Don't Be a Yabut - Trust the Process

Last Update: March 20, 2019

Hi Folks,

I'd like to share a typical conversation I have during the Live Q & A Sessions on Friday's.

It starts off with my lessons where I teach something unique each week. There are usually step-by-step instructions or a live walkthrough outlining the exact steps done.

This is done based on my 1st hand experience in the subject matter. I never teach something that I haven't tested out myself.

Now, when the Live Q & A Sessions start, a conversation ensues like this:

  • Jay: "and that is how you do it. Trust the process and it will work. Any Questions?"
  • WA member: "Ya, But what if I change this process, will it still work?"
  • Jay: "What exactly do you want to change?"
  • WA member: "everything.."
  • Jay: "Well, I've never deviated from my processes because they work, so I can't answer this for you.."
  • WA member: "Oh OK, thanks."
Trust the Process

I've seen similar conversations here in WA (chat, comments, classrooms, WA posts etc.) where members question any legitimate process they've been taught. And can imagine the frustration of the WA member who shared the process when this type of question is asked over and over again.

Now there is NOTHING wrong with asking questions. But go through the process first, then ask questions. i.e. Trust the Process.

There is an awesome LIVE Training class coming up where I will walk through my 2019 SEO Checklist. I encourage you to Trust the Process and give it a try before asking any 'Yabut' questions.

Who knows.. maybe you'll be the next member who sells their website for $30k.


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banerjees Premium
Thanks for the advice Jay, very insightful. I must admit that a part of me has this exact mindset! I guess as human beings the 'yabuts' are something most of us have cultivated since childhood and it, most often, works against us. I suppose this realization is the first step towards overcoming it.
anor30hg Premium
Its not the tried and true process that fails us,

often times its our lack of persistence that does it.

sometimes our inability to focus and stick to the task at hand,

our impatience waiting for the process to take root and fully

blossom into the beautiful flower that we worked so hard to get started and plant.

A wise proverb from a very wise book asks the question...

Who begins to build a house without first calculating whether they

have the means to finish it ?

Yes very few things in life can be accomplished without the patience and persistence to see it thru to its completion.

If repetition is the mother of retention, then surely if we expect to

retain and benefit from anything we learn then we must listen to

our mother
BarbaraN Premium
Yabut, whatif You know the human person can't help but ask questions, and find reasons to try another way. Trouble is, I don't know enough to ask a question. I listen and take notes. and follow the process- THEN ask questions. Thanks for the Live sessions.hey are the icing on the cake.
SassyRobbie Premium
I am wondering if the people who want to change the process came in with some general knowledge or they want to earn fast and are being impatient. I have forced myself to "clean my slate." I have both web building and affiliate links knowledge and what I have tried in the past didn't work for me. So I obviously have to start at the drawing board. It is hard sometimes because it is easy to stick to old habits. I decided to take the training slowly as this is not a race to the finish it's about following the process and doing it right the first time around. :)
Gailb Premium
I like your reply, that makes sense.
DynamicDavid Premium
Oh that remains me of a story I heard about a homeless man giving the founder of fb financial advice. The homeless man did not understand the fb business model and his advice was that fb should charge all users a monthly fee instead of being "free". The homeless man just did not get that fb charges money for people or businesses to display ads....

The homeless man had no money.
The founder of fb has heaps of money.
And it was the homeless man giving the founder of fb financial advice.

Talk about crossed wires.
anor30hg Premium
Yes i agree, who do that Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry and that once homeless guy on wall street think they are...

being homeless then getting rich
nurselizstar Premium
I learned a long time ago that "Yabut" is actually quite rude. When the listener says YaBut to the person speaking (or training), they are actually negating everything you said previously. I trust the process. Sometimes it can get overwhelming, but when I think of everyone that has gone before me and are now sitting comfortably in their over-sized naugahyde leather recliner, who am I to question the process? Right?
See ya Friday Jay for another excellent training and the "World Famous Q&A portion" of the program!
Yay Us!! 🌟
Tcheck Premium
Ha,Ha, a yabut i have been trying hard to clean up my slang as it re learn to write, hillbillies like my self have a different code, hope you don't mind if i add it to my arsenal ,as for the topic if its not broke don't fix it
anor30hg Premium
I will usually try something first before I even think about whether or not I think it can be improved

All yabuts aside, I never really quite understood the mantra

-Don't try and reinvent the wheel-

Does anyone really know what the very first wheel actually looks like ?

