Leveraging 'Alphabet Soup' Technique to Cure 'Writer's Block'

Last Update: May 12, 2016

Constipation of the Mind

As you know, if you want to be successful at online marketing, you need to be constantly creating, writing fresh content and generating new ideas and insights.

I see it quite frequently here at WA: people who are short of ideas and end up with what is known as 'Writer's Block'.

It isn't the end of the world if you can't think of what to write next, or if you think you've exhausted all topics related to your niche.

There are different strategies for coming up with ideas, which include brainstorming, stream of consciousness (essentially just writing whatever's on your mind at the present time), or setting up Google Alerts for relevant topics.

'Alphabet Soup' - More than just Keyword Research

Sometimes if you're stuck even going to Google and trying out the 'Alphabet Soup' technique (as Kyle calls it) can help..

This technique is often recommend as a starting point in the keyword research process...

But the drop-down menu can provide you with more than just keywords...

Just go to the Google 'Search' bar and simply start typing in some keywords or phrases related to your topic or niche. In addition to the obvious keywords, you will be surprised at how many related ideas will pop up:

Thinking Outside of the Box

This way, you're kind of 'killing two birds with one stone', so to speak. Hot new topics and keyword research are taken care of at the same time.



Thomas :)

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