The 5G Threat, What It Means To The Human Race


Nature Conservation, photo Pixabay

Hello everybody,

I am writing this post as I am worried, actually more than worried as I fear for my personal health. I fear for the health of all the people I know and lastly the health of the world population.

The worst species ever

You probably know that the human race is the worst species on earth. Especially since the industrial area started we have been capable of doing innumerable stupid, dangerous, and destructive things. All these actions in name of technological advancement have seriously damaged Mother Earth. She has given shelter and created our habitat for so long. Nature provides for all our need. If we manage all these resources in an intelligent way there is enough for everybody.

Instead of respecting our environment, taking only what we need we have been abusing her.

Man is boasting of his inventions, making lots of money by the side, but most of the times these have serious side effects. Just look at the food we have created, the medicine we seem to need, The GMOs and the pesticides, to just name a few things. We have cut hundreds of millions of trees, remember they provide our oxygen, we are polluting our oceans with plastic killing birds and marine life, there does not seem to be an end to our wrongdoings.

Often I get the impression we are brainwashed by advertisement to believe in the wrong things. We are lead like a flock of sheep in the wrong direction. But it seems to be easier to follow instead of using our grey cells. We are being manipulated on the highest level, a level which is often not visible for us. We are guinea pigs.

There is a huge threat coming our way. It is so big that it will have an impact on all of us, fauna and flora will be affected. Mother earth will cry but she probably will survive as she has done for millions of years. The life as we know it will not survive and nothing will be the same anymore.

5G Satellites will be put in the sky without our permission

Here comes a list of companies which have the biggest plans to deploy these satellites.

SpaceX: 12.000 satellites

OneWeb: 4,560 satellites

Boeing: 2,956 satellites

Spire Global: 972 satellites

The big why

This is only the beginning as more will have this brilliant idea and will want a piece of the cake. You might ask why is this happening. Well, we, as a collective, want more speed. High-speed Wi-Fi is requested by businesses, commercial premises, and military aircraft throughout the world. People will be so happy when they have everything fast on their cell phones. The first two 5G test satellites were launched in February of 2018 to be followed by hundreds more in 2019.

What does this mean? The planet is wrapped up in a blanket of EMF radiation, it will be everywhere if you have a router or not doesn't make a difference. It will penetrate buildings and human flesh so you can have a connection from where ever you are on this planet. There is no escape anymore. You can go and sit on top of a mountain or go to a deserted island, it will not matter as the radiation is ever-present.

Our future generations

I am thinking of pregnant women. The tiny fetus trying to become a healthy baby. For 9 months it will be bombarded with radiation its mother is not capable of avoiding. Our health is put in jeopardy do you want that in return for more speed? We, as people have not been asked if we want to live permanently in a microwave oven.

Here is a video which illustrates our stupidity very well. I wish for the aliens to come, be disgusted by their findings and make little doormats out of all of us.

<iframe src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen">

What will happen to Mother Earth? I think she will be upset but she will recover having a million years long sleep. Then, slowly but surely she will start creating a new and beautiful world with a new species who will hopefully appreciate her gift.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske


Today I came across this video. It has a lot of information.

At minute 12.46 you will find a .org. There you can put your name if you do not agree with 5G

Michael and I we both signed.

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Recent Comments


So true! And the worst thing is that we don´t have much time.
Living in a country where I can walk with my friends and show them how the global climate has damaged so much (take me less than one hour from my home to explain it), seeing other countries which disappear like some islands we most know about, can make me crazy how people allowed companies to do it! Even vote people who made it easier to do it.
Well, it is best to stop now because I can talk a lot about these things!

Good Morning Johann,

I know that we think along similar lines. I agree with you that sometimes the people which are voted to become a leader of a country can do extreme damage.
If I still manage to build a new house in this life I will have the roof, walls, windows, and doors protected. I am happy I do not have small children.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

do you have a blog on that, or any photos - people still don't believe that is even happening, talk about sweeping stuff under the carpet! Usually they say 'you can't prove it' but that would be a good example of it being visible proof!

I can show great examples in my country. Great is not the right word, horrible would be better. Take me one hour to drive there to show you the closest example.

This photo is taken with 10 years between.

