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FB was driving me nutsOnly after 2 days from signing up, I was on the verge of leaving again.The diversity of FaceBook Photo PixabayWealthy Affiliate is greatDo you realize how nice we have it here at Wealthy Affiliate? The "tranquil" layout, no moving and interrupting things? Dear me, on my small screen is was soooo busy and I nearly quit.To tell you why I decided to join FB I have to go back in time. I started my 2 websites in early 2017. For me that was a gigantic step, leaving me kind of e
June 16, 2019
Hello everybody, I hope this makes you smileWe, in Europe, all know that in America everything is bigger.Michael emigrated from the U.S. to Spain in 2016.He insisted on taking over the organic vegetable garden.Now, look at what has happened.....CalabacinGreetings from the south of Spain, TaetskePhoto Source : Privatep.s. This monster is a Zucchini.
Celebrating our 4 years togetherOn the 7th of June, 2019, Michael and I celebrated our 4 years talking to each other. We "met" on the internet where I sent him a message and he answered. That was the start of 3 exciting months writing long emails every day and talking for hours on end on Skype during the weekend.Sitting in a restaurant in the harbor of MalagaMichael arrives in SpainThen arrived the day when I went to Malaga airport as Michael came for a 2-week visit. I showed him around and g
Hello everybody here comes my monthly postChecking for broken linksThese last weeks have been interesting, to say the least, so I thought it a good idea to tell you about my findings.It started with checking my websites to see how they rank. Luckily there was some improvement.At the bottom of the test result, I read: Crawled Flag/False. I asked the question and was told it has to do with broken links. You will be able to find free tools on the internet to check and identify these broken links.W
Hello everybody, here comes my monthly postI love spring and especially enjoy this season on my farm in the south of Spain. I would like to take you on a little tour and show a bit of my surroundings. I have been living here since 1981, that means I have spent more than half my life here. People who come to visit always like it here and I think that is because of the good vibes.It is a peaceful place, even if it is only one and a half km away from the center of the village. Alhaurin de la Torre
Hello everybody, here comes my monthly post.Last month I wrote a post which was dark and kicked up some dust here and there. There were opinions to suit all tastes. Personally, I think that is good because here at Wealthy Affiliate, we are a huge group of people from all countries in the world with different backgrounds and different world views. That is good and I would not want it any other way. I think the topic is very important and for those who have missed my post here is the link.https:/
Photo PixabayHello everybody,I am writing this post as I am worried, actually more than worried as I fear for my personal health. I fear for the health of all the people I know and lastly the health of the world population.The worst species everYou probably know that the human race is the worst species on earth. Especially since the industrial area started we have been capable of doing innumerable stupid, dangerous, and destructive things. All these actions in name of technological advancement
Snow covered landscape, Pixabay photoThis most famous Christmas carol, Silent Night, Holy Night, celebrated its 200th birthday.The beautiful song has been translated in more than 300 languages. The text was written by a young assistant priest Joseph Mohr. He handed his text to the musician Franz Xaver Gruber who composed the simple but lovely melody that same afternoon. A few hours later it was heard for the first time in the church of Oberndorf by Salzburg. As the church organ was out of order
A year has passed and we have all been working hard to make our dream come true.Now it is time to take a rest and enjoy the Christmas days. The family members will get together often after many months not seeing each other. These are times to remember why we celebrate Christmas. May the understanding grow that we are all equal with the same rights and obligations.May the New Year bring you happiness, lots of success and good health to enjoy it all.Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
Chocoholics alert, do not miss a visit to sweet SevillaHello everybody here comes my monthly post.We recently made our traditional trip to Estepa, the sweetest town in Spain. It is situated in the province of Sevilla and about 1 hour away from where we live.Estepa is a quiet little town with some 13,000 inhabitants. There are 24 factories dedicated to making sweets according to old and well-kept recipes. By September this village comes to life and the work starts. There is a lot to do as around