Google Adsense is a waste of time.or is it?


I have heard all the time from so many people that Google Adsense is a complete waste of time...

Well I have been actively focused on growing my Google Adsense income and it has been loads of fun. I always love a challenge.

I wrote a post on March about growing my Adsense income and today is a milestone for me, for the first time my daily Adsense income went over R100! It is sitting on R115 and it is only 3h30pm.

So in 6 months I have taken my income from R175 a month to R115 (and it will be more still) in one day.

This just goes to show that if you work hard enough Google Adsense can pay off for you.

This will probably be the first month that I make the cash out amount of R1000 in one month, meaning that I can probably start counting on Adsense income every month from now on. I am so looking forward to this.

PS - R1 = $13.50 (approximately)

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If I understand correctly, you have earned R115 in one day and it's only 3:30 in the afternoon as compared to R175 for a whole month and you're also saying that R1 = 13.50 US approx.

If this is so and R1000 is the cash-out amount...HOLY MOLY!!! that turns out to be a solid whack of cash for just one month. I hope I'm right in my calculations. If so then.......

BIG congratulations to you, Lynne. That is an amazing accomplishment and VERY SOLID proof that it can be done if we are willing to do the work.

This should be very inspirational to all those that following you. You are a force to be reckoned with, Lynne. Way to go.

Well, after reading your other blog about AdSense I could be wrong about the total income because I thought that your countries currency was represented by the "R". It seems that different "R" ratings have a different monetary value. Perhaps you could offer us a bit more info on how it all works with the "R" thing.

However it is, it still seems that you have made great strides with you online business niche so, again I offer my congrats to a job well done. I'm so happy for you.


Hey Wayne yes the R is South African Rands or ZAR. It is about 13.50 ZAR to the USD... So my earnings today are now sitting on R135 so it is about 10 USD.

Not a huge amount, but hey it all adds up... and if I can grow my Adsense earnings to where they are today I fully believe their is nothing stopping me from earning $100 a day at some stage and that is really more where my goals are.

Yes that is right Wayne :) I'll let you know when I hit $1000 a day LOL

Thanks for clarifying that, Lynne. My understanding has improved. I ASSumed it was way more than that. Even so, If you can build that to 100 US a day I think we would all agree that we would be quite happy if that was us.

Keep us posted. All the best.

Maybe, but what about Amazon affiliate?

I have sold a $200 product and I have received only $5 USD.

So when I sell products of value $2000, I will receive $50?
And how much do I need to work for it to happen and how many products I need to sell?

I was lucky I have sold a $200 product, but what if they were $30 dollar products?

I will need to work my ass off to have any decent income...

Is that right?

Can anyone share their amazon experience?


I am also an Amazon affiliate, but I don't put my main focus there since most of my traffic for my mommy blog is from South Africa - and most of the items listed on Amazon are not shipped here. That said I have made a few sales...

The trick I think is to get to a stage where you have a lot of traffic. Remember that when you have put up a post that work is done for you, it can make sales over and over again. Work on making sure that your posts are linked nicely so that readers today can still work their way through to a post from a year ago.

That would be my advice :) And yes the commission is quite low, but you also need buckets of traffic for Adsense income too....

Thanks for your advice, I agree.
I am using both AdSense and Amazon Affiliate program.

I have earned around $3 US dollars so far with AdSense.

Wish you lot of success!

You posted:
"So in 6 months I have taken my income from R175 a month to R115"

I'm confused -- Is there a typo in this line? From 175 to 115 would appear to be going in the wrong direction. :=)

Never mind my question -- i see now what you're saying.

Note to self: Don't post before finishing that first cup of coffee.

Hahaha oh yes the golden rule, must have coffee! :)

She went from r175 a month to r115 a DAY

I see that -- My second comment addressed my misunderstanding of what she was saying. I had missed that the 115 figure was for a day.

Awesome to hear about your success with Adsense here Lynne!

Thanks Kyle, I have to admit I am seriously starting to have fun now :) It is amazing how when I first started with the blogging I struggled to understand how I could make money... and now it is all so clear and comes naturally.

Thank you for sharing !


Thank you Lynne for the AdSense info. Great job. Take care.

Congrats, Lynne! That's way more than the $16 I have earned with Adsense.

Congrats Lynne! That's another income stream , and who doesn't need that?


That's great news Lynne.

Thanks Marion :)

That's wonderful news to hear!!! For me, I think Google AdSense is worth it as it is where the overwhelming majority of my income online is being made from currently. I've still got a long ways to go to get to the cash out threshold, but I know it will happen as I'm getting clicks nearly everyday now.

YES Brian and it will grow and grow from there. Don't listen to all the people that say it is not worth it, I didn't and I am seeing really awesome results. When you add the Google Adsense to other income streams... well it is turning into a nice little addition.

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