But there a lot of proving all over, knowing that a lot of people in here from the USA I take one from them, A lot of things here:

Good evening Johann,

Good links and sad pictures.
I know many people are doing their best but it will not be enough. We all have to do our best, then there is still hope.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Absolute true. And to be honest much has been done. Gaspetroil is out as future thing. Here in Iceland have been toying with using electric in a ship, only, and it looks good. Same is testing for the airplanes.

To mention a few things.

OMG...sooooooooooooooo sad, and infuriating

the poor animals, and yet they keep pushing more products on us!!!

update: I found the original source of those animal photos and it's Bored Panda, a community of artists and photographers who in order to make a point photoshopped some of those images so eg the monkey on the dead branch wasn't actually at that location, while I understand that sort of creative license it sort of undermines their cause when people realise! Though there is no denying baby seals with plastic around their necks is pretty common now, and dead coral, and dead forests and homeless and extinct species

I know what you are saying is true but I found the source of the photos on that link and some of them are photoshopped, the original source is Bored Panda under 33 uncomfortable nature images in the 10 year challenge -once people point out that even one is photoshopped then people start to kick against all of them and go into denial of any truth

Sorry, I didn´t know it. It was taken from a site which generally is correct even the must sometimes have more work around it. But fake news is a horrible problem this day; people have also been voted as presidents because of it.
But after you say it, I should have understood because the polar bear was ringing a bell. I have seen the coral rife like that for sure.
But what I said was correct even so these mistakes happened, sorry about that. Because haven´t it not right damage things and I have seen video from horrible fake news, included natural organization.

Whover posted them on their site that you visited, they are the people needed to reveal their sources. When I found the original it was full of people disagreeing climate change existed, they didn't even agree coral destruction existed or pollution, plenty of trolls out there waiting to undermine the truth

In a news magazine on the TV in Iceland today was to talk about how people can still deny, or not believe these things. One man rightly said; "it reasonable that some people are skeptics. But when you show them the evidence and they are still doubters you come again with more evidence. But when you have done it 4-5, it is not called doubters but denial" (I hope I use the right word. You know, when people decided they will not believe even it is clear like that the earth is not flat).

<iframe src="" width="854" height="480" style="position:absolute;left:0;top:0;width:100%;height:100%" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen></iframe>

For example glacier in Alaska when Swangirl lives. See the date of the lecture!

Good evening Johann,

Great links! I love Ted Talks and have put some on my websites. I will put this on a post I have about the melting ice in Siberia where some unpleasant things are coming to light, things that have been frozen for a long time. Illnesses from time ago are suddenly there again.
The little girl I will put on a post together with Felix, a German boy of 9 years old, who started a world movement of planting millions of trees. He also spoke in front of the UN.

Greetings from the south of Spain, taetske

As an online markete, I've always welcomed more and faste, when it comes to better connectivity. But Taetske, your post has been a true eye opener! It really sounds like we can no longer escape being exposed to radiations!!


Good Morning Giulia,

Yes, it seems so but I wonder and am furious that this is put upon us by a few and by force.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Giulia, have a look at this.

I would like to copy this video to one of my posts but cannot find it through youtube. Do you have an origional address I can find it at please?

Hello Andrew. If you google Man video it will take you to the You Tube page and there it is possible to get the link to embed the video.

Ahhh so easy. Thank you.
I was in youtube and entered 'man' thinking I could find it, but it did not show up in the search results.
Kind regards :-)

Good Morning Andrew,

I was on my way to tell you to put: Man by Steve Cutts, but I see Trevor helped you with this already.
I have this video also on one of my websites. Of all the videos I have seen I think this video says it all.
I have to still answer your long comment. The reactions on my post have overwhelmed me a bit.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Good Morning Trevor,

I went to bed before you did, so you helped Andrew with this.

Gracias, Taetske

Andrew, have a look at this.

