How to Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: September 18, 2017

New here and wondering...

How to Wealthy Affiliate?

I've been here nearly 2 years and I've learned a few things (sometimes the hard way), so today I'm offering you a few tips that may speed up, clarify or simplify your process.

Lesson 1: Follow the Training

This morning I woke up to one of my favourite emails.

For those of you in Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp you'll know exactly what this email title means: Invitation Accepted! To newcomers, it means I just got a new Wealthy Affiliate referral.

What's exciting is that I do not know the person who accepted my invitation. They must have found Wealthy Affiliate via my website, possibly via my first WA review which I published a couple of weeks ago (on 30th August).

Now isn't that a pip?

What's also exciting to me, is that this is my 10th Referral.

There has been a marked increase in referrals since I completed the first phase of Affiliate Bootcamp and published my first review. I had 6 Referrals in 18 months (6th February 2016 to 9th August 2017) and 4 Referrals so far in September.

  • 4 Referrals have created Profiles and images so far.
  • 1, maybe 2 (that I know of) are planning to go Premium towards the end of this month

This ties in perfectly with WA's Converstion Rate 1 in 8.

Imagine how many more referrals I would have had by now f I had done Affiliate Bootcamp in Month 1 instead of Month 19?

Since I started following the Online Certification Training and Affiliate Bootcamp to the letter, my publishing rate has increased and my results have sped up.

Lesson 2: Use Jaaxy

I did not have the money to invest in Jaaxy when I first got started and was a very happy user of Wealthy Affiliate's Keyword Tool (FREE to Members).

Since switching over to Jaaxy I have found two major benefits:

  1. Jaaxy is MUCH faster - my Keyword research takes me about a tenth of the time it used to (and time is money)
  2. The Site Rank Tool is Phenomenal - here's an example

I used Jaaxy to look up keywords for this post: My Progress at Wealthy Affiliate

I chose the Keyword: "My Progress at Wealthy Affiliate" because it was the closest to what I wanted to say and it had 40 monthly searches and only 11 competitors (almost my sweet spot - I like to choose keywords with more than 50 searches and less than 50 QSR, the closer to 0 QSR the better).

As you may know, our WA blog posts get automatically and instantly indexed by the search engines because WA is an Authority Site. (I learnt this in the TRAINING).

By using Jaaxy's Site Ranking Tool I was easily able to see:

My post is ranking No. 1 on Google, No. 1 on Bing and No. 1 on Yahoo.

Now isn't that a pip?

Lesson 3: Make Friends Here

There a few ways to make friends here at Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Like and Comment on WA Blog Posts and Tutorials (Visit Activity Dashboard, Top 10)
  • Ask and Answer Questions
  • Write your own blog posts and tutorials
  • Offer (and receive) Site Comments using the Site Comments Tool
  • Offer (and receive) Site Comments using the Give and Take Thread
  • Offer (and receive) Site Feedback using the Site Feedback Tool
  • Be genuinely helpful
  • Be friendly, supportive and affirming
  • CARE about other's progress

Yes I know this takes time out of your posting schedule, out of your "real" work of building your online empire. However, I've found there are a multitude of benefits of engaging at Wealthy Affiliate:

  • It turns what could be a lonely pursuit (blogging at home) into something fun and sociable
  • Many come to WA for their daily dose of Positivity
  • Valuable input and ideas for your website
  • Support, compliments, adulation, validation, positive criticism, helpful advice
  • Your WA friends visit your website (from my Google Analytics I can see this is true)
  • Your WA friends may follow you on Social Media growing your online presence
  • The Ambassador Program - fun to have something to strive for
  • The Open Education Project - the more friends you have following and commenting on your tutorials, the more ongoing credits you earn
  • WA Friends send you brilliant recommendations (e.g. Read: How I made my first $50 Online)

Now isn't that a pip?

Lesson 4: Be Patient

Like any business, online or offline, it takes time and effort to build your online empire. It's a learning curve. A process.

  • First you have to create rich content on your site
  • And get all the nitty gritties in place (like google analytics, authorship, sitemap etc.)
  • Then you have to gain traffic and build a loyal following.
  • Then you can start thinking about monetizing.

Don't try to put the cart before the horse.

Be careful not to compare yourself to others who are further down the track or seem to be moving faster than you.

Focus on your own growth while celebrating each tiny success and milestone (as well as the success of fellow members).

Read Lynne Huysamen's recent post for encouragement: No Need to LOOK for Income!

Lesson 5: Be the Solution

Kyle and Carson reached the heights they've reached by having a very strong mission to HELP OTHERS.

They looked for the struggles online entrepreneurs were having and solved them. One by one.

More on this subject in my recent post: You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step

How can you do this in your chosen niche?

What problems or challenges can you solve?

And how can you be of benefit to the Wealthy Affiliate community?

Your unique personality. Your gifts and experience. How can you contribute?

If success is following the example of those successful before us, which I strongly believe it is.... Follow in Kyle and Carson's footsteps. Follow their training and their shining example.

Cultivate their ethos, their mission of HELPING OTHERS and you are SURE to succeed.

