3 Years at Wealthy Affiliate - paving the way to success

Last Update: January 20, 2019

Heya Everyone

Well, I just received my 3 Years Accomplishment Badge so it's time to do my annual progress report. You can find previous years here.

2 Years at Wealthy Affiliate - love love love it here!

My 1st Year as a Premim Member of Wealthy Affiliate

Let's take a look at my 3 Niche Websites :

Inspiring Mompreneurs

Rebranded this year - I have used a slider header, to feature Mom Entrepreneurs I've interviewed. Not entirely happy with the rebrand or the logo though.

I'll be rebranding again this year using Divi by Elegant Themes.

Here's the progression in the first 3 years.

In Google Analytics I looked at annual stats from the day I went Premium and bought my domains, 18 January 2016. So each year runs from 18 Jan to 17 Feb.

Happy Human Pacifier

I haven't put much effort into Happy Human Pacifier this year and you can see it in the Google Anlaytics stats.

Not much progression from last year, other than publishing posts.

Almost of all these posts have been paid posts, so this site is making me money, but I haven't been developing it.

Lauren Kinghorn

I've started implementing Divi on this site. It still needs a lot more work though.

I'm working on a Non-Profit Divi site at the moment in my day job so I'm getting lots of practice. As soon as I have more time available, I can convert my sites.

Site Content Stats

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Details

Currently (as of 20 January 2019)


Total Referrals - 66

Premium Referrals - 2 - paying Yearly

Online Income

R 7,355.54 Total income (up until 31 Dec 2018)

$5,728.06 in 2018. Read more here


Thanks a million to Kyle and Carson for this awesome platform, tools and training.

Thanks a million to all of you for your support, inspiration and encouragement.

I may be quieter than usual within the community at the moment (simply because I've got so much going on, online and offline) but I'm not. going. anywhere.

This is my home (online).

Where are you on your WA Journey?

To Your Success

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Recent messages
NidaV Premium
Wow, nice to see your progress especially from a newbie like me. It’s a bit daunting at times as I have a lot going in my life right now too but it’s from people like you that I get encouragement from.

Thank you.

laurenjean Premium
Hi Nida
Great to meet you.
I know what you mean... I still find it daunting sometimes, perhaps because I keep setting bigger goals for myself.
Happy to hear you found my post encouraging.
Wishing you all the best as you build your online empire.
Terand Premium
Congrats, Lauren! You put in a lot of effort to write this blog too! :o)
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Terand! Yes, I guess I aim to find a better way of telling the story each year. ;)
Terand Premium
Very good, Lauren! 💪💪💪😊
belian Premium
Wow, that.s so exciting! How long did your journey take before you earned your first online income?
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Emmy. It took about a year before I started earning. I made $50 in my first year but it wasn't specifically from my websites. It was a side hustle.
Stella2 Premium
Congrats to you on 3 years, Lauren!
Lots of hard work there. I'm sure you'll continue to see successful results.
All the best,
Stella :-)
laurenjean Premium
Thanks so much Stella. Yup, I've put in the hours. How's it going your side?
Stella2 Premium
Good. I waffled around for quite a while trying to decide what niche I wanted to work on. I tried doing a lot of product reviews but it burns me out too easily.

I can't get motivated for just money. I need to feel connected to my topic. So I started one on the law of attraction and it never feels like work. I love it.

It's fairly new-ish but I'm working on building up Pinterest too. I have 31 posts after 2 and a half months so I'm starting to get a bit of traffic now. I'm pleased with how it's going. And it's an easy topic to monetize with different streams as I go along.

And, I'm still loving the WA community. I don't have any plans to leave any time soon. Lol

Stella :-)
Swangirl Premium
Congratulations Lauren! I guess I will be right behind you then! I don't know what day I joined but I thought it was about 2 weeks from you! I am so glad you found WA and made it your home!
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Jessica! Congrats to you too, I love watching your progress. Looking forward to reading your 3 year post.
Swangirl Premium
Yes! Thank you so much Lauren. You have done well here!
laurenjean Premium
As have you my friend. Thanks for the compliment.