Hi. It sucks that the voice of the average person does not carry any weight. Research shows that there are organizations above our governments that control the direction of progress for their own advantage. Our modern governments are just pawns with the illusion of power and it doesn't matter who we vote for, the agenda from the controllers is still carried out.
This becomes evident when technology like 5G, which is untested in large populations, will be deployed to blanket cover all of the Earth. Humanity will once again be the cause of their own downfall.
History reveals that it won't be the first time, as there have been cycles from the past where we were 'advanced' enough to destroy ourselves, and it seems like we did it.
When you look at our lives from the perspective of 10 years, or 1 lifetime, or 100 years, it seems we are just digging a big hole to bury ourselves in. While this is true, there is also another way of looking at life.
The Earth is an advanced spiritual being, that has been around for billions of years, and she is providing a playground where we, as eternal souls, can come and experience life in physical reality. This playground is balanced by duality, so can only exist with the inclusion of up and down, black and white, male and female, and good and bad, etc. At the moment, as a collective, humanity is being manipulated by a 'bad' or negative energy. It will not always be this way, and I wish it was different. But it is not.
So the challenge for us as individuals is to remain in the 'positive' and make the most of the experience for ourselves personally, learn as much as we can about ourselves, and grow into the memory of the infinite spiritual being that we already are.
Allow others to have their own experience as they choose, because believe me, most other people do not want to be 'saved,' or are even aware of what the purpose of their life is. Those that are waking up will be inspired by us if we show them a good example of how to live a life filled with love and joy. Those that are not yet ready to wake up to the reality of their true spiritual nature will have more opportunities in a renewed earth or some other playground elsewhere in the huge universe or another one.
Thanks for sharing your message, and I sincerely hope that humanity as a collective 'wakes up' real soon to the unnecessary damage we are inflicting on the ecosystem, which is basically the mother that gives us life!

Good Morning Andrew,

Thank you for your very long and interesting comment.
Yes, I am aware that those who have the strings in their hands are invisible to the normal burger.

This manipulation is worldwide and the older I get and have more information the more rebellious I feel about it all.

On one of my websites, I write about the Stones of Ica. Humanity which lived some 450 million years ago. They had to leave as their technology got out of hand, history repeats itself far more often then we are aware of.

I agree with you. Mother Earth is a feeling and spiritual being. What a hassle for her with all these unruly children doing stupid things. The human race has to come back many times before it will advance sufficiently and realize we all come from the same source and we will go back there. In between, during our life here we have to come to understand we are all equal with the same obligations and to learn to respect our differences.

I believe a big transformation is in the making. For new to come old has to go. This always causes a big disturbance till quiter times will come.
I do not give up hope yet but the clock is ticking.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Thanks for sharing.

You are welcome, Claudette. Thank you for reading my post.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Claudette, have a look at this.

Stuck -- and not a heck of a lot we can do about it. I have thought lately that instead of being the most intelligent species on the planet, perhaps we are the most stupid. Our ever-demanding list of wants; our "progress," which gives us even more means to destroy our own world will end up destroying us. Too bad we are so arrogant that we feel we can't learn from animals; too bad we think we have all the answers. Yes, we have answers, but many of them are wrong.

No sense in living in fear, because that's no way to exist. I do appreciate your comments. Waking up is scary, though...makes me want to go back to sleep.

Greetings from the south of Gustavus, Alaska.

Good evening Fran,

Thank you for stopping by.
Because we are never happy with what we have, we always want the latest, bigger, faster, more expensive etc. I think that in the past people might have been more content and appreciated more what they had. Advertisements do not help either as they show us an illusory world we try to reach.
This wanting to go back to sleep I understand very well, I have days like that too.
I feel impotent, others decide for me, I do not like it.
Thank you for the greetings from Alaska, I bet it is cold there now.

Greetings from the warm south of Spain, Taetske

Well, it's not too cold today...we've had a "warm snap" and it is around 40 degrees. 'Twas a lot colder a few days ago.

But that must be 40F. If I tell you we have 40C in the summer you might not believe it, very hot.

Hasta Pronto, Taetske

Fran, have a look at this.

This is a very scary video. Thanks for sending it...I will put my signature on the appeal to ask to stop it...though I doubt it will help much. Why don't we just destroy the whole world and get it over with in a hurry? We seem to be moving in that direction.

