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June 17, 2016
Well I finally did it... purchased 50 clicks just to test out paid traffic.The results seemed fairly good: 39 new subscribers to my emailing listI'll be interested to see whether this leads to any actual conversions though...Let me know if you have any experiences with paid traffic (good or bad), I'd be keen to hear from you...
Even after six months, I feel as though I have still only scratched the surface in terms of what's possible in the amazing world of online marketing here at WA.I joined on 19th of November and went Premium the following day.Sure, I can see it month by month, my progress and credits are increasing exponentially all the time..But I imagine it will take up to a full year before I have things up and running the way I'd like.Thanks for all your support, see y'all around!Thomas :)
Constipation of the MindAs you know, if you want to be successful at online marketing, you need to be constantly creating, writing fresh content and generating new ideas and insights.I see it quite frequently here at WA: people who are short of ideas and end up with what is known as 'Writer's Block'.It isn't the end of the world if you can't think of what to write next, or if you think you've exhausted all topics related to your niche.There are different strategies for coming up with ideas, whi
Redundant Answers - Broken Record Syndrome...Not intending to be mean at all, but if a question posted here at WA has already been answered, there's usually no need to rephrase or reframe that same answer someone has already given.Be Concise and ConsiderateOftentimes I've seen the same answer given over and over again, which may just overwhelm the person who has posed the question. I've even seen the same blog or training link given 3 or 4 times within a single thread!No Need to Answer in a Rus
Scams, Scams and More Scams..Sure, we all know there are plenty of them out there..But what exactly defines a "Scam", and what are its characteristics? A scam is essentially a confidence scheme designed to lure people in and take their money. Scams often draw people in by excessive success stories and promises of overnight success. In reality though many creators of scams are just self-proclaimed "gurus" trying to make a quick buck.The following info will give you a brief outline on scams and p
It's Definitely a Start..So far I've made a number of referrals, three have completed their profiles so I've earned a dollar (US) in credits for each.But now I can truly say I've referred a member to upgrade to Premium.If We Can Make One Premium Referral....We can make 300. If we can make 300, we can make 3, 000. And so on. It probably would have happened a little earlier if I'd created content more frequently - I haven't added any new content in a few weeks now (which I don't recommend doing).
I had a coffee this afternoon with my uncle in town, we were talking and brought up the topic of Wealthy Affiliate and online business. Earlier on in the week, my uncle had asked about the work I was doing online, so I had recommended that he check out the WA website.As we were having our coffee, I mentioned how busy I had been with this work in the last few months.My uncle's initial response was: "Well I went to the Wealthy Affiliate website and it says you can create an online business in a f
Training: A Work in ProgressWhile the training created by members here at WA is of excellent standard overall, I've noticed a few of the tutorials and courses (including some of mine actually) could do with updating in a few areas.Once a training tutorial or course is published, we always have the option of going back to it at a later stage to edit in info, add more demonstration to it or tidy it up (a bit harder to do this if it is a video training of course).Updates in technology and softwar
April 25, 2016
One Doesn't Like to Blow One's Own Trumpet, but..It's Official, 10, 000 Followers Here at WA: The Wealthy Affiliate Community has grown over time and there are many members, new and more advanced, who really make a difference on this platform. It's good to have connected with a portion of those who have joined WA over the last decade.Rather than indiscriminately following other members (or accumulating numbers for the sake of competing or boasting), the take away here is following others at WA
Got to Start Somewhere...I was looking over some of the questions that I had asked in the early stages of my journey here at WA just last night. Looking back at them, some of the answers to those questions seem so obvious now. In fact, some of the questions I had asked seemed almost a little cringeworthy as I glanced over them a second time.But hey, I got prompt and accurate answers thanks to the helpful community here. So at the end of the day it was worth asking and saved me a lot of confusio