furthermore, without having applied the knowledge, it's very difficult to analyze information. The ability to analyze elements of related knowledge allows us to synthesize new information.

Only then, with that entire foundation, can we evaluate what is before us.

SO WHAT, you ask? Well,

A Review is an Evaluation!

I think people don't realize that they can't do a good review without showing the reader that they are entitled to make an evaluation!

If you haven't built up the building blocks of Bloom's Taxonomy in your review, then your review will be a) full of holes b) probably flawed and c) full of opinions rather than meaningful evaluations.

Show your readers you KNOW what you are talking about and that you are ENTITLED to make a review because you have demonstrated you have LEARNED thoroughly.

Put together meaningful information showing you have the knowledge and comprehension about their product.

Then -- oh yes....

You have to do the application part!

Which means you have to BUY or SIGN UP for their program!

In this way, you can become fully aware of their MARKETING FUNNEL!

Then, and only then, can you analyze the quality of the program, synthesize a comparison with WA and finally, provide a meaningful and convincing evaluation.

My advice -- Build your review around Bloom's Taxonomy and:

Make Sense, not Nonsense!

cheers, Marc.

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Jessibelle72 Premium
Great and useful information; it makes total sense when I read your post and I believe this is applicable and useful for everyone in WA, however, most people have probably not thought of it. Thanks for sharing!
marchanna Premium
thanks for your comments! I've written literally hundreds of academic student papers using Bloom as a basis so I guess it just has become a habit for me -- and I thought, why not do the same for a review! cheers Marc
BorisRoman Premium
Great information - very useful!

Thanks so much for sharing!

Wish you great success!

JeffreyBrown Premium
A real blast from the past, I have not heard of Bloom's Taxonomy since college. Thanks for the post!

MichalB Premium
I do agree.

It happened to me as well, that I wanted to write a review about specific product - but I just could not get anything on the paper..
I was stuck.
The reason was that I did not comprehend the review enough.

I was jumping from reviewing to writing… and the end it took me 8 hours to finish the article…
KenShaddock Premium
Thank you Marc. Wow that is thorough. And seems spot on.
You kept it simple too. I got it.
marchanna Premium
Hello Ken, I hope you can give it a try in a review and see how it goes, let me know! Marc