Good Morning Fran,

Yes, it is disturbing. We also are going to put our names and I hope more people will follow. I am preparing an email to all my private friends with all the information which I have collected. I hope it helps.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

hi dear Taetske -- yes, very glad that you have shared this as there are many who are aware of all the issues that you've just highlighted .... news about the huge number of satellites out there though! ... glad you're keeping track of it ... sheeze ... (what is the utility of that ... )

some of us are here to help with 'the passage' ... we are in a senescence of time ... for some reason, people are so 'conditioned' to the stuff ... perhaps there's some inherent survival instinctual call that's so deep in the sub-subconscious that trying to dig it out would be too painful to experience for the necessary healing to take place ...

the only thing that i can help with is to try to reach the heart-mind connection of All -- this is where All is possible on Earth .... it wouldn't take too much -- just need 10% of the people in synch. with heart & mind in focus with feeling on One .... this world can change over night! ... that's how Powerful we are! .... of course, those with nefarious interests will stop at nothing because their interests represent bottomless pits... and that's why it is vital to stay above the fray with the Higher Self ....

If One is human, then there is 🧡 heart -- beautiful music is the Universal way to reach the Heart ... 🎵 ... emotions are what distinguishes us .... and we need to be on the positive side of the ledger feeling -- this has been written about and there is a scale to it ...

When the ascension of humankind is in full swing, then, my job is truly done ... ⭐️ ....

thanks kindly for all your heartfelt care and writing today, what you have written is fully understood .... 🌈

with appreciation in kindness & love, peace be with us All .... 💛

Good evening dear Keisha,

I truly appreciate your words. I know we are capable of very big things be it on a personal level or on a collective level. To be able to behave like that we have to be "clean". We have been polluting also ourselves, the body is the vehicle of the soul. All the unhealthy things we have done and eaten have lowered our vibration. I think a big clean-up is needed so we can advance on our evolutionary road.
What is happening now with the 5G is going against all of this.
I do not know the outcome of this, perhaps it is a big test put on our path.
For new to come old ways have to go and you are right, it seems we are at a crossroad. I do not know where the human race will be in hundred years from now. I hope we will make it.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Freisha, have a look at this.

Hello Taetske. I really enjoyed your post. There are great truths here and like all warnings we have to ask- Who is LISTENING. Where I live it is apparent that the environment is secondary to having the latest recreational vehicle to use to rip up the earth. Garbage flows from their hands and when a person protests you are perceived as the bad guy.
More satellites means more space junk. Just like the destruction of the earth the low earth orbit is full of trash and no one knows how to clean it up. I like the internet as much as the next guy and without the system in place I cannot do my WA, however when is enough going to be enough.
If my websites start to actually produce I want to do more to clean this place up. I do not want a yacht or a business jet or a bigger home. Less is more.
I rescued a dog the other night from -32C weather. This is useful. You can see her on my Instagram page.
The video you posted video is so true.
From the south of Manitoba

Good evening Trevor,

Thank you for your comment. You are right, all this space junk will fall on our heads sooner or later. It is high time we shape up before it is too late. This 5G has been decided over our heads. I mean there was voting for Brexit, for yes or no. In this case, we were not informed and the consequences will be tremendous.
Happy to hear you saved a little soul from freezing to death. Sorry, but I do not have Instagram so I cannot look.
Yes, that video hits the nail squarely on the head.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Meet Riley

Thank you Trevor,

Riley looks like a happy and grateful dog.

All the best, Taetske

Trevor, have a look at this.

That is a very good video. Thanks for the link.

Hi Taetske...I know you are speaking from your heart. I share your concern. But I don't focus on all that stuff. I know the universe is protected by a much more powerful energy than 5 G....I put that protective white light around me and the world. Of course I do all the practical things for protection. No smart GMO.....wear blue light pendants....I know you are familiar with all that as that is what your websites are all about. Keep educating us but believe that good always prevails.

Good evening Debbie,

I know what you mean and I share your thought on the white light but if humans really are this stupid I think it is about time we disappear, we do not deserve this beautiful planet. I hope a miracle will happen. I hope that worldwide people will say no. Let us hope for the best.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Debbie, have a look at this.

Wow...thanks for sharing...I'll be passing it many where to hide!

Good evening Taetske!

What a nightmare.
And the most terrible thing is the unlimited spying on us.
Good to bring that to our attention.

Our little choices
Make a big difference


Good evening Fleeky,

I can tell you that I am happy I do not have the age anymore to have children. This is not the world I would like them to live in.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Yes... you are so right!
Progress has unwanted side effects.
Time to tackle that

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