Shut up and write!

Last Update: November 06, 2014

I've had to keep telling myself that this week.

  • Stop overthinking.
  • Stop checking analytics.
  • Stop psyching yourself out.

Just shut up and write.

When you finally do you realize it's way easier than you thought.

Anyone else feel like that sometimes?

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jazminf Premium
Yep always:)
kholmes Premium
I am probably too logical, viewing analysis helps me write, it shows me what my audience is all about and where they are coming from in terms of their interests and what they view on the internet....Calms me right down...Lol...just me I suppose.
My organic traffic was really low, it was hovering around 3.1% for quite a while, then dropped to I changed things up and in a short period of time...within about 10-12 days it went to I pay attention and go from there. :))
kyle8379 Premium
i'm with you on that one: i love using analytics to gear my next steps...its just about finding a line since you cant overanalyze every day!
kholmes Premium
That is very true. :))
Debbi26 Premium
Yep, all the time and you're right, once you just do it, you find it wasn't what you feared.
Davelington Premium
YES! It's so easy to get caught up with everything else when good content is what really counts!
Michelle04 Premium
It is really easy to get caught up in the analysis of your website, and you should be keeping track of it. However, it is the process of writing that is going to make it go places. Sometimes hard to find a balance and enough hours in the day! :)