Feeling a Little Confused

Last Update: April 27, 2015

As I continue through affiliate bootcamp trying to follow everything by the book, I read other member's blogs and realize there are things I'm missing that I don't recall being mentioned in the lessons I've done so far. These are things that look pretty important to me and make me want to delete my website and start all over.

What am I talking about? Well let's see for instance I'm sure I'm not the first beginner to do this but I've been going along here using the publish button quite frequently thinking that's how you save everything. I read in other member's blogs you shouldn't publish anything until everything on the page is as you want it. I'm not through with these pages yet, as I haven't even put any pictures on the pages other than the about me page.

I was hoping Kyle was going to go into future detail about inserting the pictures and banners in a future lesson because I haven't seen this so far. I'm on course 1 lesson 7. I've also seen where it's not a good idea to change post titles, but as I continue to learn more I see where changes are necessary.

I know the foundation of your website is pretty important if you start off on the wrong foot it could mean disaster in the future. I have read several times where people will say just follow the lessons, but as I'm following the lessons and I'm reading other people's blogs my mind is going well is Kyle going to cover that in a future lesson or is that something I should have already done or not done?

I'm sure others have been where I am or are there right now. If I'm going to promote WA I want to steer people right. As I learn the do's and don'ts I want to be able to offer beginners good sound advice to get off on the right start. If telling them to just follow the lessons is good advice, then fine but if there are gaps that need to be filled in then I want to be able to do that. I hope all this makes sense. As stated in the title I'm just feeling a little confused right now. Maybe someone can clear things up.

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CathyS Premium
Patience, grasshopper ... all will be revealed. Make sure you start with "Get Started Here, Course 1 Lesson 1". If this is what you've done, then please, please, please pay attention to the training provided by Kyle. It is that training that will be your foundation. Once you have the basics down, all the posts you'll read will make much sense. Hope this helps and God Bless!
LeannL Premium
I actually started with "Get Started Here, Course 1 Lesson 1," but at some point Kyle tells you if you're going to promote WA then just jump to the Affiliate Bootcamp which is what I did. Cathy your "Patience grasshopper," just made me laugh. I was in the process of reading your divorceyourdoctor.com website and really like what I've read so far. Thank you for your input.
CathyS Premium
You know what? --- I do indeed vaguely remember Kyle saying something like that. But heck, I didn't listen and just kept plowing through. Actually stopped on Course 4, Lesson 4 and am in the process of getting back on the saddle. Thank you for checking out DYD ... I'm about to revamp that whole thing and start over! Let's keep in touch so we can help each other and God Bless!
Ken-Pringle Premium
Leann, Remember, Follow the lessons first.
Other peoples post are great, save them for
later in your journey.
This will help diminish the confusion.
danbarth87 Premium
Just be sure and ask questions for each of these. There is a place to ask in the top bar of your backoffice!
cschlup54 Premium
Leann, I too get pretty confused at times here with creating my website. But I started with "Get Started HERE" and not the "Affiliate Bootcamp"....so I don't know the difference in the two training...but I am like you I published before my website is complete ....I think that is ok but others that have been here longer may have a different pitch on this subject...
Allmyrel Premium
Hi Leann
i think you are on the right path. How to insert pictures, etc will be covered in courses 2-3-4. But basically once in your post that you are writing you have to click on Insert media in the top left corner. You can then download pictures to insert.
And yes you should only click on publish once the page is finished. Click on save to save it so you can continue working on it later on