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A long time ago, I read a training on following and following back here at WA. I have searched high and low for that training but to no avail. Since it was so helpful for me, I want to share it with you. You know those emails you get that tells you someone has followed you? So you go into each email individually and follow them back. Or maybe you don't get the emails, so you aren't sure how the numbers on your dashboard keep rising when you do not follow all these new people.There is a straight
Hello to my WA friends and family. Today I am writing a milestone blog post. I am marking my 2-year anniversary as a premium member here at WA. WOW! How can this be possible? It was only a short time ago I created my first website here. I was green from head to toe. I didn't even know that a newbie was an appropriate term used in the internet world.I remember the first few times someone called me a newbie I was quite offended and almost said something. I am so happy that I kept my mouth shut fo
June 01, 2020
Good Morning, I do hope this blog post finds all well and safe. It appears most of the world is beginning to or has already opened back up from the pandemic. But that is not the reason I come to you today. I want to write a success story because we all love success. It gives us strength. But today, I will write this to me as a reminder of the incredible strides I am making. When I hit a down day, and I will for it is inevitable, I will look back at this post and gain strength from it once again
April 27, 2020
Hello, WA members. This post will be short, and I will try to make it to the point. Because REALLY? I mean is this for real?I requested comments on a post last night. I am writing reasonably complicated information about DNA coding and genetics to promote a product I am selling. But before I go into this, I want to say that for two years, I have supported site comments. I have changed the wording to fit my needs. I have edited each one in grammar (which I pay for.) I have overlooked poorly unde
March 20, 2020
I read Joe's post, "I am angry." It triggered a thought process. Are you Afraid of the COVID-19 virus? You should be afraid, but what you do with that fear is the utmost importance. Some will let FEAR debilitate them. Some will go against the safety nets and lash out. Some will allow it to control their every move. Some will deal with fear with denial. Fear Is Not RealMost will think that fear is real, especially in light of the many deaths that are taking place from the virus across the world.
December 26, 2019
Hello, My WA family and friends. How was your Christmas? I hope it was an incredible loving experience with all the trimmings, and all of your dreams met.The new year is almost upon us. What a glorious opportunity we have to advance and fulfill our dreams here at WA. Whether you have been a member for a week or years, you still have the same chance to do big stuff in 2020. Reflecting on 2019While reflecting on 2019 and looking forward to 2020, I had a thought. Most of you have heard me say many
December 15, 2019
I prefer not to put questions like this in a blog but I am at a loss on what to do or who to turn to. First let me say that I know everyone is busy and I am sure there has been an oversight. I am not complaining and do not intend this post to be an outlet for others to complain. On Dec 2 I contacted site support about a payment situation with one of my referrals. They kindly said they are going to have Carson take a look at this and he would get back with me. On Dec 6 I had no response so I con
November 10, 2019
Hello, my WA friends and family. It is so good to see you again. I have not posted for a while because the beliefs of others swayed me, and I allowed this to happen.Those who say there is no room for motivation in business. The ones who say people need training, not words of encouragement. True MotivationThese are not true statements. Affiliate Marketing has its moments of doubt and fear. And I am back today to tell you that motivation is exactly what you need. I do want to say that the time aw
Are you new to affiliate marketing? Maybe one week or six months? You set up that incredible website and completed the daunting task of choosing a niche, and now you don’t know what to write. Or you have run out of ideas. I had to learn the hard way how to find topics. I went through many dry spells that had my mind wondering if affiliate marketing was for me. My mind would hint of quitting, but to give up was not an option. So instead, I found a way to generate topics for posts. I found
Hello folks, I hope this post finds everyone healthy and happy today. We going to take on site comments. I am not sittin here and tell yous' that 80% the comments I on my posts how bad are they. Nope yous wont get that. No aint happin here.What do you think about the paragraph above? Isn't it great wording and makes so much sense? Does it add value to my post?I am going to show you some examples and some suggestions on how you can improve. When I read through the comments left for me to edit,