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Help! premium plus black friday discount?

Help! premium plus black friday discount?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Hello there,

I'm not sure if anyone can help with this so...

Who do I contact about the Black Friday premium plus discount? My account doesn't show $499. It show


I don't understand how you were automatically got charged, is this your previous plan?

Could you please elaborate, thank you.

I click the banner up top "Get the discount" and apply coupon on page.

Or you may try below links.

For Premium $299 yearly grandfathered

Premium Plus $499 yearly grandfathered

If you are a starter | premium, you would get a banner up top that allows upgrading to BF 2021 Premium, once they do, another banner shows up showing BF 2021 Premium Plus.

Premium BF 2021 is $299 yearly grandfathered.

If you are a Premium Plus, you would get a banner up top that allows you to opt-in BF 2021 Premium Plus at $499 yearly grandfathered.

To learn more Any amount paid on your subscription will be prorated. However, when you click the banner top "get the discount", make sure you tick the option upgrade to Premium Plus and apply the coupon.

Or you may use below link


Once complete you'd be on the $499 grandfathered price i.e. not subject to price increase as long as you remain subscribed to the platform.

In the first instance I would refresh my screen and try again.

If issue persists, you may reach out to Kyle on their profile space and leave them a public comment for faster resolution.


Hope this helps.

Thank you so much for the help. Sorry to confuse you earlier, yes I was grandfathered into the premium yearly.

I did end up contacting Kyle on his profile and I used the contact us page. I guess everything was taken care of in the background because now I am a premium plus+ member.

So long story short everything is resolved now.

Thanks again for all of your help. I appreciate it...

Super happy for you and you're very welcome.

Kyle will sort it for you, Lakisha :)

Has your next years due date been extended longer?

You can also get a quick response from Kyle at the following link.

Category: billing.

Not that I know of, I just checked and the due date is the same for next year.

Yes I've sent a message through the contact us page, just waiting on a reply.

Either thanks so much for the help.

You are so very welcome.

I would contact Kyle on his Profile page.



Okay thanks, Mel!

You are most welcome Kisha!


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Please clarify, who can and can't join?

Please clarify, who can and can't join?

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WA Affiliate Program

I'm confused...

I see many post saying such and such country is banned. For instance, I see post stating that Nigeria is banned...

(I see this in WA and out

Featured Comment

Hey Lakisha,

Great question. To clarify, country restrictions are on the STARTER membership. Users from these countries can create PREMIUM accounts and they are offered that opportunity upon joining.

Also, may be some folks who are from these countries with "Starter" memberships as they joined through servers in other areas of the world, while they are traveling or visiting family in a non-restricted country.

Either way, everyone is welcome at WA. However, we limit access to the Starter membership from some countries where we have experienced significant fraud and gaming of the WA platform.

Hope this helps,


Thank you for that answer Carson....makes it easier for us all to have knowledge so we can all help educate one another. you da man!

Hey Carson,

Thank you so much for your help!

I never realized limitations was on starter membership only but, now I understand where my confusion was.

I just want to make sure I'm giving out the proper information. I really appreciate your informative reply. I think this will help us all out.

There you go an answer from the owner

Great question and thanks for the answer from Carson.

I do not know the answer to that question but I will find out for you and get back to you as soon as I know.

Thank you, so much for your help

Some from like Nigeria join, but do it using a VPN and therefore, not showing where they're actually from. I've seen it too.

Oh that makes sense, thank you

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Can non-wa hosted sites use site comments?

Can non-wa hosted sites use site comments?

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Everything Wordpress


It appears that we cannot recieve comments on websites that we do not host with WA.

Is site comments only for WA hosted sites?

You have no way of specifying the site you want commented unless it's hosted with Wealthy Affiliate. To get a comment, you select the site from a drop-down of your WA sites.

Yes I understand that now...thanks for your help

No they have to be hosted here

Yeah, I'm just learning this ..thank you!

Yes, because it wouldn't be possible to do it via external sites since users could just game the system. It has to be built into WA hosting so that WA can detect the comments have been placed on the WordPress sites :)

Good point Dale!

Thanks, Dale!

I never realized that until now. I definitely understand where you are coming from. I never thought about that point. So as Joe said, that's a great point. After all the great answers that I received I understand my WA membership better.

Thanks for your help...

Glad we could help you :)

Hey Kisha,

As I'm sure you've noticed, SiteComments is connected to sites hosted here on the WA web servers whenever a member requests comments.

If a site is not hosted on the WA web servers, how could they possibly be connected?

So, no... sites not hosted on WA servers could not use SiteComments.

However, those with sites NOT hosted on WA servers CAN request comments here: Hope you find this helpful.

