April 30th, Mother Natures Temper Tantrum

Last Update: May 01, 2017

April 29th was just the beginning, the 30th she dropped 12 inches of snow. This morning I saw the damage that she caused.

Tree in front yard split in half.

Elm tree destroyed

Cherry tree half there

All that's left of the Peach tree

Apricot tree, some branches broke

Shade tree branches down

Large limb down

And the Iris can with stand anything.

We spent most of today cleaning up the yard, cutting down what's left of the fruit trees and shedding a few tears in the process. The fruit trees were planted in the early 80s by my dad and mom. I saved a bunch of the limbs and quite a few pieces of the trunks, will make them into crafts and some woodburning designs. I just don't have the heart to throw them in the dumpster.

Mother nature proved she still has the upper hand.

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Oyz49 Premium
Sad to see, must have been wet and heavy snow. So many trees broken.
loriC1 Premium
Yes it was.
BrendanB1 Premium
Wow. Hopefully the fruit trees will recover with time.
Carol46 Premium
Oh that is so heart-breakingly hard! All the best
MKearns Premium
May you repair the devastation quickly!
dwcookie Premium
Good Lord!!! What is going on with this weather? I'm so sorry so much got ruined.