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July 19, 2018
HELLO WA FRIENDS~Just dropped in to check my mail and thought to say hello.I hope all of you great people are doing well with your online journey.As you know, I'm still around but have not been actively writing for two weeks now.REMEMBER!!!"Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You!Best Regards,Louisa B
Something New! Amazon Flex ProgramI'm sure most of Amazon followers already heard about the Service Partners Program. I saw on television the other day about Amazon aim is to hire ten thousandof delivery drivers to keep up the company.This means that Amazon will let Entrepreneurs start their own delivery business. Based on the news, these entrepreneurs will then be able to lease these Vans with the Amazon logo, along with that, uniforms for and drivers will get support from Amazon to grow thei
June 22, 2018
Three hundred & Ninety-one Blog Post!This is another reason to celebrate. This is not counting the 50,000 words counts on Site Contents.People join me as I celebrate this moment. There are many of you probably don't boast about your accomplishments. I feel that everything little is worth while acknowledging. This is also a great way to keep in touch with the people within your network.Like I say to many, don't be shy, share your worth, be proud of all you have earned whether it is big or sm
Today is another great day at Wealthy Affiliate: A New Accomplishment Badge Earned! I just earned my 2 year dedication Badge.In the Marketing online Business, I really enjoy earning something deserving when due, sofinally, I made it through my second year here at WA.2ND YEARHurray! Hurray!A reason for celebration on this Friday evening.Please Join! ! !CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WHO CELEBRATE THEIR 2ND YEAR AT WEALTHY AFFILIATE!Friends & Family Please Have A Great Weekend!Thank You For Joining M
Privacy Policy Google IndexedI was reading my mail and ran across another post INDEXED by Google. Now, this is the first time my PrivacyPolicy got indexed, perhaps I didn't check the right box. But anyway, my revised Privacy Policy WHO WE ARE? was founded by Google.So if you don't won't your post or pages indexed, make sure you check the right box.The notice read the same: June 18, 2018WHO WE ARE published through Site Content at WA has been found in Google!
June 19, 2018
In this Article:Protection and PreventionTypes of Sunscreen Lotions Google IndexedHave A Safe SummerThe summer heat is in the air, keeping the body cool and free from the direct hot sun is the key. June is the beginning of summer, and everyone is search for a great beach to chill out at. That is all good! Since the sun rays have such a direct effect on the skin is so prevalent to many beach lovers.There are two important factors to be watchful of when it comes down to protecting your skin and
Friends and Family:Celebrating All Father Day!Folks this is a time of the year to acknowledge all Dads, Father's and Grandfather.20 Characteristics of A Great FatherA family manDiligent workerProvides for his familyCompassionate to all family membersVery understandingAlways GivingFaithfulStrong willedDecision makerLovingTrustingIntellectualCaring & UnderstandingSentimentalProudSelf RelianceHumbleSpiritualityHelpingThoughfulFather's,May your day be a safe, and enjoyable moment!A glass of win
Google IndexedWhat Does Google Stand For?I was curious to know what GOOGLE stand for or what's the general meaning behind it soI did a little research just to satisfy my curiosity. What I gathered is that 'The Business of Google (GOOG) is well-known for its popular search engine, web browser, email and various online tools. These are tools we use every day; at home, work, and on the go.What Google Stands For?G_____GLOBALO_____ORGANIZATIONO_____ORIENTEDG_____GROUPL______LANGUAGESE______EARTH"Glo
June 03, 2018
Rank 50!Rank 50 Badge Earned at Wealthy AffiliateIt's been a long time waiting for, but I just received it this week! I am very honored and excited to have this badge in my procession. I'm a very grateful member today! These are the very things that keeps me wanting more, because I know the next one is in the making.Earning ranks at WA is not easy, no, you have to work diligent to earn ranks. Sometimes I get confused with the ranking system, but that's fine, I think the creators knew what they
Indexed / Google Found Another PostAwesome, Google found my month old content. So keep blogging and don't give-up because your content hasn't been found by Google search engine yet. Just keep it moving forward. I didn't expect to get indexed with this content, but it happen!My content published through Site Content at Wealthy Affiliate has been find in Google!May 31, 2018lighting-design-office spaceI am encouraged to keep blogging and improving as I excel down this journey. How does Google Inde