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Here is my monthly postHello everybody, I hope you have started the new year on the right foot. Feeling great and full of energy.Jeffrey said he would like to see a photo of my Christmas tree so I decided to write this little post and show you some pictures.Christmas Illumination in the southFirst of all, I would like to take you to Malaga, on the Costa del Sol to have a look at the lovely Christmas illumination. Michael and I were going there before Christmas but had to cancel as rainfall was
To the Wealthy Affiliate CommunityChristmas Wishes 2019Shugar to the right. She is 15 years old, white and deaf. She emigrated from the United States to Spain in 2016. She mainly lives in Michael's workroom but sometimes comes out to the garden to enjoy the Andalusian sun.Jasmin in the middle. She was only 4 weeks old when I saved her from the center of the road just outside the village in September 2013. From the Catalpa tree, she climbs on the roof of the garage to reach my workroom. She love
SiteSupport is top. The problem has been solved, Thank You. We are very lucky to have such support here at Wealthy Affiliate.Thank You Flowers, Photo PixabayI received good news from SiteSupport that a new rule has been established. Only 1 comment per person allowed on SiteComments. Here is what they told me.Hi Taetske,We wanted to let you know that we have made some adjustments to our SiteComments platform. When a comment is submitted we are now rejecting the comment if the WA member has alrea
Hello everybodyI did not have the intention to come back so quickly as I only write 1 WA post a month.Angry Cat, Photo PixabayI must confess I am getting irritated as this issue has been going on since the 11e November when I contacted SiteSupport. I know they are working on it as they have told me. It seems some things will be changed behind the scenes so this cannot happen in the future anymore.What happened a few days ago prompts me to write a new post. I start feeling like Sherlock Holmes I
Hello everybody, here comes my monthly postClose up of an old PoinsettiaChecking your websiteI have renewed my yearly and in January of 2020, I will start my 4e year at Wealthy AffiliateAt the moment I am on a Christmas break. That means I will not write for my websites but will be doing a thorough checkup of everything. When you go back to old posts it can happen that YouTube videos have gone missing. I do not know why that should be but what is sure it does not look good on your post to see t
Good afternoon EverybodyToday is a special day. All Saints Day is celebrated in Spain and is a holiday.People will go to the cemetery to clean the graves, perhaps replant and leave fresh flowers.My personal traditionI always light a candle in honor of all the people in my life who are not here anymore. It is also my Mother's birthday. I am including a photo of the place where her urn is placed. She used to find 4 leaf clovers everywhere she went. I inherited a big metal box filled with newspape
September 24, 2019
Hello everybody, here is my monthly postphotographing the worldSorry, I missed AugustActually I missed writing my Wealthy Affiliate August post but that was not because I was on holiday, no, I was facelifting my websites plus repairing a stupid mistake I made.Be careful when deleting photosIn my effort to make my websites load faster I was screening my media file to see if I could delete some photos. Especially the private photos which are "heavy".I took special care to not delete anything from
FB was driving me nutsOnly after 2 days from signing up, I was on the verge of leaving again. Facebook Emoji, Photo PixabayWealthy Affiliate is greatDo you realize how nice we have it here at Wealthy Affiliate? The "tranquil" layout, no moving and interrupting things? Dear me, on my small screen is was soooo busy and I nearly quit.To tell you why I decided to join FB I have to go back in time. I started my 2 websites in early 2017. For me that was a gigantic step, leaving me kind of exhausted a
June 16, 2019
Hello everybody, I hope this makes you smileWe, in Europe, all know that in America everything is bigger.Michael emigrated from the U.S. to Spain in 2016.He insisted on taking over the organic vegetable garden.Now, look at what has happened....Greetings from the south of Spain, TaetskePhoto Source : Privatep.s. This monster is a Zucchini.
Celebrating our 4 years togetherOn the 7th of June, 2019, Michael and I celebrated our 4 years talking to each other. We "met" on the internet where I sent him a message and he answered. That was the start of 3 exciting months writing long emails every day and talking for hours on end on Skype during the weekend.Sitting in the harbor of Malaga waiting for lunchThen arrived the day when I went to Malaga airport as Michael came for a 2-week visit. I showed him around and got the impression he l