What is the best way to become a millionaire?


A lot of people dream about it. Becoming a millionaire. Why are there actually so few people a millionaire?

Here are 7 points which will prevent you for becoming a millionaire

1. Eat junkfood

Yes, junkfood makes your mind lazy. It slows you down and it decreases your energy. You do need a lot of energy to fulfil your dream to become a millionaire.

2. Watching television

How much time do you spend before that square in your living room? Watching television is one of the most unproductive activities you can imagine. Every minute you watch for entertainment, decreases your chances to become a millionaire.

3. Buying unnecessary things

Spending money doesn't make you a millionaire. Buying new cars, while your old one is still good, new clothes, new gadgets, bigger house, a luxury holiday. Most people who are NOT millionaires spent their money the day it comes in.

4. Gaming and Social Media

You do not get rich from hanging out on Facebook or YouTube, neither will you get rich from playing games. So, limit your time.

5. Trying to be popular

People like to be "liked". Be part of a group. Do things the group accepts. Is the group you are joining a millionaires group? Or are they not? Getting approval for your action from a group who are not millionaires, you probably won't ever become one. Millionaires do not fish for compliments or approval. They go their own way. They do not give a damn about what people think or say.

6. Blaming others

It's always the fault of someone else. It's not their fault. Your life is a failure because of others. Millionaires take responsibility for all their actions, no matter what. When you are constantly blaming others for your rotten life, you definitely will not become a millionaire ever.

7. Complain, whine, yammer

Whining about your day, your work, your husband/wife, your children, the weather, your time. About other peoples lives. Where do they buy that from? Becoming a millionaire is a process. A process creating the mindset to become financial independent

What to do to become a millionaire?

A lot of people think you have to be lucky or very intelligent to become a millionaire, but that is far from the truth. There are children who have made it, and there are elderly with all kind of degrees who don't. You do not need an education to become a millionaire. You need a special way of thinking and a correct mindset.

Millionaires fail most of all

When you fail, you didn't make it. A lot of people look at that as a flop. And they quit their activity. That are the people who will never become a millionaire. Millionaires fail a lot, but they never give up. They keep trying and they always stay active. Do you remember your first swimming lesson? When they would have trow you into the deep the first time, they had to jump after you in order to safe you. Millionaires see chances and they trow their selves into the deep. And they fail time after time until they have found a way what works, and suddenly they can swim!

Getting to the point of a millionaire state

  • Starting millionaires don't hang out before the television
  • Starting millionaires don't waste time on social media
  • Starting millionaires don't search for approval
  • Starting millionaires don't waste money on gadgets
  • Starting millionaires don't blame others
  • Starting millionaires don't complain
  • Starting millionaires are not extremely lucky
  • Starting millionaires understand there are no shortcuts
  • Starting millionaires work hard
  • Starting millionaires don't rely on lotteries or casinos
  • Starting millionaires invest their time wisely

Becoming a millionaire: It's a mindset of hard work, not giving up and not interested what other people think of you.

When you've become a millionaire

You will not sit back but you will let your money do the work for you and you can spent your time with whatever you want. But before you've entered that state, you really need to come off your buttocks, become very active and work real hard! Fail a couple of times, and get back on the horse right away, again, and again, and again....and one day you can say:"YES, I am a millionaire!"

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Loes - Great post and all true. Spending money on unnecessary things gets a lot of folks in trouble. Saving, investing and postponing what you want until later are all great early steps one can take along the road to becoming a millionaire. Thanks for sharing.

My pleasure Patrick:)

Awesome Loes!

I absolutely love this post, Can I share it my Friend?

It's one of the most profoundly truthful posts that I've ever read.

Thank you for your ultimately honest advice Loes,


You may share it everywhere you want, just don't stay to long on social media:))

Thanks I needed that I have to many I do's on those don'ts

Glad you like it Wayne:)

None of the items 1-7 applies to me, hard-work is my middle name, yet I am not in the club. Something must be wrong.

I am not yet part of the millionaires club yet either, but I feel I am working towards it by working hard and investing time for my future, Jovo

Love it!

Thank you Heather:)

Inspiring truth! Happy Mother's Day Loes!


Thanks Debby, until now, it's a very nice day:)

Well said Loes. Millionaires aren't always the best educated but they are willing to give 100% to succeed and never give up. Couch potatoes and others with bad habits can't and won't make it.

That's the clue, they fall and get up again and they never quit

I like to share this on facebook.

You are allowed to share this everywhere you want Jimmy:)

It's done already.

Well, I'm pretty close.

I don't whine a lot.
Don't blame around.
Don't care if anyone likes me or not.
I can't stand FB games.
I don't buy anything I don't need. "Impulsive shelf" at register or gas station never have affect on me.
I don't watch TV. Gave away the ones I had.


I LOVE BURGER! No matter what kind of junk it is. I guess I'll die with that. lol

Haha, I can´t really imagine that, I am a veggie:))

Great post. Thanks.

Thank you Gary, much appreciate your comment:)

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