Probably not, why?

because it was reinvented or redesigned many times over

to its advantage, which is why you don't see any modern vehicles

using the original wheel today
HeidiY Premium
It's not the process I don't trust, and definitely not your teaching of it, it's not you it's me .......

I "Yabut" myself - yabut what if I am not doing it exactly right, yabut what if I missed something important, yabut what if I'm ....

Anyway you get my drift.

Not to matter I shall be tuning into the 2019 SEO Checklist and will try not to yabut myself afterwards once I start putting it into practice lol.
TDomena Premium
Great post Jay! I know I'm one of the people who had a hard time trusting the process. The processes seem too simple to work! When you read all over online people are saying you have to do this and that and more! So, I started out wanting to do this and that and more. Haha. Now, after the training and your redirection, I've noticed things work much better when I "trust the process". I probably would've saved myself some time if I understood that the simplicity doesn't make it any less powerful.
Spartacus2 Premium
I work in IT and I always get questioned on the "Process." People like to do things their way, as they will think that there is a better way to do things than is being taught to them. While some things can be improved upon, if the processes are working, we shouldnt change them.
Freedomseekr Premium
Yabut, Jaaaaay...
Lol, couldn't help it, sorry! Funny, I hear the word "yabut" used a lot in conversations around where I live...yabut, I don't know about that, whatchamacallit...

I agree, trust the process and do your best at giving it a try first, then ask questions if you aren't sure about something. Looking forward to the next webinar, always awesome info!

Best wishes :) ~Sherry
michaelvgATN Premium
Absolutely great post.

Thanks Jay, just another reminder of the path I need to stay on.

Your videos and now this post have been perfect for me, in a way that is professional, smart, and perfect for entrepreneurs, like me, who are trying to get to the super affiliates in Vegas next year.

So I just want to thank you again.

Thank you. Very much appreciated.

Your Friend,

Michael V.
Debs66 Premium
Hiya, Jay,

I always trust your process because man you are a " Genius " That is a fact!

I missed last Friday. :(

I was out at a party and didn't get home in time. I am not missing this week for sure. I need my Jay fix. I am getting withdrawals. Lol. ;)

You defo will not get any YABUT's from me lol. Questions yeah but never a Yabut! Roll on Friday my favourite day woo hoo.

I #TustTheProcess

Debs ;)
AlenkaV Premium
You are soooo right!

I teach singing and get the same questions. However, I am not nearly as patient or nice as you about it.

In fact, I've taken to telling my private students in the very first lesson that they simply either accept I know what I'm doing and trust me or don't bother with lessons at all. lol
And you know what? It works!

Thank you for all your amazing webinars!

Have a great day/evening :)
Calh60 Premium
Hi Jay, coming from a law enforcement background I found out early on that YaBut's get you in trouble. Then when I was promoted to Sergeant I had the Yabut's under my command. Boy, was that fun getting the Yabut's back.

I totally agree, there are Yabut's everywhere and I intend to not be a Yabut here because I believe these processes work just like directed.

dragonfly10 Premium
I leave your webinars excited to try out new ideas. I think to myself where have I been. Why didn't I already know how to do this. Why haven't I looked at your perspective before? The Yabutts of the world have already made up their minds. They are not open to new experiences. They are or too arrogant to see the forest from the trees. The yabut's need to follow their own path. Or they are still an adolescent. Next, we could discuss "the What ifs" of the world.
littlemama Premium
Here’s the conversations I get:

Member: “how did you get to Vegas”
Me: “watch my training as I open my entire first two years of my business to show you how I did it.”
Later on...
Member: “yeah, I’m going to work smarter not harder”
Me: “good luck”

Sometimes I’ve even spent quite a bit of time mentoring people just to have them slap me with that.
Zarina Premium
I don't know whether to laugh or cry LOL
Showolf Premium
I'm with Zarina on this....laugh Or cry
littlemama Premium
Ladies, it's cry..... LOL it's like WTF, do they not realize that the training is what I used to get to Vegas?!

