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Last Update: May 20, 2016


Why do I smile so much? Smiles and laughter bring Light into your life; they lift your burdens and reduce stress and anxiety. Smiling people radiate a different kind of energy than do those who are gloomy. And they actually feel happier, even if what they'are doing requires a conscious effort. There are even health benefits to smiling. Studies of kinesiology(a study of human moving, a system that tests the muscles reactions to different stimuli) show that when a person thinks a negative thought, the muscle being tested actually becomes weaker, whereas when the thought is positive, the muscle remains strong.

If you're negative, your immune system is depressed. A huge , dark hole forms in you that attracts disease, both physical and mental. Just as environmentally unfriendly product damage the ozone layer, so do spiritually unhealthy thoughts harm your aura, your methaphysical shield. When you're angry or envious, you create little pinholes in your aura. As those holes multiply or enlarge, your resistence runs down, and you fall prey to the darkness.

Depression, the most widespread phsychological disorder in our society, is one example of the effects of this darkness . It is a direct result of disconnection from the Light. There is a direct correlation between your health and the amount of Light in your life. Smiling might seem like a frill, especially in today's challenging world, but is big small thing.

Your smile sends out a message : "My heart is open to be a friend, to listen to you, to have empathy for you. Inside of me I have made room for you ."

This triggers a domino effect in the world. When you smile, you stimulate others to extend beyond themselves and to enter a world in which they share with others and others share with them. Conversely, when you are anxious or fearful you elicit these states in those around you, encouraging others to be limited and self concerned.

The Chinese teachings are saying" When we are born, we cried while all around us laughed. Let us live our lives so that when we leave this world, we can laugh while all around us cry".

Advise: Try to cultivate a similing, cheerful attitude. Life is a wonderful dance , and you can enjoy it even more, if you tread lightly.

Lots of smiles,


Recent Comments


Great post Monica. I was sent on a course when i was in banking entitled, 'Smile, you're on the telephone'. It focussed on smiling even when the person on the end of the call couldn't see you and it's surprising how much a difference it makes to the tone of your voice and how people react to you. As a part of my business now, I sell Coaching Programs and I still use the tactic of smiling and engaging with the people I speak to. I get a great conversion rate which I believe has a huge amount to do with the fact that I smile as I talk to them"

Thank you Jude! I always know if people are smiling on the other side of tge line ..Good job with the Coaching program, I know you are a. Great Mentor...Share your thoughts, experience, wisdom and smiles with others! Have lots of smiles today!

Wow, dear... After your break to come up with such a post! Both fun reading and very educational and motivational too...Can't agree more... I smile most part of the time, I think. If not, I start thinking what prevents me from smiling (inner smiling, maybe, not necessarily outer smiling)...We are born into this world to be happy and to spread happiness, not gloom...Actually, in one of the networks my nickname is Smiling. It tells people a lot even before they start reading (though sometimes I put the status Non-smiling when I write about things which I don't like)...
Love being around you...:)

Thank you "Smiling" I think I will call you the same as your presence here its full if exuberance and " inner smiling".
I hope you got my PM as I have explained my absence.
It is such a delight to be around you...I truly hope to see you smiles ( and the inner smiles as well) in person one day .

Sure darling... We will do it (Hot air balloons, or not, we will do it... No conditional forms... I use the correct grammar here!..)
Yes, I read your PM. I was a bit worrired and everything is now revealed... So you are Ernest in town, and Jack in the country... - read "The Importance of Being Ernest" by Oscar Wilde? :)

Yes, I read it long time ago. I love Wilde's witty humor ( it kind of reminds me of someone else:).
I am Ernest and Jack in one in a female body...let's hope I don't create any misleading. :)

...hope you don't....))) or if you do, you do it intentionally hiding behind these lovely creatures...

I love the way you think..:)

And I love the way you think... )))

Amazing how much can be said about a smile!
Thanks for a marvellous blog, Monica!

You are welcome Therese! YOU have a beautiful smile!

Thank you!☺❤

I like your smile, Monica. Even your poodles smile. Thank you for the good, positive post!-Rick :)

Thank you, yes my Poodles smile for sure a lot...I wish you lots of smiling days!

And you, as well! :)

That is so cool Monica and an excellent way to live. Always try to drop a stone of good will in the mill pond, thank you for this post, brought a smile on a cloudy day.

Thank you Alexander, I am very happy if I got a little smile from you..

Thanks Monica, I am also a huge believer in the power of positive thinking and the snowball effect of smiling! Nice reminder for us all to smile more often!

Thank you for staying positive!

Great reminder.

Smiles and more smiles

I love to SMILE :-) I like sprinkling a little happiness wherever I go. A little smile might just make someone's day a little brighter :-) Happy Thursday, Monica!

You look like a happy girl Diane..I am very happy to be part of your WA friends!

Also when you are in pain your immune system drops. I just had some work done on a tooth and I was in agony for a week! Then because my energy was so low, I've now caught a cough/cold.....:(. But I'm smiling and coughing now....LOL !!!

So sorry to hear about your pain, Michael can have a little grief and a grin. ..:)I am sending you my smiles and strenght to help you feel better.

Good one, Monica, thanks for sharing!

You are more then welcome, Mike

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