My 391 Posts Blogged

Last Update: June 22, 2018

Three hundred & Ninety-one Blog Post!

This is another reason to celebrate.

This is not counting the 50,000 words counts on Site Contents.

People join me as I celebrate this moment. There are many of you probably don't boast about your accomplishments. I feel that everything little is worth while acknowledging. This is also a great way to keep in touch with the people within your network.

Like I say to many, don't be shy, share your worth, be proud of all you have earned whether it is big or small, it really does matter.

I am a social person to the community, yes, I love making people feel happy for all that they are capable of creating, learning or gaining. Of course some people are not to comfortable about putting their accounts and businss out there, and that is okay. Share only what makes you feel good about it.

Blogging For Dollars

My writing skills are not the best, but I don't let fear of writing stand in my way. I just keep writing about something. Thank to Kyle and Carson for adding spell check in Site Content. Although you will still found mispellings and writing errors. in your post or pages.

Nevertheless, I'm going to keep writing until I become a professional at it. In many cases, writing poorly should not hold you back from excelling. WA is a great place to learn how to be a pro at blogging while expressing yourself about your passion or niche.

Snack To Go

Let's Celebrate!!!

Friends, do have a Wonderful Weekend!

Stay Safe!

Louisa B

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GailLowe Premium
You're right. Celebrate as much as you can. Great work. Gail
mbouteiller Premium
Yeaaaa Louisa, Congratulations!

I've only written 66 posts on my dive site and little over 55 on my WA site...yikes.

I have a long long longgggg way to go.

Good job!
Happy2Learn Premium
Yeah...well done.... You have earned your success.
JocelynMarc1 Premium
You did it again, congratulations!
CoraMitchell Premium
Here’s to increasing our writing skills by writing more!
LouisaB Premium
Cora that is absolutely the truth.

Let's be inspired by each others.

Cheers to your online success!

Louisa B