I had given up.

Last Update: January 16, 2019

Most people dislike Mondays. What I really hate is having a 'Monday' on a Wednesday, or any other day that isn't a Monday. Woke up to no water. Yeah.. They turned the neighborhoods water of for some maintenance, would've been nice to ave known about this ahead of time. Byt Shelbyville doesn't run on common sense.

BUT WA brings a smile to my face, because when I was finally able to log in--still without water, but I not only broke 200, but I'm at 159. I had pretty much given up last month because I missed 2 goal dates. And I had better things to do. But it was nice getting that notice, so thank you WA and the awesome community thats been with me more than, ahem, others. =))

Y'all have a great day/night/morning,

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AlexEvans Premium
There is always a silver lining, congratulations Laura.
LCEndahl Premium
Thank you, Alex, and yes, usually there is, lol =) Laura
MaxiMos Premium
Yeah thats the blessings of water that we all take for granted.

Must have been annoying, our boiler broke down a couple of weeks ago leaving us with no hot water for very looonnng day, so I feel you.

Good to see that you are acheiving ranks here at WA.
Well done still :)
LCEndahl Premium
Thanks, Max. Yes, I believe today will be one of those looong days. Have a good one, Laura =)
ShaunnaLynne Premium
Sorry you are having a Monday kind of Wednesday!!
Hopefully the water will be back on soon!!
But I have to say Congratulations Laura!! 💥 Top 200!! Yea You!!
LCEndahl Premium
Thank you, Shaunna. Guess I should look at it, at least it's not our electricity cause it's really cold out! =) Laura
RScarrott Premium
Happy Wednesday Laura! :)
LCEndahl Premium
Thank you =)) Laura
Donna2018 Premium
Hi Laura,
Congratulations on that wonderful goal!
Your hard work paid off!! :)
Happy Wednesday,
LCEndahl Premium
Thank you, Donna, and happy Wednesday to you too! =) Laura