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Today is the day where you will find purpose in your online business.Hi Folks,We all start our online entrepreneurial journeys for different reasons:freedomincomea change in career or lifeRegardless of the journey, it is IMPORTANT that the said journey is reflected within your business and that your website, content, call to actions have a purpose. For example, if your online business is about sewing machines, then the purpose would be to help people choose the best sewing machine for the money
I have a 72 Hour Perseverance Challenge for you!Hi Folks,Imagine if you were given a set of instructions to make a video that required:To be 5 minutes in lengthAbout ‘going viral’To have toilet paper within the videoStoryline made senseBe completed within 72 hoursTalk about a challenge.. Right!? I’d say near impossible! These were the exact circumstances that some folks were up against for a recent film competition. It seemed like an overwhelming task and couldn’t be do
August 13, 2020
Have you heard a couple different version of niche? In this article you will learn the various way to say niche and EXACTLY How to Pronounce Niche.What Exactly is a NicheThere are several different descriptions of what a niche is, but basically a nich is an audience. Yes, that's it! An audience. Now this audience is a group of people who share a particular interest. This interest could be a hobby, a solution or a way to do something. What is an Example of a NicheNow that you understand what exa
July 27, 2020
Words are the magic building blocks to conversions and sales. Website themes don't sellColours don't sell Fonts don't sell It's the words that you write on the website that sell.
April 28, 2020
keep your brand simplekeep your website simplekeep your call to actions simpleread the above again and you'll flourish
Learn the Secret Twitch Channel That Jay Uses to Stay Focused. ;) Hi Folks, Hope everyone is doing awesome and being productive. Speaking of being productive. Do you ever listing to music, have the TV on or have YouTube playing while working? I get asked all the time how I remain focused while working and there are a few different things I do while writing content or working on a client project.But the number thing I do now is listen to Twitch! Twitch was originally created for gamers to broadc
November 20, 2019
To everyone who’ve I helped.. thank you for letting me help your online business.Hi Folks,I just wanted to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who has ever attended or watched my WAbinars here at WA.It’s a great honour to be allowed into your online business and guide you to your own level of success.Thank you!Jay
Would You Be Interested in Watching Jay Write an Article LIVE?Hi Folks,I've often thought about doing a live training class where you watch me write a piece of content live and I would like to know if this would be of interest to you?The format would certainly be different as I would not be as engaging as my other live training classes because I would need to concentrate on the article being written. This to me seems a bit boring, but I would like your thoughts! So, please let me know in the co
September 14, 2019
Dear YOU,Yeah YOU.. the one who is reading this. I just want to let you know that I am proud of everything you have accomplished thus far with your online business. Here are a few of things that make me proud:You are HERE learningYou have learned some skills while being a member of WAYou have purchased a domainYou have built a websiteYou have written some contentYou have been indexed in GoogleYOU are not giving up!I want you to think of how much you have accomplished since starting your journey
July 09, 2019
"Success isn’t about how your life looks to others. It’s about how it feels to you." ~ Michelle ObamaHi Folks,The above quote (from Michelle Obama) was shown to me tonight and wanted to ask you what exactly is Success to YOU?For me, success is about tiny consisitant milstones and how each compound each other and grow daily.Over to you! What is success to you and how does it make you feel!?Remember.. this isn't about what you want, but what success you have accomplished!