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September 21, 2017
Hello Friends & Family:From: HeatAndCool.comSent: 09-14-2017To: Louise Barzey( You have been selected for a Private Offer Dear Louise Barzey:Rakuten Affiliate Network is pleased to announce that your Marketing Channel, Right Bike IT Helmet and Gears, has been selected by for a Private Offer.Here's some information about this Private Offer: 6% sale on all goods Start Date: 31-DEC-13 End Date: 01-JAN-20Private Offers represent
September 18, 2017
Hello Family & Friends! Its that time again, and it is aporaching fast.Do you have your gears in order?Well, I guess it's time for me to get busy with it. Now, that I know how things work, I should be able to rackin some sales.BLACK FRIDAY MADNESSI know, I am ahead of time, but for me, it's all good.Great Night To All!
September 16, 2017
Writing 300 Blogs is an accomplishment. I am elated!I thought to share this with you all, even though it's just blogging.
September 16, 2017
Happy Saturday, Family and Friends:I hope your Saturday is going well on this big blue saturday afternoon. I know most are you are busy as a bee, answering emails, blogging, or working on sight health. Well, nothing is new on this end.Here is a question I needed an answer to, and, I found this post I would like to share with newcomers.Here is the link to her post I thought had the answer to the question above.Link: you can read this post i though was a good
September 13, 2017
Blogging For Dollars-The right blogging Apporach.On a daily basis, we all strive intensely towards blogging effectively. My view, to become an effective blogger, you need to deliver an enorous amount of value and convey key information in your industry.As long as your audience is engaged and finds real value in the information you share, it will slow build overtime. But don't expect this to happen quickly or easily."Once you do have a note worthy blog blog, and you learn how to build a proper s
September 11, 2017
Hello friends and family:It really feels great to be back!Thank all for your encouragement and support.Louisa Second Best!
September 10, 2017
Learning how to create the illusion of friends on social media takes time and practice.INTIMACY:Most people in the WA Network is here to learn and start a successful business, and the way we can do this, is by connecting with strangers, friends and relatives. Did you know that intimacy, however is a critical part of succeeding on the internet.Are you afriad of connecting with strangers?Genuinely engaging through social media can sometims feel like you are leeking out your most vauable asset to
September 08, 2017
Text Linking and Deep LinkingSomeone asked me what was the difference in how we use text linking and deep linking, so here is my thought. Please feel free to share your thought.Text Links are used to link directly to the advertiser's website.Deep Linking is a text that directs the visitor to a specific page on the advertiser's website rather than to the home page.As the target URL contains content connected to the advert, deep linking results in much more targeting.Have A great weekend!
September 08, 2017
Family & Friends,Linkedln Marketing/ Social EngagementHere are a some pointers and tips for those who are engaging in Linkedln AdvertisingUsing Linkedln advertising, you can engage with business leaders and decision makers, all in one place. Linkedln ads allow you to:Reah over 450 million members based on job title function, industry, and moreAttract new customers directly from the Linkedln homepage and mobile feedMeasure results and optimize campaigns in the campaign manger tool.Learn more
September 06, 2017
What about Affiliate Companies and Program?There are common reasons why your application don't get immediate results:Have you ever applied to an affiliat program and your application was rejected?How did it make you feel?I have complied a few tips and pointers that will make your search easier.NOTES:Make sure to read the company policy, rules and regulations.Make sure your information is in compliance with the program you wish to apply for.Don't assume that you can fill out the form with incomp