Nieuw jaar, nieuw domein, nieuwe kansen! New year, new domain, new opportunities

Last Update: Dec 29, 2020

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Hi everybody :)

It has been a while since I posted a blog on Wealthy Affiliate. I hope you are all still in good health and have had a nice Christmas. On to 2021. In good spirits. I'm excited! You too? Since today I have become the proud owner of my 4th domain. is my new child.

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It is a Dutch-language website (with a translator) and that is why I chose to make it a .nl. The website attracts an average of 1000 organic visitors of which 72% Dutch and I hope for more conversion by adding posts through an owned domain name. It looks a bit more professional, and for the Dutch market more trustworthy without the .siterubix.

It was easy. I bought the domainname at 11 am and moved the siterubix by 11.36 am. Adjusted the privacy policy and affiliate disclaimer. Added the site to Google. It's now 14.46 pm and the site is fully functional. Hats off to WA's automated relocation system. I am very happy that this went so smoothly. Thanks!

I am at the start of 2021 with great enthusiasm. And I wish you all a mega success for the new year.
2021 here we come ... !!!

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Hi Loes, First of all I want to greet you from across the border, I live in Belgium :). It is so great to meet another Dutch speaking woman on here! I already have an English WA website and I am wanting to build a Dutch website too. Is it difficult to do? Would you recommend any plugins? I am an author and want to build my authors website in Dutch and i would like to write my articles in Dutch and then translate it in English and have an English translation on my site too, do you think this is possible or not? Thank you so much for your help! Have an amazing day!, Erika xxx

I am not Loes, but have been asked to respond to your question. I know there are WordPress plugins for language translation. One of the most popular is WPML. Another one is Translate Press Ploylang, Gtranslate has a free version. Google Website Translator is another one. I haven't used any of them, but found they were recommended.

Do you have a free website you could try it first?

I am only English speaking so have not tried a website in another language.

Hope this response helps some.

Als je de Nederlandse taal goed beheerst, zou ik zeker niet voor een plugin kiezen die een onnatuurlijke weergave geeft van de taal. Je kunt dan het beste je website in het Nederlands schrijven. En er daarna eventueel een plugin opzetten voor een Engelse vertaling (en meer). Plugins leveren vaak veel verschillende talen.

Thanks Loes

Thank you so much for all your great information, this is really kind of you! I have 2 domains, one of them is already active on a blog and just to try I have added the plugin WP GLOBUS that someone recommended to do a translation with. I think for the new website I will be first just making it on siterubix until it is completely finished and then I will put the domain on it. Thank you so much for your response and I hope you have a marvelous day!

Hoi Loes,

Alvast een fijne dag gewenst van aan de overkant van de grens, België. :D Zo fijn om een Nederlandssprekende WA collega te ontmoeten!

Super bedankt voor je goede raad, dan zal ik het zo doen zoals jij voorstelt! Ik heb ook al een engelstalige site gemaakt via WA maar merkte dat het schrijven van artikels echt dagen duurt zo in het engels.

Er was mij nog een plugin WP GLOBUS aangeraden om de Nederlandse artikels te vertalen naar Engels.

Ik ben al eens gaan kijken op jouw Nederlandstalige website, ziet er heel mooi uit. Ik ben zelf ook affiliate van Ik wilde ook nog vragen of ik dan ook een tabje Sponsors kan maken en daar op kan zetten zoals jij gedaan hebt, of moet je daar een speciale zakenrelatie met voor hebben om dat te mogen doen?

Alvast super bedankt voor jouw antwoord, ik zag ook dat je een leuk berichtje op mijn Profiel gezet had, dat zal ik dan daar ook even beantwoorden!

Fijne dag nog verder en het allerbeste,

Groetjes, Erika

Hi Erika, klinkt goed:) Zo'n tabje kun je gewoon maken. Ik weet niet of het veel oplevert, alle kleine beetjes helpen, denk ik maar. Ik krijg regelmatig online bestellingen voor FLP via mijn website, dus ik denk dat het wel uitkan om je sponsoren/affiliates op deze manier te vermelden.
Succes met de verdere ontwikkeling van je websites.

Groetjes terug, Loes

Great to hear from you, Loes, the presentation of your new website with the choice of images, colours make the eye want to discover more. I was also impressed by the smooth operative process by creating a new website for my son too. This is an all-time great support to me.

Glad to continue the road with you and wishing you and your family a healthy and happy new year.


Hi Anne, nice to see you again too. Success for 2021👍

Mooi gedoen Loes,
I live in South Africa, and Afrikaans is one of the languages here, so can understand some Dutch.

All the best for new site.
Just one other thing , your training for changing the Footer(Theme Name), do I find it under 10 useful Tips for a good Website??


Thanks, are you looking for this one?

Yeah ,that's the one I'm looking.

Thanks Loes.

Very well done, Loes! Sounds awesome!


Thanks Jeff :)

You're welcome, Loes!

Congratulations on your new domain. A great niche. Wishing you continued success in 2021 :)
Be blessed

I just love this niche:) Thanks!

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