How do you motivate people to get in?

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There are 2 types of motivation.

  • Extrinsic = comes from an external source, prospect of a reward or punishment.
  • Intrinsic = comes from within, and is motivated by a goal.

We want to achieve intrinsic motivation through motivation.

Let people see why it is necessary to follow a certain path.
There are 2 ways to influence people, by direct and indirect influence. You can directly influence yourself, but others you can only influence indirectly.

Give a clear "Why"

What would be better if they followed your advice? Why would it be important to follow the WA course, and what does the future look like when they do that? Indicate what needs WA provides. Give them motives to take action. Peoplewill only come into action when they have a goal in mind. A goal that meets a certain need. Motivating people means that you give them motives to achieve a certain goal that meets their needs. You can only motivate people through indirect influence. People can only motivate themselves into action.

Offer a role model

You can use your direct influence to motivate yourself! If you motivate yourself, you have a range of options for indirectly influencing people. The more creatively you handle your direct influence on yourself, the more opportunities you create to indirectly influence the other.

What reasons do you have to cooperate with this application? What motivates you? What makes you move? What stimulates you?

Show what is possible with your website. Tell them about our inspiring WA forum and training that offers everyone the opportunity to succeed online.

(Ask yourself if you are writing this for yourself, or to really help someone else.)

Grow confidence

Show that it is a completely risk-free entry. Tell about the free courses and how you have fared since you actively participated in this online opportunity. What you have learned and already maybe have earned. Show them your commitment to them. Tell them you'll be there every step of the way.

This is my most recent paypal entry

In recent years I have been able to collect thousands of euros from WA, Jaaxy and my affiliated companies. My membership can be paid quadruple from this in the coming years :)

Take small steps

People don't see what you see. They cannot bridge the step from 10 to 1 without your help. Show how much pleasure you have in building a website and tell them that you are guided step by step through video training, individual help, technical and community support, to build yours.

Make your website almost perfect

At least, close to. Take a good look at your header, your logo, your menus, your images. Your website is your business card. The first sight is worth a thousand.

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Good Morning Loes,

This is a great post. Your website is your business card, so true as it reflects your character and shows people what they can achieve following your advice.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Hi Taetske, thanks, greetings back from up North

Thanks for the motivation Loes. You are doing great.

Thank you Mickey, you're welcome

I see the growing confidence of visitors is the number one before they can act according to your suggestion.
Thank you for this motivating post.

Yes, visitors are a must;)

Excellent points Loes! Very true without a goal in mind, people lose motivation to take action. Great to hear things are going so well for you, btw. Thanks for sharing!

Best Wishes :) ~Sherry

My pleasure Sherry:)

You have inspired me to have more confidence to move forward and encourage others to take small steps to reach their goals.
Thanks very much.

My pleasure Delores

Thanks for this, Loes.


You're welcome 😀

Hello Loes,
Influencing people is a science. It would be very interesting for me to learn. There are several books for that, I just bought one is in Spanish. Thank you!

Enjoy reading it, Claudio 📕

Another great one Loes!

Hi Joe, thanks:)

I use the benefits mostly thanks for sharing Loes

You're welcome Dave, success!

I think you have hit the nail on the head, Loes! You are succeeding in no small part because you are setting an example for us all. I hope you are doing well and it is good to read a post from you on this early October day!

All the best and I hope you and your family are doing well!

Dave : )

Hi Dave, so nice to see you again! Thank you, I am doing very well, personally and financially (as you can see:) I am very happy:)! I hope you are doing well too.

Yes, I am using natural therapy to fight cancer along with some surgery, etc. so I will be fine (I think)... I actually am feeling quite a bit better compared to some months ago, so it is working...

The business side of things is also going well, and I am doing one final project in the business world that is providing a lot of motivation and passion...

I am setting up my niece and my side of the family to be able to take it over if anything should happen, and it is something they can carry on for the next decade likely longer...

Glad to know that you are happy, that is what it is all about...I was kind of surprised that you were no longer an Ambassador, but I do understand...

You were a guiding light for many and still are, the lucky new ones will find you here and follow you/take your training and tap into the assets that you offer...

Stay in touch, it would be nice to see your neck of the woods before I check out! Keep on keepin' on!

Dave : )

I am glad you are feeling better, it's a good idea, not only for you but for all of us to think about the continuation of our websites. We all can not see our future, and life is fragile.

I stepped down from the ambassador's platform in December last year, to commit myself totally to my websites. It's just became a too large a load against a relatively low income.

You never know, we might meet in person one day:) That would be fun!

Cheers back to you! Loes

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One Profit Ready Website
Market Research & Analysis Tools
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