2 Years at Wealthy Affiliate - Love love love it here!

Last Update: Jan 19, 2018


Learn to Earn at Wealthy Affiliate

2 Years ago today, I went Premium at Wealthy Affiliate.

This was the best business decision I ever made as a Mom Blogger.

There have been so many highlights over the past 2 years, so many reasons to celebrate.

Let's start off with a few stats and numbers (much like I did in the post I created a year ago):

I created 3 Websites:

(Links to my websites are in my profile)

Inspiring Mompreneurs

  • 20 Pages
  • 138 Posts,
  • 451 Approved Comments

Happy Human Pacifier

  • 11 Pages
  • 66 Posts
  • 187 Approved Comments

Lauren Kinghorn

  • 11 Pages
  • 8 Posts
  • 50 Approved Comments

I completed Wealthy Affiliate's Online Certification Course on 6 November 2017.

I have completed Phase 1 only of Affiliate Bootcamp - definitely on my agenda for this year.

Wealthy Affiliate Stats

  • WA Blog Posts - 133
  • WA Trainings - 2
  • WA Referrals - 22 (all Starter Members, no-one has Upgraded to Premium... yet)

Social Media Highlights




Total Earnings to Date:

YEAR 1 - $ 63 (19 Jan 2016 - 18 Jan 2017)

YEAR 2 - $ 2,011.71 (19 Jan 2017 - 18 Jan 2018)

TOTAL - $ 2,074.71

Business Highlights of 2017

Instagram - 1000 Followers in 20 Days

My First 100 Dollar Day

I was featured in a book about Top Affiliate Marketers

Top 3 Goals for 2018

  1. I am making $1000+ a month this Jan growing exponentially month by month.
  2. By December 2018 I am making $10,000+ a month from my blogs, books and courses.
  3. I am treating myself and my Mom or a friend to a Health Spa treatment once a month.

Action Plans for 2018

  • I am completing Affiliate Bootcamp
  • I am focusing more on Affiliate Sales
  • I am building an email list of 2000+ people
  • I am creating more videos in 2018
  • I am doing monthly podcasts or webinars
  • I am creating ebooks and courses

Thank You

A million Thanks once again to all of you, my friends and fellow bloggers who have made these two years inspirational, fun, encouraging, stimulating, enlightening and...magical!

And, of course to Kyle and Carson for providing this incredible learning platform along with all the bells and whistles, including my 3 Favourite Tools:

  1. Jaaxy - Best Keyword Tool EVER!
  2. Site Content with over a Million Free Images!
  3. Site Comments Tool


How far are you on your WA Journey and that are your proudest achievements to date?

Feel free to share your story below.

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Inspiring to us all.. This shows what dedication and perseverance can do to you dreams and goal

Aw, Thanks for the compliment, Jerry.

Nice success story, Lauren. Keep it up!

Thanks Grant. Will do!

Always love reading things like this Lauren! I'm pretty far in my WA journey(I've been here a while) and my proudest accomplishment... Probably being married almost 10 years and being able to inspire her as much as I inspire my website visitors and fans.

Oh Wow, Jaron, what a beautiful sentiment.

Wow! I am ecstatic! What a wonderful 2 years experience.

Thanks for your enthusiasm Louisa!

This is excellent, Lauren. So much excitement and positives here.

Sounds like a SMART plan.

Al the best and more for 2018 and beyond!

Thanks David! All the best to you too!

This is great Lauren. You're going to rock South Africa off the map!

Haha... Thanks Michael!! Would be amaaaazing to become a recognized blogger in my own country. So far my readership has been predominantly US-based.

This is wonderful to share your success and your goals for the future. Fantastic achievement and may your success exceed your wildest expectations!

Thanks so much Tania!! Wow! What a cool wish for me! You are a Darling!

Congratulations Lauren on your achievements.

Being a mom entrepreneur is no easy task,
it takes real hard work, I appreciate you for that.

I wish you all success on your 2018 goals.

I am a member here since March 2013.
But I only became premium this month in 2018.

I have completed course 1 in OEC.
Now doing course 2.
My goal is to make first $1000 per month from my niche
site within the next 100 days.

I know it is unrealistic but I am shooting for it
anyways :)

Aw, Thanks Midhun. Sweet of you to recognise that.
I wish you success for your 100 day goal. Go for it!!
Shoot for the Stars!

Thank you, Lauren.

Congratulations, Lauren! That's quite an accomplishment:)

Thanks Suzi, appreciate the compliment.

Congrats on the amazing achievements you have had so far! I hope you get all you are working for and more this year!

Thanks Leah! How kind of you to wish that for me. Lovely to meet you.

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