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I'm glad to be a part of Wealthy Affiliate and looking forward to the opportunity of building my own business. While raising four children on my own, I went back to school and obtained my BS in Business Administration. Through the years I worked various jobs from factory work, to working in a children's home as a cook, dorm support, and running two large thrift stores. From there I worked in an independent living facility as a cook/ housekeeper, and then went on to working in two hospitals in the dietary department.

Sometime after my husband became disabled I decided to work from home. I have worked 3 plus years from home for various companies. Like anything in life there are pros and cons to each company. Through the years I have thought about starting my own business but didn't know where to start. I have a passion for natural health treatments, such as herbs, supplements and essential oils. I enjoy staying home taking care of my husband and now all of my kids are grown and have children of their own. I help watch one of my grandchildren and feel now is a good time to learn how to start up an online business. I think I have found a good place to start.
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viosecrets Premium
Hi Leannl, thank you for the follow. I look forward to working with you here at WA community. Wish you success in all your endeavors!
LindaFosse Premium
Thanks for the follow, and all the best to you! Linda :-)
rog37 Premium
Thank you for following me in ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ Leann
This is one of the very best places I have personally been in years and am sure it is for you too!
Having risen to 256 in the rankings in my fist month, I can assure you that this was achieved solely by following Kyle’s teachings exactly to the word. I would advise anyone who is new to ‘WA’ to just follow what Kyle teaches in his training’s and not try to do it their own way. “Re-inventing the wheel“, I believe it’s called 
I wish you every success in all you are striving for in WA, good luck,
PIOFJR Premium
Hello Leann, thanks for following me back here in WA. Best of luck!
Thanks for following me. I appreciate your comments. I haven't decided what to do going forward I know at this time I can't afford the added expense of going premium.. Do you have any tips on how or where I can starts. Have you been able to start making any money yet. In any case, I would love to hear more about your experience
LeannL Premium
Hi Janet I have been making a little money from some of my referrals,nothing to get rich on but I am still developing my website. Unfortunately life has gotten in the way and I haven't been able to make as much progress on my website as I would like.

If you're still stumped on an idea for a niche, you can always try the Affiliate Bootcamp which will allow you to build a website that will promote WA. It might be a little easier option for the time being which is what I'm doing.

As far as earning enough money for the premium I don't know how familiar you are with websites like microworkers or Mturk but you might try them to earn the extra money for the monthly premium. When I signed up it was during income tax time and I was able to use part of my refund to go yearly and save some money over the monthly price.

Whatever you decide to do I wish you well. I do find the people here most helpful and there are others on here that are more knowledgeable than myself that may have some other ideas to help you.

Best Wishes,
mlight56 Premium
Good Day Leann, thank you for following me back. Nice to meet you ...

Welcome to WA ... I know you have been online for a little while but I would like to wish you welcome just the same ... :0)

This is the place to make dreams happen ....

I had a dream that I could realize what ever I wanted if I work
hard at it ... nothing comes easy in life and if it does it is
probably a scam ...

One really has to be careful out there, and let me tell you that
I have had my fair share of scams ... more thank I would like to say ...

This is the best community to find the information to get your
online ambitions in the right order ...

Best community online to help you grow in your information highway
quest and let me tell I have searched, I have been online since
2003 put my first website with text pad and html ...

I have had some success but not as much as I would have liked,
been working for the man to long.

People here the are real deal, they will help when you ask the questions ....

In this community if you want to learn you will earn ...

I am really happy to have found this community to help me grow ...

The only thing that can be said is never give up ... you have the
dream it is yours to take ... no one else will do it for you ...

" Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed
by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did.
Cast off the bowlines, set sail from the safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover. - Mark Twain"

Best of luck in your online quest ... Michel

PS ; if you are interested I have been working on a landing page that has a series of video information ... http://fastcashvideoforyou.com .... what this is is a landing page that I am putting together to start collecting emails for email marketing ... there is interesting information in there it is yours for free ... all I ask is to let me know that you are a WA member so that I don't send you any email marketing emails and to give me an honest evaluation of the page and content if you decide to sign in .... thank you very much for your input .... Michel .... cheers ... have a great day .... :0)
JewelCarol Premium
Hi Leann, thank you very much for following me; and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!! It is very nice to meet you here and I hope to connect with you.:) I sincerely wish you great & prosperous online success!! :)
TheFatGuy Premium
Hello Leann,
Thank you for following me and joining my network. I look forward to getting to know you and working with you. Let me know if I can assist you in any way.

PhilRou Premium
Hi, Thank you very much for your follow back and all the best here at WA!
Geoff-n-Jane Premium
Hi Leann,
Just wanted to thank you for commenting on our website at
We have Replied to that comment, and
We have also commented on your site under "Cinnamon Apple Chips".
LeannL Premium
You are very welcome and thank you for the comment. Not quite sure how that works for my website as this is not an actual website I created my self but rather one that was created for me. I was given my own personal link when I became a wellness advocate for Doterra. I think someone from corporate probably approves the comments. I still have a whole lot to do as far as creating my website here, where I am promoting WA. Once it is finished I will list the link. Thank you again.

Geoff-n-Jane Premium
Hi Leann,
We had a mishap with the Visitor Pets Picture Gallery page.
We lost the whole page and all the comments at the bottom.
It was my fault, but its all restored now, except for the comments.
I just wondered if you might like to give us another comment please - so we can have your 'voice', so to speak, at the bottom of the page.
We've now added Deanne's "Ladybird" to the page as well.
cheekychihuahuaproducts.com - click on Visitor Pets Picture Gallery.
Thanks, Jane
LeannL Premium
No problem, commented added.
Geoff-n-Jane Premium
Thanks for that Leann.
Yella Premium
Hi Leann and thank you for coneccting with me at WA.I share your interests and I hope to stay in touch with you. Have a great sunny day
boucherda Premium
Thanks for the follow and good luck at WA.
dunbar Premium
Hi Leann and thanks for the follow and all the best with wa cheers Helen
mjpd Premium
Hi, thanks for the follow! Wishing you every success here at WA and in life…Maureen
TSmithers Premium
Hi Leann, thanks for the follow.
Ken-Pringle Premium
Leann, welcome to WA.
Thank you for the connection.
Kingfisher Premium
Hi Leann
Many thanks for your "Follow", I appreciate it. Sounds like you're doing a great job for your family, keep up the good work. Good luck with everything you do, here at Wealthy Affiliate.
Loes Premium
Hello Leann, Welcome, nice to meet you, thanks for the follow, I wish you a lot of learning pleasure on WA, Success, see you around, greetings Loes
Yaz-08 Premium
Hi Leann:) Thanks for the follow! I'm looking forward to follow you on your way to success :)
Geoff-n-Jane Premium
Hi, Thank you for the follow and it's Very Nice to meet you. Like your profile page, you've done a lot in your life. We hope you achieve all your goals here at WA.
solidbase Premium
Hello Leanne,
Nice meeting you and thanks for the follow. Right back at you.
My sincere best wishes with all your projects.
Kind regards
hilarybassak Premium
Hi Leann Thanks for the follow Best of success to you
Kyle Premium
Leann, I see you are making some good progress through the Affiliate Bootcamp. Just wanted to pop by and see if you need a hand with anything?

I also wanted to mention the success rates of Bootcamp. Absolutely everyone that has taken action on all of the phases of Bootcamp has a business that is generating consistent income online. MANY of these folks are going to be at our super affiliate conference next year.

I want this to be you and I want you to succeed with your promotions. So, please promise me that if you ever need a hand or feel stuck as you move forward, that you will get in touch with me!

Trust me, I know things can be a little overwhelming sometimes and I don't want you feeling like that.

