I am lost

Last Update: January 08, 2019

I've been doing my bootcamp training. Kinda fell off that wagon last 2 months of last year. I could feel my ambition was gone. And when I couldn't come up with any goals for the new year, thats when I went searching.

I know by just looking at my bookshelf, that buying any self help books to read, well would just join all the others on the bookshelf. Being unread. So I got audible...got a few books downloaded. I got tired of the first one, when he spent like 10 minutes trying to sell you his other books at www.blah blah blah.com

I'm suppose to go to Florida next week, but I'm seriously thinking about cancelling. My purpose for going was to spend some time with my dad, who will be 80 next month. I won't go into our history together, lets just leave it as he may have been there in body when I was growing up, but 'he' was too busy being in the bottle. He's on his kick about moving back in with us, again, and it will consume all of our conversations when I go see him. I am not well enough to look after him. we tried it before and my health took a dive, and I started having seizures again. He tries bribing us with money, promising to not get on my nerves and that he'll take care of himself. He has dementia, and he cannnot take care of himself. Thats why he's at an ALF.

I just sit here with my laptop in my lap, going over all the things I've read here at WA about not quitting, continue with the training, and push on. I have no desire to do so. I think it's been coming on for awhile. One friend was feeling down, and I knew exactly what to say to get them out of their rut. Not so easy to follow my own advice.

Maybe I'll go to Florida, and not tell my dad I'm there for a couple of weeks, hit some doggie beaches with Mojo, and just soak up the sun. But while saying that, I don't know if I'll even go.

I don't know what to do....

Sorry for the personal pity party. AND I DON'T CARE IF SOME PEOPLE THINK ITS INAPPROPRIATE FOR A BUSINESS FORUM. Just skip over my post and keep your negative $hi! to yourself. AND you know who you are.

For the rest of you kind hearted, decent people, have a great week. May all your dreams come true,


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ECV82 Premium Plus

As a native Floridian, I say go to Florida. Being in Florida is better than not being in Florida! I understand difficult parents. You can get noise cancelling headphones to deal with them!

ShaunnaLynne Premium
I must try these headphones you speak of.... LOL
Gordon-D Premium
Spending a couple of weeks on a doggie beach in the Floridian sun sounds like just the tonic you need , go for it:-)
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Hi Laura

If we're honest, we all feel this way some time or another.

Maybe you do need a break - just for you and Mojo on the beach. After that you'll think with more clarity and objectivity. Also check your sleep, nutrition and meds (if any) are being taken regularly, not to mention hydration, make sure you're drinking enough water. My daughter has TLE and she goes through phases like this, generally if she sleeps right, eats right, hydrates and takes her meds regularly, she gets back on track quite quickly.

Saying a prayer for you sweet lady.

brichnow21 Premium
Laura, you are not whirling around alone.
Tried to make some concrete goals, as well, but I know, that life is very chaotic, right now, so, IF I can do things, here, at WA, like reading, this blog, and giving some encouragement, that's my purpose, for now.
I'm. Whirling in a real estate deal, right now, and could travel, tomorrow, so... writing...?
Not time, for this.
Staying connected, like this blog, is what we need to do, when, "Life, has us in park!"
Look forward, so some PM's, soon!
Thank, you for sharing, Laura!
This helped me, as much as you!
Best, 2019!
Terand Premium
Hey Laura, do take care. Please talk to someone. It will be a good release for you. If not, go for a walk or treat yourself at a good restaurant.
If not, channel this energy into your website!
Give you a SEED.
God bless :o
K, I’m turning in now :o)