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All in one seo vs seo framework. which is your go-to?

All in one seo vs seo framework. which is your go-to?

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Search Engine Optimization

Hello guys,

I noticed that by creating a new website with WA now, the Techies already added SEO Framework to the plugin list.

Before, it was ALL IN ONE SEO.

I was with SEO and changed to AIOSEO. I didn’t know there was a preference to SEO Framework. I’ll stay withAIOSEO. I don’t want to upset my websites. But, I will try it on my third site,

Yes, it is better not to change it, but it is an interesting choice by Techies for the new websites.

Thank you.

I think they just recently opted for the SEO Framework here in WA, Andy! Kyle posted about it not too long ago!


Thank you, Jeffrey.

You're welcome, Andy!


I am not widely experienced with SEO plugins...
before joining WA I was using Yoast, then changed to AIOSEO which I was disappointed with then switched to Rank Math, which I preferred but...
overtime I've learned a few things about SEO and looked for something perhaps lighter and less obtrusive than I had used.

I took up SEO Framework on a test site about 6 months ago. Not a good test really because it is not on a site I want to rank... however, it is far less intrusive and allows me to get on without worrying about meeting numerical targets. I had grown to prefer SEO Framework before WA started using it.

Thank you, Richard. I have heard of all but Rank Math. I agree about AIO SEO is a bit nosy when it wants you to upgrade. I'll stick to SEO Framework from now on.

Hey Andy,

I was about to switch from the AIOSEO plugin to the SEO Framework and was recommended to think twice as there can be repercussions when doing that.

And, I do remember another member who was doing great with his site ranking when he decided to switch from the AIOSEO plugin (the former developer's version) to the Yoast SEO plugin, and then suffered a major drop in his site's rank.

However, if you are starting a brand new site, then yes, choose the one you think is best.

Hope you find this helpful.

Thank you Trish. Yes, I will keep everything as is on my previous websites. For now. The new one I just made has SEO Framework already added so I'll stick with it. I do like how AIO SEO shows a % kind of ranking of the quality of the post, but yes I keep the SEO Framework on this one.


WA recommends the SEO framework vs AIOSEO.

However if you are already using AIOSEO, then you can carry on using. as perhaps you may want to have a new niche site, you may then use the SEO framework, save messing up site (Kyle's recommendation).

Hope this helps.

Yes, I thought they would recommend it since it's added to the plugin list. But can you give me some cons/pros about it? Or direct me to where Kyle discussing it.

Thank you!

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Why can't wa support co.uk domains and other tlds?

Why can't wa support co.uk domains and other tlds?

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Website Development & Programming

I noticed that WA only supports three kinds of TLDs, .com, .net and .org

I have two questions regarding that.

1. Why only those three?
2. Is there plans to add

Hi Andy
I’m from England and if I was still there I’d probably ask the same question.

However, I’ve been in Portugal for a few years now.

Here people hardly ever look at .co.uk sites, nor other country sites. They will look at .pt and the international sites only.

Generalising, I believe most other countries are similar in that respect.

If our business wants to take advantage of worldwide opportunities, then it makes no sense to use a country specific site.

It's true for international deals. Obviously, I'm happy with .com for those. But there are business profiles that are only local which I use the co.uk TLD. Like my clothing shop.

It's not a big deal I just thought I'd have all my domains and with one registrar.

I am still curious what the reason is for not supporting more TLDs. Every other registrar does.

That's cleared my question of the day up
thank you Richard


You can buy other extensions too like dot info and others, I do not have this list handy however would be more expensive than if you were to buy a dot com domain.

At the moment, not aware there would be for the extensions you mentioned however this may change in the future. It would just say unsupported TLD.

Also when searching you can input a keywords for example I just inputted one with a dot be (Belgium) - it gave me an option to purchase.

Hm. It said to me that co.uk is an unsupported TLD And no, they are not necessarily more expensive. I have a registrar where I get my domains, the ones WA can't support, I just thought I'd have everything in one place. Here. But can't.

Correct co.uk is an unsupported TLD - the ones I inputted were more expensive. However we have a trade account elsewhere we buy ours at much lesser price.

Totally sensible, and I understand.

Thank you for your notes.

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