Anyways, just checking in. Get back at me if you need anything Leann.
JeanR Premium
Hi , thanks for the follow, Enjoy Much Success here in WA..
Skilly Premium
Leann, you obviously have a lot of determination and courage. Well, now you can work toward those dreams with a lot of help from your new WA family.
DanielOwens Premium
Thanks for following and look forward to getting to know you.
kmor32 Premium
Hi Leann thanks for following it is my pleasure to welcome you into my network and wish you all the best in your future ventures.
MarieKi Premium
Thanks for following me back!
MarieKi Premium
Hello Leann! I read your answer to a blog and thought I would follow you.

When I can, I try to answer questions and look at websites. Since I get notified of my mail when someone I follow writes something, I mostly answer or look at their sites. Let me know if you need any help and I'll do my best to answer.
LeannL Premium
Thank you Marie for the follow and for your offer to help. I think I just got a little bit ahead of myself and a little overwhelmed but I'll get there. Thanks again.
MarieKi Premium
I know the feeling :)

When I started I was impatient. Sometimes I forgot to follow the lessons - and then everything seems hard and impossible. So the best advice I can give is to follow the lessons. It's easier that way.

Have a wonderful weekend!
oggy1968 Premium
G'day Leann thank you for your follow and may all your dreams and goals become your successes on your journey
Christabelle Premium
Hi Leann! Welcome to WA! Thank you for your follow and for inviting me into your network! You are in the best place to start your business and I look forward to following your journey! Christa :)
mrpage4u Premium
Hey heck ya you are ready and in the right place. Welcome aboard WA glad to have you. I wish you the best on all your endeavors
jriz9 Premium
Thanks Leann! I wish you the best in your future business endeavors :) Also thanks for connecting

Labman Premium
Hi and welcome to WA, Thanks for following me back.
AnteroM Premium
Thanks for the follow, nice to meet you. Best wishes!!!
MaryBoyce01 Premium
Hi Leann. Welcome to WA & thanks for the follow. You certainly have found the right place to educate yourself & get started in your own business. All success to you. www.solutionsforcouples.org
eeohome Premium
Hi, Leann,
Thank you for following me.
WA is truly the right place to start your online business.
Best wishes
WillieS Premium
Hello LeannL, thanks for adding me to your WA network!
ShajibAFM Premium
Welcoe to WA and thank you for following me.
grampamike Premium
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for following me. I’m pretty impressed with WA training and I think we will find a gold mine of information. Hmmm, seems like geniuses like us tend to gather in the same place (lol). Anyway, here’s wishing you all my best for your success with online marketing … GrampaMike
hmasters Premium
Leann, thank you for adding me to your network. I hope what you can learn here will fit in really well with your needs and wishes for you and your family. Members are available for help most of the time 24/7. Best wishes to you.
mwanzaw2002 Premium
Welcome to WA. Wishing you every success here at WA
phydel Premium
Congratulations on going premium...I can assure you that you have made the best decision of your life...Contact me anytime you need help..and I will provide you with the help you need as soon as possible. Once again welcome to this new experience
Reptyrog Premium
Hi LeannL Congrats on getting the premium! I think you will find things a lot easier with those awesome benefits. Feel free to ask any question. I sure have! Matthew
hssan21 Premium
Hey congrats on becoming a premium. As you can tell, everyone here is really welcoming & together we will answer any questions you may have, so do ask. Follow the training & you'll do really well. Kind regards,
Garden77 Premium
Hey there , this is Glenn a fellow premium member like yourself dropping by to say special welcome, lots of success and most of all have fun
WillieS Premium
Hello LeannL, welcome to WA premium!
SCoxen Premium
Welcome to WA.
scottdogg187 Premium
Hello Leann and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!! My name is Scott and I am here to help you get started making money online. Before you even think about making money though I want to let you know about a few things that is critical to your success here at WA.

1. You are building a business and this will take quite some time. You are not going to see success overnight or in a week. It will happen but you need to work really hard at this and devote some time to it each day.

