Don't Be a Yabut - Trust the Process

Last Update: March 20, 2019

Hi Folks,

I'd like to share a typical conversation I have during the Live Q & A Sessions on Friday's.

It starts off with my lessons where I teach something unique each week. There are usually step-by-step instructions or a live walkthrough outlining the exact steps done.

This is done based on my 1st hand experience in the subject matter. I never teach something that I haven't tested out myself.

Now, when the Live Q & A Sessions start, a conversation ensues like this:

  • Jay: "and that is how you do it. Trust the process and it will work. Any Questions?"
  • WA member: "Ya, But what if I change this process, will it still work?"
  • Jay: "What exactly do you want to change?"
  • WA member: "everything.."
  • Jay: "Well, I've never deviated from my processes because they work, so I can't answer this for you.."
  • WA member: "Oh OK, thanks."
Trust the Process

I've seen similar conversations here in WA (chat, comments, classrooms, WA posts etc.) where members question any legitimate process they've been taught. And can imagine the frustration of the WA member who shared the process when this type of question is asked over and over again.

Now there is NOTHING wrong with asking questions. But go through the process first, then ask questions. i.e. Trust the Process.

There is an awesome LIVE Training class coming up where I will walk through my 2019 SEO Checklist. I encourage you to Trust the Process and give it a try before asking any 'Yabut' questions.

Who knows.. maybe you'll be the next member who sells their website for $30k.


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JoePlale Premium
Ya .. But, "What if ..............."
uh .......... Never mind.

As I tell people all the time: "Just Work The Program" .. and We will "Git-R-Done" :-)

Anyhow .. See you On The Trail, M'Friend

texasprinces Premium
I trust the process. I also plan to attend the webinar on Friday. Love your webinars!
BenjisDad Premium
I agree JJ, the second I stopped trying to find a shortcut or look for an exception to the rule, I started having success
shazzaWA Premium
I was wondering what that "Yabut" word
Absolutely, trust the process. All I have done here is follow the lessons and do the tasks. Rinse and repeat.
tblackwell14 Premium
What a cool catch word. I'm going to start using it in new hire orientations! That will get them fired up. I like processes. Processes keep my scattered brain focused on my goals.