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July 24, 2017
"If you read email, then you may have been the target of an internet scam or Hoax."INTRODUCTION:SUMMARY:Hoaxes: This can take the form of false virus alerts (suchas , Chain letters.Fraud: Dis honest act.Phishing: Is an attempt to scam or decieve you into disclosing personal information and financial information in an email or online.Viruses: Perhaps purporting to be from someone you know suchas, email messages.Spam:The Nigerian 419 ScamsList of Scams, Fraud, Hoax, Phishing:Internet FraudInterne
July 23, 2017
Here are 10 To-Do's to making sure you are in line with building a successful online business.1. When was the last time you re-evaulated your goals and objectives?Remember, this is your business, your goals are your sole responsbiliity. They must be renewed, chanhed and cantelled to your business perspective.2. Your Business goals are just like inventory. They need an overhaul very often, because things, business and purposes change.Make sure your goals are up to date with your online business
July 19, 2017
There are many other SEO Plugins, but trying to choose which one is best out the ones Kyle talked about is a decision you have to make. The way you are to know about the efficiency of each plugin, is to take a tour and try them all out.It may take some time but it's worth the try.(Wikipedia) say it is the process of effecting the visibility of a website or a page in a web search engine's upaid-results-often referral to as 'Natural' 'Organic' or earned results."Seo stands for search engine opti
July 18, 2017
Google indexed this site.Let me know what you think?Go To: http://agelessskinnobotox.comTitle of Site--- "The World of Skin Creativity!"
July 15, 2017
Hello Friends and Family:I just recieved notice from Google that my site was indexed.I am happy to recieve good and soozing information.Very encouraging!A Happy Rose!Have a blessed weekend!
July 13, 2017
A Short Tutorial:To use the plugin, just embed PDF's in the same way as you would normally emded images in your posts/pages. But try with a PDF file instead.From the Post Editor, click ADD MEDIAthen drag-and-drop your PDF into the media library.When you insert the PDF into your post, it will automatically EMBED using the plugin's Viewer.GO TO MAIN SETTINGS:Click on: Default Viewer Settings.<<<You will see this>>> Width____________Max Height____________MaxNow enter MAX
July 12, 2017
Short Tutorial:DIRECTIONS:In this short tutorial, I will show you how to use this plugin in a few simple steps.Add captcha code anti-spam methods to wordpress forms.Forms include:FormsComment FormsPassword FormsLogin Forms.In order to post comments or register. User will have to type in the code shown on the image.THIS PREVENTS SPAM FROM AUTOMATED BOTS< ADD SECURITYFEATURES:Administrator can specify where the captcha should be displayed ie., commentsloginsregistrationlost passwordAdministrat
July 11, 2017
Short Tutorial:I find google spread sheet very easy to use than others I've tried.Here is a short tutorial I thought may help you keep files and information organized.Create A SpreadsheetEdit and Format A Spread SheetShare and Work with OthersGreat for: Computers, Andriod, Iphone and Pad.Google sheets is an online spreadsheet app that lets you create and format spreadsheets and work with other people.Follow Along As I go through the steps. STEP 1. Create A Spread SheetOpen the sheet home screen
July 10, 2017
Here is a short breeze of facts and history about Dan Schulman.LB WEEKLY NEWS BREEZEDid you know that Dan Schulman Ceo of PayPal grew-up in New Jersey, where his parents were professionals.His dad was a chemical engineer, and his mom wasa college administrator. Despite of all the above, they was far from affuent. While growing up his family lived in a small apartment in Newark. His family was known to have a history of caring about issues of social justice. As where his grand father had been a
July 09, 2017
Have A Happy Sunday!