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Good Morning EverybodyOnly a few days ago I updated my websites to WordPress 5.4. I do not see any difference when working on draft. Grammarly was doing ok correcting my writing be it for an email, on FB, or working on a draft.Yesterday I was working on draft and everything was fine. Grammarly had made various corrections and then it suddenly stopped doing so. The word was still in red but no correction was visible. I contacted Grammarly Support and they came back very fast and asked for a deta
Hello everybody, this is not my monthly post this a little one for in betweenThe main entrance to my farm on the south sideThis Easter morning we woke up as usual at 07.00 and half an hour later Michael stepped out the front door and recorded this. year, while sitting at home waiting and hoping that it may pass soon and we can continue with our life we cannot celebrate Easter like other years.We should though realize that we all have been given the biggest gift w
Hello everybody, here is my monthly postActually I had something completely different planned but then this happened so now I write a post about did not have a photo of a red herring. Therefore I show you something that is a Dutch tradition. Eating fresh herring on the street.At the moment with all the things that are happening in the world, I do not feel like writing for my websites. Instead, I am revising old posts to then ask for some comments.I got an email on the first of Apr
Nectarine tree and in the background part of my farmhouseThe importance of rainLiving on my green farm since 1981 I am aware of how dependent one is of weather. Over the years I have seen a big change in climate, it is getting warmer and there is less rain.These past winters have been very mild with temperatures of around 20C. For some people depending on where you live, that might seem nearly summer. Also, this winter has been rather warm and only once there was a little snow on the mountain t
Good afternoon everybody, here comes my Monthly WA post.Land of Giants ISome time ago I wrote a little post on what kind of things Michael grows in the vegetable garden. Land of Giants IIIt has happened again but this time it is not his "fault". His contribution to the orange field with 100 trees is that he weed wacks. Lots of noise, lots of fun, and his overalls has to go in the washing machine as it is very dirty and green.The sea
Here is my monthly postHello everybody, I hope you have started the new year on the right foot. Feeling great and full of energy.Jeffrey said he would like to see a photo of my Christmas tree so I decided to write this little post and show you some pictures.Christmas Illumination in the southFirst of all, I would like to take you to Malaga, on the Costa del Sol to have a look at the lovely Christmas illumination. Michael and I were going there before Christmas but had to cancel as rainfall was
To the Wealthy Affiliate CommunityChristmas Wishes 2019Shugar to the right. She is 15 years old, white and deaf. She emigrated from the United States to Spain in 2016. She mainly lives in Michael's workroom but sometimes comes out to the garden to enjoy the Andalusian sun.Jasmin in the middle. She was only 4 weeks old when I saved her from the center of the road just outside the village in September 2013. From the Catalpa tree, she climbs on the roof of the garage to reach my workroom. She love
SiteSupport is top. The problem has been solved, Thank You. We are very lucky to have such support here at Wealthy Affiliate.Thank You Flowers, Photo PixabayI received good news from SiteSupport that a new rule has been established. Only 1 comment per person allowed on SiteComments. Here is what they told me.Hi Taetske,We wanted to let you know that we have made some adjustments to our SiteComments platform. When a comment is submitted we are now rejecting the comment if the WA member has alrea
Hello everybodyI did not have the intention to come back so quickly as I only write 1 WA post a month.Angry Cat, Photo PixabayI must confess I am getting irritated as this issue has been going on since the 11e November when I contacted SiteSupport. I know they are working on it as they have told me. It seems some things will be changed behind the scenes so this cannot happen in the future anymore.What happened a few days ago prompts me to write a new post. I start feeling like Sherlock Holmes I
Hello everybody, here comes my monthly postClose up of an old PoinsettiaChecking your websiteI have renewed my yearly and in January of 2020, I will start my 4e year at Wealthy AffiliateAt the moment I am on a Christmas break. That means I will not write for my websites but will be doing a thorough checkup of everything. When you go back to old posts it can happen that YouTube videos have gone missing. I do not know why that should be but what is sure it does not look good on your post to see t