And then to WASTE MY TIME. I feel like telling people off!!

Here's the kicker, the worse ones aren't even my referrals.
Zarina Premium
Honestly, the work you put in into your business is impressive. If I put even 1/4th of your energy into my Amazon site, I'd be in a $10k/mo club already lol.

It sucks that they are wasting your time, though.

That's probably one of the downsides of being in this kind of business. I mean with Amazon, you worry about getting quality content out and that's it, no customer service whatsoever.
Debs66 Premium
Tell em off Grace I blummin would lol. :)
magistudios Premium
Everyone learns their lessons in their own way.

Over the course of being at WA for 13 years, I have certainly learned to have patience when it comes to working with people who are either new or have been scammed. But you do need to draw the line in the sand in terms of the help.
hugh9905 Premium
I guess some people are more skeptical than others, me being one of them. And I have to admit I was not sure about the training when I started.

As time goes by, I trust more and more on WA training, as well as Jay's webinar. Admittedly, I'm not where I want to be yet, in terms of the progress in my business adventure. But I do have faith in the training and webinar here.

To me, starting a business is more of taking a leap of my faith. I need to set the doubt behind and push myself forward, and that's why I choose to believe, and to have faith in WA.

Thank you, Jay.

Wdcope Premium
Looking forward to the live class.
FKelso Premium
Looking forward to this next webinar.
ValerieJoy Premium
I trust the process, Jay.
I've been trusting all your advice, via your WAbinars, since July 2015.
Often, I question myself whether I should still attend after almost 4 years. But, I continue to log in each week even if I have a fair knowledge of the subject. And, I do that because you so often deliver a 'gem' which I benefit from.

If we can't trust our leaders and other WA members who clearly are successful affiliate marketers, well there's no point in approaching these people with questions!
CherylK Premium
That 2019 SEO Checklist was great. I printed up the list and have it taped where I can see it.
chjerpstedt Premium
Hi! Jay
I have to trust what you say because, Jay does not present something without researching the training. Jay keep up the excellently information.
CandP Premium
We do trust the process, Jay and we learn so much from you.
We look forward to the 2019 SEO Checklist.
We won't be Yabut's!
C & P
EddySalomon Premium
Man, I can't tell you how many of these type of questions and comments I get on a daily basis. And I think to myself what part of the training says to do the opposite of what you're being taught or to ignore it. It's like people want to reinvent the wheel or try to find shortcuts.
magistudios Premium
Tell them the CashCowATM is just on the other end of the YaBut and then link them to this post.. lol
EddySalomon Premium
randallpaul Premium is taken lol. Not that i wanted it but just thought it would be interesting in knowing if someone had the same word picture as you Jay. I definitely am trusting the process. I know of no other way so im just taking one step at a time. Cant wait for the training.
JoePlale Premium
Ya .. But, "What if ..............."
uh .......... Never mind.

As I tell people all the time: "Just Work The Program" .. and We will "Git-R-Done" :-)

Anyhow .. See you On The Trail, M'Friend

texasprinces Premium
I trust the process. I also plan to attend the webinar on Friday. Love your webinars!
BenjisDad Premium
I agree JJ, the second I stopped trying to find a shortcut or look for an exception to the rule, I started having success
shazzaWA Premium
I was wondering what that "Yabut" word
Absolutely, trust the process. All I have done here is follow the lessons and do the tasks. Rinse and repeat.
tblackwell14 Premium
What a cool catch word. I'm going to start using it in new hire orientations! That will get them fired up. I like processes. Processes keep my scattered brain focused on my goals.