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Last Update: September 28, 2019

Hello folks, I hope this post finds everyone healthy and happy today.

We going to take on site comments. I am not sittin here and tell yous' that 80% the comments I on my posts how bad are they. Nope yous wont get that. No aint happin here.

What do you think about the paragraph above? Isn't it great wording and makes so much sense? Does it add value to my post?

I am going to show you some examples and some suggestions on how you can improve.

When I read through the comments left for me to edit, I often wonder if the person issuing the comment is writing like this on their site. I believe many will benefit from some suggestions.

Is this the quality of writing you put on your websites?


  • An incorrect exchange of letters. The use of "out" when the word "our" is needed. Or the use of "fot" when the word "for" is required.
  • Make a 4 line paragraph into one long sentence.
  • Reading the first five lines of a post and making the rest up with your own story
  • The lack of commas and proper punctuation.

These are just four examples, and in no way do they encompass the entire group of mistakes.

Not Your Native Language

I understand we do not all speak English. I can easily see when a person is trying hard to write the English language and make an occasional mistake. I commend you for working so hard. It is not you who I am writing this for, but you may come away with some suggestions that will help in other areas.


1. Spell check. Use an app to check grammar and spelling.

  • Grammarly has a free version that does an excellent job.
  • Ginger software
  • Pro Writing Aid

All of these apps offer free usage with a pro pack if you like. There are at least 15 more you can research on Google.

Spell check and grammar apps are useful for writing your blog, as well as comments.

2. Take your time. I know that for some, it is crucial to be a certified commenter. I know that you may need the money to pay for your membership and I commend attempting to get your money this way.

    But those who receive your comments are also very busy. When they have to edit and rewrite your comments, it takes time away from their business.

    You are robbing from the person who received your comments. You are in a hurry to save time, but they have to spend their precious time correcting you. Doesn’t sound right when we put it that way.

    3. Think about what you are saying. What you put in the comments goes on the another persons' blog post on the internet. Google uses it as a part of that person’s website.

    You are a contributor to the hard work of another person. Would you want someone to come along change a post that you have worked all day to write?

    They change the sentence structure and words. They alter the punctuation, so the words no longer mesh together.

    Then you come back, and your post is no longer ranked #1, but it is ranked #30 because the content was no longer valuable to your readers.

    4. Respect your fellow WA members. We can’t see each other here at WA except in photos, but it is still imperative that we show each other respect. Treat a comment as if it were your post on your website.

    5. Be known for integrity and honesty and exhibit maturity. You have a website that you are creating. You are trying to build trust among your readers and become an authority.

    You need to develop that same trust among your WA friends and family. We all offer help and work to improve one another. Become someone that the community learns to trust with their business lifeline.

      Apply These Suggestions

      I believe if you apply each one of these suggestions each time you step up to comment, you will hold yourself in high esteem. You will feel accomplished, and you will succeed.

      How you treat blog posts that are not your own will come back to you. Sow goodness and reap the benefits. Put into action what you have learned here on this incredible platform of Wealthy Affiliate.

      Repeat Suggestions

      1. Grammar and spell check
      2. Take your time
      3. Think through your comment
      4. Show respect
      5. Be a person of honesty and maturity

      Also, apply these suggestions when you are writing a post for your money-making business website.

      What are your suggestions on how a person can improve the comments they leave?

      Suggestions From Comments Below

      1. Be original and not repeat the same stuff over and over again
      2. Sometimes it helps if you read the post out loud to yourself before posting.
      3. Try to stay on topic, and toss in a question or suggestion as well. It creates more engagement for the author and the audience as well.
        Not to mention it helps the comments appear less artificial.
      4. NO SLANG LANGUAGE! Just English English, not Slang English!

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        Bimby Premium
        Thanks for the advice.
        LauraFuller Premium
        Any time.

        RHattaway Premium
        I agree 100% and often wonder if English -speaking commenters use the same grammar in their blog articles as in their comments. I can correct my typos, but not comments from others.
        LauraFuller Premium
        You can correct comments from others. Just hit the edit button below the comment, and you can change anything you like including a spell check.

        kevinzshan Premium
        Great advice!
        LauraFuller Premium
        Thank you

        davehayes Premium
        Very good advice Laura
        LauraFuller Premium
        Thanks, Dave

        Joes946 Premium
        Laura, excellent stuff as always. I just hope those who need it take the time to read it. I get so turned off by some of the posts that are so bad in grammar and spelling they are just impossible to read. Let's hope for the best.
        Great post.
        LauraFuller Premium
        Thanks, Joe