2. You need to have a schedule that you can stick with and be able to work on this for at least 30 minutes everyday.

3. Set yourself some goals that you would like to work towards. These should be financial goals along with non-financial goals. You can list your financial goals by adding them to the following discussion here. What Are Your "Money" Goals? By doing this it tells me that you really are serious about making money online and not just curious.

4. If you want to have a successful website that is going to get ranked for lots of awesome low competition keywords. You are going to need a keyword research tool that is reliable, accurate, and is always up to date. With Jaaxy you will get all of this, and so much more. You can sign up for your Free trial account at http://www.jaaxy.com and get your first 30 searches for Free.

5. Try to not get discouraged or overwhelmed because there is lots of information for you to learn here. There is plenty of help here within the community so if you ever get stuck or need any help pop over to live chat and ask questions.

*****How To Setup Your Account*****

Step 1. Upload a picture of yourself, This doesn't have to be a picture of yourself but it helps people get to know you better here.

Step 2. Write a little bit about yourself in your Bio. You could use this area to introduce yourself to the community and tell a little about what you would like to achieve within WA.

Filling out your profile is a very important step in getting started here. If you tell us a little about you and your background we can help you out so much more. People feel like they can connect with you on a personal level and they are more inclined to follow you as well.

*****How To Get Started On Your First Training Lesson*****

You can view your first lesson here Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started (Level 1) This is a 10 lesson course that will walk you through the process of choosing a niche, getting your website setup and how to write your first page of content.

This is designed so that you can check off each task as you complete it.

*****Gain Access To My Awesome Bonuses*****

If you join the Premium Membership through me I have a few bonuses I am going to give you.

1. You are going to get a 59% discount off your first month (This comes out to only $19)

2. You are going to get direct access to me. I will be your personal coach and help you with anything that you need help with. If you need help getting your first online marketing campaign off the ground I am here for you.

3. You will get a 3 part training video from Kyle(Co-owner) of Wealthy Affiliate. In this series you will learn:
*How to write product reviews.
What an affiliate program is
How you can get paid by writing catchy, informative and highly converting product reviews.
How to find affiliate programs to join and so much more.

There is over an hour of hands on training right here! This could very well lead to lots of sales for you. if you were to take action on what you learn in this training series.

This offer is only valid for your first 7 days so don't miss out!

There is absolutely no obligation for you to upgrade to premium and you can stay a Free member for as long as you like. You will just have limited resources using your free account. However, if you are serious about making money online and you would like to make a career out of Internet marketing then you should really consider checking out the premium membership for at least one month.

If you do decide to take me up on this amazing offer then I will be contacting you by personal message shortly after you upgrade to deliver your bonuses to you. You should never feel like you are alone in this I am here for you to guide you 100% of the way.

***Looking For A Way To Save Even More Money?***

After you have checked out the premium membership for 1 month and you have decided that you are going to be here for the long haul. There is a yearly membership that is highly discounted at only $359.

This comes out to about 98 cents a day (Or $29 a month)and this is an amazing deal if you can afford it. Compared to the monthly rate of $47 a month you will be saving over $200 by paying this way($205 to be exact) This is just something to think about and this is totally up to you.

*****How To Get The Most Help Out Of Your First 7 Days Here*****

When you join as a free starter member you are going to get 7 days of FREE premium help and support. This includes access to the live chat, your own blog, the discussions area, and the ability to comment on other blogs within the community.If there is something you don't understand or if you need help with anything there are thousands of experts here along with the owners Kyle and Carson. They will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Another great way to get help is to create a blog post or start a discussion asking for help. As soon as you publish your blog it will appear in the live feed for everyone to see. People will respond to your questions and you will get a ton of help.

Ways to get a hold of me- You can contact me directly here at Wealthy Affiliate or you can send me an email at mailto:scott@aworkathomebusinesses.com and I will get back with you A.S.A.P

Once again I want to welcome you to Wealthy Affiliate the ultimate online education platform where you can get an online business setup in no time. I thought I would just introduce myself and welcome you to the community. I look forward to working with you and if you get stuck or need help you can always leave me a message on my profile. Your Friend Scott