Increasing my organic traffic! And other goals.

Last Update: January 21, 2016

Some of you might know that one of my goals for this year is increasing my organic traffic right?

So that has been coming along so nicely and I will share the results with you shortly. Before I share what's happening with my traffic I just wanted to share with you how I have gone about it.

Increasing Organic Traffic

So the biggest help this year has been from Marc Parson's training... thank you! I haven't quite gotten the same results as him but I have seen a steady increase and wonderful growth. Here is Marc's training on that:

It is quite a lot to go through because he sends you off to some of Jay's webinars too but please do yourself a favor and check it out.

My Organic Traffic Results

Ok so here we go, you can see that my traffic has been steadily rising and yes a huge part of this was due to Marc and of course Jay... thank you!

And here is the reason I have decided to share this update with you TODAY... I have had my first sure organic traffic comment on my website and I find that really exciting! I may have had other organic traffic comments but this was the first one for sure.

She also signed up for my newsletter and I am so happy now. This just goes to prove that this works and great things are on their way.

I wanted to hit 60 organic daily visitors this week but it seems I am a little up and down now so let's try and be patient. Yes not my strong point here.

Put In The Work Now and Benefit Later

I often get down and want results RIGHT NOW! I have worked my ass off for months on my new websites and I often get frustrated.

I have to always remember that Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will this business. As long as I am steadily moving forward all the time I will get there.

The content I am building today will serve me for a long time to come.

The reason most people fail at this is because they are not prepared to go the distance.

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Dmorrow Premium
Glad to hear it's working! Of course, why wouldn't it - advice from some seasoned WA'ers!
bogyolin Premium
Fully agree the most difficult bit is to be patient for me, too :)
maxser67 Premium
Great work, Lynne!
I have bookmarked his training, thank's :)
Maxiam59 Premium
Congratulations and thank you for the info on how to accomplish it all the best max
JanK88 Premium
Congrats, Lynne! That is a good sign of success for 2016. Looking forward to more updates from you. Marc's training is great but I'm not there yet as yet to complete the course and Bootcamp here and never attend Jay's training. Need to squeeze more hours from my 9 to 5 for the study here.
NatNiches Premium
That's great Lynne - yes, I'm the same and it can be really hard work. But like you say, it's the people that are prepared to go the distance and carry on, after others would quit. Really looking forward to how your traffic comes along!
mjdimarco Premium
Rome wasn't built in a day. Yes, you are right!
SusanAL Premium
I love your last four paragraphs:

"I often get down and want results RIGHT NOW! I have worked...

...because they are not prepared to go the distance."

A great mantra during those difficult moments. =)

Thanks for sharing!
LynneHuy Premium
Hi Susan

Yes I have to keep reminding myself of that!
shweetlife Premium
Double your traffic in 2 weeks!!! What a legend!!!!

Very excited for you Lynne. Your efforts and dedication are paying of wonderfully! :) :)

Keep up the awesome work!

And remember, it took me a month before I got that spike... You're doing awesome!!

Update from my side... Keep in mind, I spent the last week or two doing some major changes to my site, while not really focusing on content...

Check out the image ;)
LynneHuy Premium
Oh a month, ok then that is better. I was thinking that I was not very clever or something lol
halinphilly Premium
Great advice here. I'll try to follow your lead. Thx!
ibmountain Premium
Thank you for sharing. I will check out that training as I too want to increase my organic traffic!
truered Premium
With all the information that I gather everyday at WA I was avoiding the trainings and seminars ( I haven't been able to get past Course 1 Lesson 7) but after reading your post I will be getting to this trainings and webinars ASAP! Thanks!
dickw Premium
Lynne, truer words have not been spoken. Everyone moves at a different speed and deals with different distractions. Just never quit, it is so easy and so regrettable.
On Marc Parsons, his training is a must and Jay's videos are....well, they are a must also. That's two musts!
Thanks Lynne
LynneHuy Premium
Pleasure Dick, always happy to share anything and everything I find that works well :)
Ericabried Premium
Hi Lynne,
I can identify totally - it is so hard to practice patience and realize that the efforts you are putting in now will pay off in the future.
starita70 Premium
Thank you Lynn!
hadams Premium
Hey Lynne - great post. I can so relate to your impatience, cause I fall into it so easily and end up feeling discouraged. I need to chill out and concentrate on building a good foundation, just like you said so well.
LynneHuy Premium
Yes it is so much easier to say... oh be patient, it will come... isn't it? well I want it NOW! :)
hadams Premium
Ten days is enough time to start seeing results, right? LOL The thing is, I really enjoy the "work" of it, so if I just focused on that, I'd be a lot more content no matter how slow the progress.
LynneHuy Premium
10 days, but that is so long... that's like 240 hours.... what about NOW? hahaha

Yes I also love the process of everything it's great. But 7 months of plodding along? Ok give me something besides this graph on Analytics! How about some money heehee
hadams Premium
I hear you! :) I know it doesn't really help in a practical way, but I am impressed with how well you're doing - it's encouraging to me as I do my own plodding behind you...
EFors Premium
It is inspirational to see, thank you. :))
sofieanderin Premium
Lynne thank you for sharing this, you are an inspiration for us all!
Rosdy Premium
great share Lynne.. :)
paulgoodwin Premium
that is great to share and so happy for you and I will have a look at this as well because always great to increase traffic and thanks for sharing
Rmaisey Premium
Well done! you are doing brilliantly! Thanks for sharing
FrankT1 Premium
Lynne, That is awesome success!
thanks for sharing the training.
Jozeph Premium
You nailed it Lynne, thanks for sharing
To your success