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November 09, 2017
Hello Friends:A few months back amazon stopped my Affiliate Account due to no sells. Well this is very common at Amazon. But, anyway, something wonderful happen today! Actually, I didn't feel that I would get back in with Amazon because of the reason mentioned above. Anyway, I applied for the Amazon Professional Sellers Account and was approved. Isn't that's great! When you least expect it good things do happen.Wild...I am elated because now I will be able to sell products from my Shopify to Am
November 08, 2017
Hello Friends,In case you missed my blogging for for the past few weeks is because I didn't have an eccommerce store setup our side of WA. Now,I have my first General store setup. The reason a general store instead of a Niche store, is because with the general store I can see what products will sale the quickest.Taking this route into consideration, I will then choose the product in which I will use for my eccommerce brand.Setting up my shop at Shopify took me a little time to learn about the
October 29, 2017
Moving Before The SnowMoving is very stressful especially as you get older.I realize that I have been missing in action for a couple of weeks now, in and out of work and moving at th same time. I'm sure many of you have had to downsize and move to something smaller than you had before. So we are on the same page.Have you ever wondered how to make moving less painful?Well, for older people a move is most likely involve downsizing and departing with lot's of prossessions. However, there are ups
October 10, 2017
In this and any other business we are all subjects to Good and not so Good days. In the fast pace market, we tend to let our pursuits get the best of us. For those of you are new to the online marketing business, you are in for a great learning adventure.Now remember, you are not alone, there are millions of online entrepreneurs that are seeking for financial stability. Right now, I want to elaborate on the Good days that are coming.GOOD DAYS: Actually, how would you classify your good day?Woul
October 06, 2017
Have you sparked the flame in your online marketing business?At this particular time you are in a great place to learn and grow to unlimited success. Here at Wealthy Affiliate you get many opportunties to frame your story. These enclude; accomplishments, endeavors, perspectives and points of views.Our Wa platform is consumed with young and old, intelligent, ambitious and compassionate people. All in which have a common goal in mind, and each have a separate learning modality. In which each pers
October 04, 2017
As I was reading through some notes, I had complied some months ago regarding back links. Ultimately, I believe I inquired about back links are asked a question, so again, backlinks, again let's see if there are similarities in the two.So, I thought that this information is worth sharing, because there are new comers that need to know the differences as well.Anyway, i found that blacklinks fall into one or two categories which are referred to "follow" and "no follow" A Follow backlink simply a
October 02, 2017
Balancing Determination and success:Success is often presented as a fixed destination after which life should coast smoothly along. But in Reality "success" is a better starting point, a leveling up after which unknown and unknowable challenge.Question for you? Are you able to work or have the ability to work independently without falling prey to...? Just Remember, keep Balancing Determination and success.In other words, do the work, put in the time, master your craft,, and don't panic over pro
September 30, 2017
Making The Connections: Our online business"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." __John C Maxwell__Here are our online business insights, I thought to share with Friends and Family At Wealthy Affiliate.As you know the business of marketing is about selling and sales that consist of othe funnels; suchas, products,services,ideas,intentions and creations. Perhaps some of us may have the responsibility of leverage your employers, vendors, resources, and build scalab
September 28, 2017
Ecommerce Business Owners: I am just sharing this information with you all, so feel free to comment and leave me your like.My Experience:Thank You,Setting up an online shop or store seems like it is not as easy as it sound. Since your products are the core of your business,Good Inventory Management is essential to making sure your customer are taking care of and their needs are being met. Most of you are ecommerce business owners, and having to deal with all facets of the operation. Well, today
September 21, 2017
Hello Friends & Family:From: HeatAndCool.comSent: 09-14-2017To: Louise Barzey( You have been selected for a Private Offer Dear Louise Barzey:Rakuten Affiliate Network is pleased to announce that your Marketing Channel, Right Bike IT Helmet and Gears, has been selected by for a Private Offer.Here's some information about this Private Offer: 6% sale on all goods Start Date: 31-DEC-13 End Date: 01-JAN-20Private Offers represent