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Hi Folks, A very surprising notification popped up on my WA Dashboard the other day which notified me of my 15 year WA Anniversary.How time flies when you're having fun.. right!? Lol In reality, the 15 years I have been here have been a roller coaster of awesomeness that I wouldn't change one bit. I would say that this solidifies how excellent WA is as a service and product.And over the past 15 years, I have seen WA grow from a small keyword list forum to a full fledge all-in-one product with d
Hi Folks, I am excited to announce a case study training series like no other! 14 DAYS.. back-to-back!Do you need an exact step-by-step process to follow along?This case study is like no other! 14 DAYS.. back-to-back!Watch Jay go through the entire process of building a niche website from scratch.>> Click here to see the abstract of the case study series <<And here is the daily breakdown with a link to each of the days:Day 1: Research: Niche Day 2: Research: Affiliate ProgramsDay 3:
Hey Folks, I recently did a series of classes which focused on repurposing content. In these classes, I used a specific post to see if the process worked. Here is the series: >> it worked! The above screenshot is the result of repuposing content which gained me new keywords and rankings. Here's the Google search: So, this goes to show that repurposing content
The new Google Discover app is taking the mobile world by storm! Are you a part of if?In this exciting live class, Jay will walk you through exactly how to get your own content within Google Discover and reap the rewards of a plethora of mobile traffic.DO NOT MISS THIS LIVE CLASS! What you'll learnAn Overview of Content in Google DiscoverIt Starts with a Properly Sized ImageHow to Add the Proper Max Image Preview Meta TagLetting Google know you're Discover ready!Let's Get Content in Google Disc
Hi Folks, I'm very KEEN to tell you about Google's new social media platform called.. KEEN! I've been working with Keen for a few months now and is very similar to Pinterest and is showing some incredible results and possibilities for us as bloggers. Keen leverages the Google Search index, combined with user feedback to provide personalized recommendations that improve over time and help you expand your marketing efforts.** LIVE KEEN Training **I've lined up some training for you so you can lea
Hi Folks, I would like to introduce you to a few common words that can be used within a PM:Hello: this one is my favourite as its a GREAT way to start a conversationThank you: this one is a fabulous way to show your appreciationPlease: this is a great way to potentially get that person you are PMing to answser your question or request Regards: This one is a great way to end the messageSignature: It's always nice to know who you are addressingThank you for reading, I appreciate your time and if
Do you struggle with content creation or don't know what products to review? Join this exciting live class where Jay will reveal his secret technique on finding products that are PROVEN to sell!DO NOT MISS THIS NEVER SEEN BEFORE TECHNIQUE.DATE: July 9th, 2021TIME: 5pm PacificRSVP: WA ClassesCLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT
Hi Folks, I wanted to let you know that for the entire month of April, all of my classes will be based on the visual elements of your website and content layout. I am very excited to deliver 3 different series this month! Creating Beautiful Converting WebsitesGenerateBlocks Plus+Block Editor Plus+Each of these series will have several classes within them and will be broadcast LIVE throughout the month of April. If you are unable to attend live, on-demand replays will be available for you. Creat
Can you have a beautiful website and have it convert into sales at the same time?Absolutely! In this live series, we will walk through all the components that make awesome looking websites that convert into sales.LIVE Class 1: Components That Make a Well Designed WebsiteDATE: Friday Apr 2 at 5:00pm PACIFIC>> CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS************************************LIVE Class 2: Choosing an Effective ThemeDATE: Friday Apr 9 at 5:00pm PACIFIC>> CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS******
I’m Jay Neill, Affiliate Coach, Entrepreneur and 14 year member of Wealthy Affiliate. Hi Folks, Today marks my 14th WAnniversary with WA. In no particular order, here are 14 tips to help you succeed while a member of WATake this business seriouslyTake the training seriouslyBe polite when asking for helpBe thankful, even if they didn't helpEngage with the WA community Stay out of other people's drama Don't start any drama Use the tools providedTake the time to watch the WA classesTake acti