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September 24, 2018
Hi Folks,I have a couple quick questions for you and would greatly appreciate if you took the time to let me know your thoughts.Q1) Would you consider joining a private affiliate bootcamp and have an expert affiliate coach to mentor you?YESNOQ2) How long should the mentoring be?4 Weeks (30 days)6 Weeks (45 days)8 Weeks (90 days)Q3) What influenced your answers?If you could answer below in the comment like this, I'd appreciate it! Q1 - 1Q2 - 2Q3 - e.g. because I want to be coached by Jay or I s
Over the course of my affiliate marketing career, I have been involved in a few niches. In no particular order, here are few…surveys golf swingsmale enhancement productslibido enhancer for women‎football snack helmetsjapanese toilet seatslocal marketingSEOmake money onlinekindle accessoriespick up artistrydivorcemarriage helpcookwarecookingoffice furniturestrollersbaby car seatslocal directory salesbeer makingimprove resumesmaui travel resourcesAnthony Weiner dollsHi-Fi Headphonesgam
How to rank on Google is an ongoing battle with new strategies and shiny objects coming out all the time. Either Google is making fancy pants new algorithmic changes or someone has discovered some 'ranking secret' and sells as a product.But if you stick with some core evergreen based strategies and throw in some awesome keyword research, then ranking in the SERP's is actually quite easy.Here is a mindmap of my SERP Ranking Blueprint, this is the exact method I use to rank my own blog posts. As
11 Years as a Wealthy Affiliate member.. where has the time gone! WOW.. March 22nd 2007On March 22nd 2007 I was looking for a way to supplement my income and by chance I found Wealthy Affiliate. At the time, it was simply a paid forum along with amazing courses on affiliate marketing.Today, as you an I know... it is so much more (weekly live training, one-on-one training, tools, hosting, domain purchases etc.) and can’t imagine being without it.A Heartfelt Thank YouI want to say thank you
Hi Folks,I've often been asked on how I write content and more specifically how do I get content to rank so fast! Well, Just for fun... I am about to show you this LIVEHere is the URL: If you miss the live feed, perhaps I will keep the recording and post it later. The LIVE video is now over.
September 10, 2017
Hi Folks, I've been reading some posts here on WA about the threat of how keywords are no longer going to be relevant in SEO and how it will disrupt the world. I personally think this is false information and keywords will never go away.Focusing on SEO keywords and Search Engines IS focusing on the customer and the UX as you are delivering content based on what the reader actually searched for.Keywords are NEVER going to go away because it is the root of everything else:LSI KEYWORDSRETARGETINGA
Hi Folks, I just wanted to share with you how awesome the SiteSupport system is here at WA.I ran into a small issue with one of my sites to the point where I needed help. So, I entered my support question with as much detail as possible and within 3 minutes - BOOM! I received a reply telling me that the issue is fixed.If you ever need support for your site to the point where you need to open up a SiteSupport ticket. Here is how you do it:1) Go here: 2) Go throu
Hi Folks,Do you set monthly goals? If not, I recommend you should do this for your online business.These goals to not need to be monetary. Here are some suggestions:Attain a certain volume of site trafficAttain a certain volume of email opt-insRank a new keywordPost a certain volume of blog posts or pagesPost your June Goals belowthen.. Come back at the end of the month to report/update.
Hi Folks,I have been doing some SEO experiments this week and have come up with some very exciting results.Here's the summary.Hypothesis: Google Search Console speeds up indexing and rankingThe Experiment:Post 2 articles (article A & article B) spanning a week apart Article A: 'Fetch as Google' inside of Search Console immediately upon posting Article A: 'Resubmit sitemap' inside of Search Console immediately upon posting Article B: 'Fetch as Google' inside of Search Console 1 day after pos
Hi Folks,Thought I would share this cool accomplishment with you.Today I wrote a review on my site and within a few minutes of posting, the review was indexed and ranked in Google.Within 21 Minutes!I know what you are thinking… "Jay! How did you do that? What is your secret?"There is no secret.I simply follow a set of On-Page SEO metrics which include:Meta TitleMeta DescriptionKeyword in ContentAlt tag within an imageInternal linksExternal linksVideo EmbeddedSo, when you create your next