When I look at the leaders within Wealthy Affiliate, the Ambassadors and those with very successful online businesses, I have noticed that they have the same generous spirit of giving to others. Success breeds success.

Have you heard the saying: "The fish rots from the head down". Companies that fall apart, fall apart due to poor leadership. Wealthy Affiliate is the POLAR OPPOSITE of this. When the Leaders provide Excellent Leadership, the members follow suit.

We are so fortunate... so blessed to be given this opportunity - the least we can do is pay it forward.

To Your Success,


I know I left stuff out. For those who've been here a while, what came up for you while you were reading this post? Were you shouting in your mind: "But she left out... and..." ? Please feel free to correct me by adding a comment below.

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natekidd Premium
This is a very encouraging step by step plan. It is so easy to give up when you do not see immediate results. Thanks for sharing and providing inspiration.
laurenjean Premium
Hi Nate, please don't give up. Stay in for the long term, it will be well worth your while. :) Happy to hear you found this inspiring and encouraging.
karebear2469 Premium
Thank you so much for that. It's encouraging for a newbie.
laurenjean Premium
Fab Kari, that was exactly my intention. Lovely to meet you, now following you.
Carol46 Premium
Very informative, Lauren. I am so grateful I stumbled on WA. It has infused my spirit with an incentive to learn and be productive. I love the Hyacinth pictures, just beautiful :)
laurenjean Premium
Thanks for your comment, Carol. Ooh, I love how you phrased that.
Carol46 Premium
Thank you, Lauren :)
DebbieRose Premium
Hi Lauren,
Well said. I think you covered it all. This should be required reading for all newbies. Its a good reminder for those of us that have been here awhile too!

Enjoy your day,
laurenjean Premium
What a compliment! Thanks so much Debbie.
Kickbacked Premium
Excellent post!
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Tim!
Swangirl Premium
You have made me want to start the Bootcamp Lauren...though I do not have a WA promotion or work from home site!

I really like this post. Beautiful images, clear steps and great advice! I am glad you are one of my friends here!
laurenjean Premium
Oh cool, Jessica. Go for it! Am sure there are plenty of pet lovers who will enjoy WA. You could give your WA review that spin? Target your post to cat lovers who love their kitties so much they want to blog about them. Teach them how to create a niche site like yours. Just another way you are being of service to your community/audience/tribe.
So glad we're friends too. Thanks for all the compliments on this post. I've noticed all the ladies are digging those flowers!! Yay!
Swangirl Premium
I already do that on Twitter. I appeal to all the cat/pet people to start their own pet site. It works. I get dozens of visitors each time I tweet my WA link. No premium sign ups yet though. I just meant doing Bootcamp to promote WA in general though.

Thank you for always being so encouraging!
laurenjean Premium
Aha... awesome. All will be revealed in Bootcamp. ;)
DKretzman Premium
IBeautiful post. I love the way you laid it out step by step. I love the images also. Great job and Great post........Donna
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Donna. Lovely.
susanmacneil Premium
What a fabulous post!

Thank you for taking the time to put your experiences and recommendations into print for us.

Your beautiful titles for each section add warmth and colour which match your message.

Absolutely lovely!

Thank you for your insightful reflections.

laurenjean Premium
Thanks so much for your enthusiastic response, Susan. So happy you enjoyed my post so much. Good old Canva! I still use the Free version and its fab.
laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Lauren,

This is a really good post, step by step well explained.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
laurenjean Premium
Thanks so much Taetske. You are always so kind.
Tjennings122 Premium
Congratulations on your referrals~I told you you can reach your goals this week!!

laurenjean Premium
Thanks Tammy! Going for 100 Premium referrals by year-end, must put pedal to the metal!
TammiP Premium
Awesome training Lauren. It looks like spring here!!

laurenjean Premium
Thanks Tammi. It is almost Spring here.
MKearns Premium
A great inclusive training Lauren. Well presented The flowers are a great attraction!.
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Michael. Appreciate your positive feedback.
GinaMor1 Premium
Great post I'm a newbie but can say that the training is imperative. By End of Sep I'll be here 3 months and nearly at the end of my Certification course. I intend to finish that by end of Sep so that I can start the Bootcamp training.

There is so much to learn but as you say there is equally so much to offer others through our experiences, good or bad, with the aim of helping others succeed.

Cheers Gina
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Gina. Wow, you are cooking!! Zooming through the courses. Well done. You did not need my post. ;)
SongbirdDL Premium
One of the most beautiful posts I have ever read here at wealthy affiliate. There is a lot of caring in this post.

Congratulations on your success, may it continue to grow. With your attitude I don't see how it will not grow.

Thank you Lauren.

laurenjean Premium
Aw... thanks Danielle. That is a hoooge compliment coming from you. You know how much I love your writing. Meant to tell you, I shared one of your WA blogs on social media last week.
SongbirdDL Premium
Thank you Lauren, you are so kind. This post is just brilliant. Your writing comes tops with this one. I felt so proud of you. Really I did.
DShensky Premium
great advice
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Davida.