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Hello everyone here is one my newly developed screencast for your enjoyment or education which ever suits your fancy. I have seen a few people post about how they can transfer there newly bought domain name to Wealthy Affiliates hosting servers. I want to help were ever I can.



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mwatkins Premium
I am very happy to say with Tommy Dillard's help I can finally get to working on my website. Tommy exemplifies what WA is all about. He took time out of his day to work with me personally and overcome a challenge I had getting my new domain from Go Daddy transferred over to WA hosting. Tommy is from Southern CA and I'm from Southern PA and we don't know each other from Adam but he showed great kindness to a complete stranger and came to my aid. This shows the power of a great network like WA.!! You are a true gentleman sir and Karma will smile on you, I am sure. Check out Tommy's posts and his sites.
MikeyB Premium
Cheers Tommy
jwilliamson3 Premium
Tommy, Thank you so much. You anticipated one of my many questions with a great how to do it lesson above! Kindest regards Jim
Liam55 Premium
Tommy, great training. Last week you taught me about Keyword Tool & Jaaxy, and today you teach me another important tool...Websites & Hosting. Very informative and helpful. Thanks.
mwatkins Premium
Tommy, Thanks for the training. I am having a hard time transferring a new domain from Go I bought the domain name last Sunday and followed the instructions posted. I still end up getting sent back to the Go Daddy page when I go into WP admin. I sent a help ticket in and I posted a request for help in the getting started section. Go Daddy told me it was a problem on the hosting end. Something about having the right IP address in the zone file.. My help ticket response was this:

I pointed my website on Go Daddy as instructed in Kyle's tutorial on Sunday. It is now Tuesday and I still cannot access it in word press to work on it.
Resolution Response: Please note now you just need to point the WWW record of the site to IP You can verify DNS details at the following URL; [ Note: DNS zone record changes (A, MX, CNAME) typically take 0 to 4 hours to resolve, but are known to take as long as 8 hours. ]

I have deleted the site. No big deal as it is brand new and started over on the WA side and it still won't take. I am sure I am missing doing something. A lot of the tutorials for this are a little older. Go Daddy now also has a new domain name area. If you can help me out here I would be very happy as I am anxious to continue.
tommydillard Premium
can you pm me your go daddy account info so i can look at it?
tommydillard Premium
by checking the link you gave me if this is your domain name it is still showing your dns as and not for WA servers usage