Good answer Trish : )

Hi Trish,

No, I never realized that only WA hosted sites can receive comments from site comments. I do have sites hosted here, and still never realized that.

I was thinking that we could add any of our sites as WA member to the site comments area but, I now understand that is not a included benefit.

Either way, it's good to know.

Thanks for your help Trish! It was helpful...

You have to host here yes, I believe.

Okay, that's what I'm thinking too. Thanks for your help

No problem dear :)

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What exactly does wa hosting offer?

What exactly does wa hosting offer?

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Website Development & Programming


Does anyone know how many datacenters/servers WA has?

And is WA hosting a stand alone hosting or no? Can a customer purchase just the hosting here? Or do


As a simple premium member based on when you started you have capability to host 1-50 websites. This is the lease You have from WA for your membership.
You can create businesses for yourself as well as others and make money. That includes hosting your clients websites. There are people in this platform just doing that and make money running others businesses.
I had one commentator in my one of my blogs who wrote he is only hosting his website here at WA.
Where is the problem you join with a WA member who can host your business? You pay or not it depends on who hosts your website.
If anyone has a comment or suggestion, I would love to hear

Hi Anusuya,

Yes, you're right! I'm supposed to be grandfathered into the 50 website membership level for basic premium. I do have sites hosted here as well.

I was just curious about the hosting features after I inquired to other host about their hosting. And this has prompted all kinds of curiosity. I just don't want to mislead anyone when I invite them here to WA. Either way, Phil helped me earlier understand what I was looking for.

Thanks for your help!

Trish (triblu) gives you a really good answer. The other place you might want to look is on

https://Wealthy Affiliate.com/hosting

This helped me decide where I needed to be

I have reviewed a few hosts on my own blog and am currently reviewing pagely, which you will find on the link above.

Bear in mind that our offering is Miles better than Pageleys.

Admittedly it depends on what you want from your hosting but WA has a brilliant offering... Plus all the other parts.

Yes, I've reviewed
https://Wealthy Affiliate.com/hosting, in my opinion, it was good information but, limited information compared to what I recently learned while reviewing host armada. I decided to host my site with them. So that's what prompted the questions. Then I chatted with other host which gave me more curiosity …lol. Either way, it's still all great information. I haven't heard of Pageley's. I just viewed them and I definitely agree they are far from WA's hosting offer.

I've never heard of Armada, but will review them myself.

My own blog review of pagely is completed and been pinned to Pinterest and Upload to my YouTube Channel.

Looking briefly at Armadahost, it seems they have the predatory pricing tactic on their home page, which in case you don't know what it means, is a low price, which gets hiked on review and CAN lead to a long contract tie in, like Bluehost offer and they are sharks.

They're new (founded in 2019). Yes go review them, it's low comp right now.

Great job with the pinning of your new Pagely review, I'm sure it'll get traffic from those two sources...

Thanks for bringing that to my attention. When I signed up, I knew there was a low entry pricing and then the price goes higher after that. I was deciding between them Bluehost, Siteground, and WPX hosting. Some of the most popular host that bloggers are recommending. So, I had to join another hosting company to really understand have a comparison on what we get and what we don't get here.

Siteground, had a good offering, but they have changed it and talking to their support staff, well any support staff really no one seems to know why the number of sites allowed has decreased.

WPX equally have a good offering, of sorts and an affilate programme, BUT when its compared to WAs ofering, again falls way short. I accept that for those who want to build 100s of websites for cl;ients then, WA may not be the place to be, but for affiliate marketers, looking to build their own brand, then WA is miles ahead of the competition.

I mean we have a specific target market that can come here and earn more than being an affiliate only for other opps.

Yes I agree with you on everything. Siteground was pricing increased. I've used them before when their pricing was lowing. Their support is no where near like WA web hosting support. They give you articles to fix your issues with your site while WA hosting will fix the problem for you. A benefit that I love.

And with WPX hosting I saw that their very popular but, pricing is high. Although I haven't heard to many people complain.

But, yes I agree WA hosting is great. And it comes with other benefits such as site comments which I just now learned is only for WA hosted sites. Who does that? No one else...Receiving comments from other hosting companies is not possible...

Glad it helped

Hey Kisha,

The details are all spelled out here: https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com/

Hope you find this helpful.

Thank you Trish...I'll have a look

Good answer Trish

Good question, Lakisha, and so far a couple of good answers! I've learned a little right now, and might learn a little more if you get some different answers!

Take care!


Thanks, Jeff! I'm glad this has helped. I've learned some new things too...

You take care as well...

You're welcome, Kisha! Much appreciated!


Hi Lakisha, looks like feigner has given you a great link.

Best wishes,


Thanks, Michael!

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