Be Careful With Spreading Fake News

Last Update: October 09, 2019

Fake news is misleading information that is distributed to make money from it.

It has been around for a long time, but with the rise of social media, it is spreading at breakneck speed.Manipulating visual material is becoming increasingly sophisticated and also increasingly difficult to distinguish from real.

Why do people spread fake news, how do you recognize it, and what role do you play yourself?

How do you recognize fake news?

Ask yourself the following questions before you share a message:

  • Who has send the message?
  • What is the intention of the messenger?
  • Which technic is used?
  • Is there a possibility to verify authenticity?
  • Which source has been used?
  • Is it really, really true?
  • Can there be multiple truths?
  • Is the image or video really from this event?

Learn to recognize the techniques used.

Check the provided image on Google image search

Check the movie on YouTube

Why do we believe fake news?

We often judge on a whim on social media, and when we see that many people share a message, we unconsciously think it will be true.

What is the role of the filter bubble?

If you liked a lot of certain messages on social media, the filter bubble will take effect. The Facebook algorithm for example, will think, hey, he likes this type of message, and gives you more and more of the same kind.

Why do people spread fake news?

The more people click on an article, the more money the makers get because of the advertisements shown. And a catchy, sensational headline often produces many "clicks". And so a lot of money. We call this clickbait. People also make fake news to influence opinions, for example in the run-up to elections.

What is your role?

Before you like certain news on social media, you need to verify if the news is authentic.
Before you write an article about another online offer you need to dive into it and check if it's really a scam. You cannot simply copy a scam message with impunity from another. After all, you do not know whether the other person has looked at it properly.

Spreading fake news and accusing others of being scammers can get you deeply into legal trouble.

10 types of fake news

  1. Propaganda - Often distributed by governments to manipulate positions.
  2. Activist - Only facts that fit the story are shared.
  3. Clickbait - striking sensational headlines. Content, title and headline do not match
  4. Complot theories - Simplified explanation of complex issues.
  5. Sponsored Content - Advertising that looks like a thought out article.
  6. Pseudo science - Experts are contradicted and serious research is called into question.
  7. Satire and hoax - Ridicule people and undermine the real truth.
  8. False information - Tampered with content, location and facts. Content is forged.
  9. Incorrect information - Reputable news agencies also make mistakes. Wrong attribution, sometimes images are linked to the wrong content or person.
  10. Nonsense - Complete made up stories. Websites or profiles that are supposedly from a well-known brand or person.

What is the danger of fake news?

Fake news often sets people against each other. It is polarizing and promotes unrest in the society. Misleading and fake news can completely destroy someone.

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    Joes946 Premium
    Loes, you hit that one on the head! I have just about stopped looking social media for this very reason.
    Great post and thanks for posting.
    Loes Premium
    Thanks Joe, we need to stay vigilant
    keishalina9 Premium
    ... ditto! ... well said, Joe! ... thanks, cheerio... :)
    MAXINEG Premium
    Hey Loes,

    There's big money in promoting fake news.

    People who know better are doing it because it pays.

    They are like spiders crawling all over the web with their fake news.

    Thank you for the great points.

    All the best,
    Loes Premium
    Hi Maxine, thanks
    Fleeky Premium
    I never go on fb because of this...
    all faked and unreal...
    more like ego trippers

    So good to read ya!
    Loes Premium
    Thanks Fleeky, het maakt meer kapot dan je denkt
    accad Premium
    Very true, much fake news especially on Facebook. It is being passed without examination.
    Loes Premium
    Yes, a lot of people are guilty for sharing
    SJB Premium
    Oh Wow! Hello Loes! It's so nice to see you here again! :)
    Loes Premium
    Hi Sonia, thanks:)! I am here daily, in the background most of the time, and not that active as I used to be.