SEO In Action! A New All Time High!

Last Update: Oct 24, 2017


Last week, my site reached an all time high for number of sessions (visits) in a week!

My record has been in May when I had a post that was highly searched after but now five months later, I've finally been able to reach that kind of traffic again but also surpass it last week!

The following is my Google Analytics by Week:

The last few weeks, my traffic has been bouncing from 150 - 250 sessions/day and now the last four days I've been getting 300 - 350 sessions per day!

It's a huge jump as I thought I'd never get out of the hundreds and then it just jumped from high 200's to 349 sessions in a day!

Oct will certainly be another record month, my 14th month.

I'm also getting regular multiple referrals per day.

This is SEO in action guys!

If you want traffic, keep on writing with low hanging fruit keywords, follow the training. I talked about this not that long ago here:

You Want MORE Traffic To Your You Want MORE Traffic To Your Website?...

Keep on writing guys because it works!

Free most targeted traffic there is, it's really the best. :)

Can't wait to see where my Oct month will end up next week, it's awesome to see things finally coming together and seeing my online business on its way to where I want to be!

Happy Writing!


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That is awesome Grace!!!! I'm very happy that your hard work and discipline is resulting in a lot of traffic and referrals.

Hi Sondra, thanks for your kind words! Yes, my hard work is finally showing in the right direction! Totally motivates me to keep writing even more. :)

You are motivating me to write more also. So thanks!

That's great to hear Sondra! You can do it. :)

This is great! Thanks for sharing Grace

Thanks so much Marcus. :)

Great results, Grace. Keep it going!

Hi Arief, thank you so much! Miss you around here. :) How are you doing?

You are certainly going great guns, my friend, Congratulations!

Thanks Mickey, I'm doing my best and my work is finally showing great progress. :)

That is encouraging to everyone who reads it, thanx!

You're so welcome and glad I can help. :)

Congratulations Grace, you deserve it:)

Thanks Joseph, you can do this too! :)

I hope so, thanks:)

Great job!

Thanks Dylan! :)

Might be due to Christmas black Friday buying spirit Grace!

My niche has nothing to do with shopping. :)

Awesome post Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Kirk! :)

I can’t wait until I get traffic like that.

You will Mike, keep at it don't slow down, write and write! :)

This is very good Grace :-) thanks for showing us you’re GA statistics, as it’s seems to be a bit difficult for members to share their GA statistics !

I will try to share mon tonight too.

Yeah, I wish I can see some more GA stats too... I do it to help others as I know there aren't a lot of sharing! :) I know it will help those who are trying to get to where I am... although lots of members are way past where I am.

Yeah I don’t know why member are not sharing their GA account, like it was a secret. It very helpful to see some GA stats for me and I’m sure for others, even if it’s not comparable depending on your niche, etc.

I totally agree, it seems less and less these days, I used to see more last year.

This is mine Grace, after 5 months !

Who else is sharing ??????


Wow! Awesome, how did you get that hike in traffic this past week? Just kept writing?

Yes it is pretty good for now but it' way better what you're having. This is mostly form Social and not organic trafic. These past weeks, i've been having lot of trafic from Pinterest, that's all.

My organic trafic is still low actually !

That's great though that you can get that much social traffic, it's cool!

Yes it’s bringing me « a lot » of traffic lately. I’ve been having a few sales on amazon too and on others affiliate link. Even if it’s not the best trafic for sure, some of them are clicking through my links !

That's really great because my social traffic doesn't convert as well as my search but social traffic gave me my first sales. Keep it up! :)

Thanks Grace. The advantage of Pinterest is i don't have to do much actually to have this kind of traffic. I had to work at first to interest how it worked and how it can be good to bring trafic. Now, it's working on his own, as people are looking for some information on Pinterest everyday and they found my pins.

My social traffic doesn't convert very well too but i'm in a very broad niche (travel and travel photography). I will keep it up this way and try to improve my organic searches. It's improving every week slowly anyway...

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