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To all Wealthy Affiliate MembersFor most people worldwide 2021 has been a difficult year, be it healthwise, moneywise, or both. We have stayed mainly on the farm, with very little socializing, taking care of our health, and following in shock the developments in the world. I do not know where all of this will lead humanity, hopefully in a positive direction.Also this year we bought a small live tree which is standing on the patio. On the 23e of December, it will enter the living room, perched o
April 04, 2021
I hope you are all having a happy Easter Weekend.This morning, it was still dark, Michael recorded the birds singing on our farm in the south of Spain.I hope you are all keeping well and healthyTaetske
Hello everybodyI would like to share some Christmas photos with you.This year was very quiet, Michael, me, and the small life-tree.The livingroomWe gave each other some practical presents. I got a nice winter coat and Michael wished a table saw. That did not fit under the tree. We cut off the picture from the box and I wrapped some Christmas paper around it. He plans to make some artful items in the garage.My light winter coatMy grandparents and my parents always used real candles for the tree.
December 22, 2020
Christmas WishesThe Year 2020This has been a strange and difficult year. Worldwide people had their life put upside down. We had to learn to adapt to situations that were unknown to us before. We tested our patience many times.There were multiple lessons for humanity.Here at Wealthy Affiliate we are lucky to be able to work from home. Here we will find all that is needed to build our future and the human support from our fellow members.Wishing Kyle, Carson, SiteSupport, all the people working b
Meeting Michelle and LoesIn April 2018, Michael and I had a glorious holiday in the Netherlands. During those 14 days, we met 2 lovely ladies I had contact with on our platform. First, we visited Michelle in Antwerpen/Belgium. Days later, having reached the province of Friesland up north, we met Loes and Willem.Here you can read about that trip. effect of world happeningsIn 2019 we had planned to visit the U.S. but the stock mar
Good Morning EverybodyOnly a few days ago I updated my websites to WordPress 5.4. I do not see any difference when working on draft. Grammarly was doing ok correcting my writing be it for an email, on FB, or working on a draft.Yesterday I was working on draft and everything was fine. Grammarly had made various corrections and then it suddenly stopped doing so. The word was still in red but no correction was visible. I contacted Grammarly Support and they came back very fast and asked for a deta
Hello everybody, this is not my monthly post this a little one for in betweenThe main entrance to my farm on the south sideThis Easter morning we woke up as usual at 07.00 and half an hour later Michael stepped out the front door and recorded this. year, while sitting at home waiting and hoping that it may pass soon and we can continue with our life we cannot celebrate Easter like other years.We should though realize that we all have been given the biggest gift w
Hello everybody, here is my monthly postActually I had something completely different planned but then this happened so now I write a post about did not have a photo of a red herring. Therefore I show you something that is a Dutch tradition. Eating fresh herring on the street.At the moment with all the things that are happening in the world, I do not feel like writing for my websites. Instead, I am revising old posts to then ask for some comments.I got an email on the first of Apr
Nectarine tree and in the background part of my farmhouseThe importance of rainLiving on my green farm since 1981 I am aware of how dependent one is of weather. Over the years I have seen a big change in climate, it is getting warmer and there is less rain.These past winters have been very mild with temperatures of around 20C. For some people depending on where you live, that might seem nearly summer. Also, this winter has been rather warm and only once there was a little snow on the mountain t
Good afternoon everybody, here comes my Monthly WA post.Land of Giants ISome time ago I wrote a little post on what kind of things Michael grows in the vegetable garden. Land of Giants IIIt has happened again but this time it is not his "fault". His contribution to the orange field with 100 trees is that he weed wacks. Lots of noise, lots of fun, and his overalls has to go in the washing machine as it is very dirty and green.The sea