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April 23, 2018
Friends & Family:Developing Story_4/23/2018Toronto Canada9 Dead 16 woundedI'm sure by now this is no news to many, because it is a worldwide deliberate brutal killing of innocent people by a lunatic and now many of them will not see tomorrow because of his devious intents.Our thoughts goes out to all those that are now suffering the lost of family members and friends.How sad to hear that a man deliberately drove a whiet van completely out of control, and just startedrandomally hitting a
April 20, 2018
Supper Affiliate ChallengeMonth 3Friends, Spring Is Here and the month of April has gone. just a few days remaining, and it will be history. Anyway, Just checking in to give an update of my progress in the Super Affiliate Challenge for the past weeks in April'Social, Imagery PurposeLesson Task[ ] Created A FaceBook Account ( Done )[ ] Created A Twitter Account ( Done)[ ] Created A Google Account ( Done )[ ] Now Following Kyle on Facebook ( Done )[ ] Now Following Kyle on
April 19, 2018
12 Things Customers will Pay ForThe Fact that people will pay for the privilege to give gifts and satisfy othersis a reason to believe that most of them are just products. Listed are 12 thingspeople will pay for.Twelve Things list:cell phonesstockphone usageelectronic post cardsvacations friends souvenirslove onesmembershipdinner/foodinternet serviceemail GramThe list may sound bizzard, or banal, but they are exactly the kinds of activities people will pay for, and have always paid for without
April 18, 2018
Spring Clean-Up Your Sites and PostsFriends & Family:This is the time of year when we are very busy trying to clean-up our house, and place of work. Anyhow, for the past few days I decided to take it upon myself and do my spring cleaning. if you wait to long, all sort of weeds, bush, leaves, and dead trees will have accumulated during those cold winter months when you have no intentions on getting it done! Now, I highly speak for myself, because I am that person who fall behind with my clea
April 17, 2018
The Gate Is Open Have You Entered Yet?In This Article, I want to touch home on some ideas,tips, and suggestions:Now, let's move along with it!As everyone know me by now, I am the one that is always thinking out of the box. So you're with me or you not, however, the call is up to you. Now I know many of you are like myself, in this, always trying to find the right topic or the right subject to talk about, but resonate with me is that people are just not interested in what you have to say!Those o
April 13, 2018
HowTo Overcome Obstacles To Succeed OnlineIf you are new and just starting your online Marketing Business, but getting started has not been easy to overcome obstacles to succeed online for you due to fright or anxiety.Here are a list of stresses that can provoke you from getting it going.You are overwhelmedDon't know who to talk to, or ask questions, because like of trustYour self-esteem is lowYour writing skills are not perfect, or the way you want it to beJust don't know how to use a laptop
April 09, 2018
Monday Update: April 9, 2018Google Came Again!Here are the updates since my last report!Awesome News Louisa.Your content published through site content at Wealthy Affiliate has been foound In Google.Google indexed on April 9, 2018"Build An Affiliate Home System On A Budget." is my End of Month Results:Site Content: March 11-April 10Alltimes Word Written_____________36,740Monthly Writing Level_____________5/5Articles Published_
April 08, 2018
Hello Friends & Family,I hope that your day went okay!Just wanted to share my day with you!I know to some this is nothing to be fasinated about, but itmeans so much to me for Google to find my contents out of millionsof others.Here is the email I received today!Awesome news louisa Your content published through site content at Wealthy AffiliateChair-Basis Style & Sporty Simple/crypto-homebossceo.comchair/chair-basis-style-sportyHave A Great Monday!Louisa B
April 06, 2018
March Super Affiliate Update!12 Months Intense TrainingContent Efficiency Engagement Design & IntentWe all envision our plans and commit to achieve them within finite time by a deadline. I must say that the month of March has been an exciting and encouraging one. There were task and goals to attempt and meet.My experience this month was determined by my own initiative to get the task done. I am very proud of myself for staying consistent during times of distress and computer problem, I kept
April 06, 2018
Thank You! The Best Birthday Party!I had a blast, and I just want to thank all who helped out with the event. Those who took the time out of their busy schedule to join the community to celebrate my Birthday!Most Importantly, I want to give a special shout to Lauren for making this happen. Wow, I am more than gratified right now! This was a great time to meet up with old and new friends. It was a time for; laughs, jokes, songs, poems and riddles. A great time for speaking out and feeling relaxe