Why I Am NEVER Going to do a Podcast.

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We all have skills. Call them talents, call them expertise, or just call them what they are - things we're really good at.

And me, well, I know a thing or two about creating success within the online world... I've honed my skills (and still working a lot of new skills), and I don't plan on stepping away from them.

Especially not for something like a podcast.

Here's my truth: I don't know much at all about Podcasts. I don't know how to create them (though I could learn), and I don't listen to them.

Does this mean there isn't opportunity in them? No. It means that I won't be looking for opportunity within them.

Why? Because I believe in the principle of not losing sight of the ball when you already know how to score in a particular facet of business, and you are looking to score in similar facets...or looking to ramp up the number of shots so you can score more.

Sorry for the basketball analogy...I have way too many of those!

In an era where being a 'Jack of all trades, master of none' is romanticized, I strong believe that perfecting one craft, or a few crafts and get the formula for success down within those before you consider diversifying.

It’s crucial to separate constructive learning from simply jumping on every fresh trend that sweeps through our industries. It's about discerning prowess over noise.

We live in a world plagued by incessant noise. It can be an uphill battle to maintain focus to stay in your chosen lane. But it's essential.

That’s not to say we should ignore innovation. Not at all.

However, we must carefully weigh the costs and benefits involved in brand new pursuits. Is it aligned with our central goal? Will it negatively impact crucial progress we're making in an area we're already proficient in?

For me, podcasting just doesn't add up. The numbers don't justify the commitment. For others they may, to me they don't. Plus it sounds like an annoying use of my time.

In saying all of this, never shy away from learning, growing, and expanding your horizons. But always, ALWAYS, maintain focus on your driving mission and purpose.

I’ll continue honing my existing skills, refining my craft, staying true to my path.

So you do you. Stick to your mission. Master your chosen direction before considering the idea of diversification. Don't succumb to the siren of 'trendy'. Value your existing expertise. Recognize your unique path.

It's YOUR journey. And it's worth it.

That's all for today, I would love to hear your thoughts on this (drop your comments below).

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It's super important for people to understand that you don't have to go out and do every little thing. What works for some won't always work for others, and when you do find your wheelhouse, that area where you feel the most comfortable and you get the most response, that's your strength, so double down on it. 👍🏼

Love this!

Even when you are a so called "expert" at things, you still don't know everything about that topic, or strategy. In fact, a mere fraction of it. That is why you can be great at something, and not know everything about that very topic.

Figure out YOUR formula, there are many ways to thrive in this online world...but it is the ownership of your own process and working to get that to work which becomes scalable.

I just received an email from Neil Patel about a blog he wrote about starting a podcast. He says there are over a billion blogs which equates to 1 blog for every 7 people. He also states there are over 4 million podcasts which equates to 1 podcast for roughly every 1760 people. I found this interesting for 2 reasons. I never realized how many blogs are out there and there does seem to be a market for podcasting, but again that is not me. I still haven't jumped into You Tube marketing yet so maybe my attitude will change after I get comfortable with that. Eric still has the best answer for your post and it makes absolute sense to feature it...not that you needed my validation...lol.

There are over 1 billion blogs on the internet. Sound inflated? We have over 2 million members just within Wealthy Affiliate. Only problem with swallowing those numbers...

Over 95% are inactive and abandoned, most within the first 3 months.

Perception is your reality. Neil is selling the idea of doing a podcast.


Yeah, and there are way more people that search for things, than podcast. So there is that too.

There are lots of blog posts that aren't indexed either, and while there is opportunity in podcasting, it is much more difficult to market and I would suggest folks that are going to get into that sort of content, invest in Youtube as it is much easier to tie in promotions, and also has a lot more potential in terms of recurring potential. ;)

Oh I get what he is selling...I just never thought about it and the difference is all.

I use to be able to do many things at one time and I thought I was all that and a bag of chips, but now I'd rather stick to one thing at a time. I believe in mastering one task at a time. By doing so I'm not so stressted out and I can concentrate on learning the ins and outs.

Kyle and Eric thank you for helping others get a slice of the pie. You could have tucked in your pocket and kept it to yourself. I reallyappreciate what you do!

Yeah, it's great to have lots of random knowledge, but that will only get you far on Jeopardy! It is focus that leads to expertise, and expertise and mastery that leads to your ability to really thrive within a particular niche. ;)

I love your honesty, I was feeling inadequate with not having a YouTube channel, but now I feel a little better. I will never have a podcast, I feel the same as you, way too annoying of a way to waste my time.

Maybe it is not my forte to use YouTube for leverage, it works great for others, but I am not a big video maker or editor.

I call myself One Shot Stacie lol, I have only made one short video for Facebook, and I am okay with that. I may make more in the future, time will tell.

Thanks for setting me at ease with that.


I was the same with video to be honest, but I needed to learn it for the sake of WA, and I actually love doing it now. It has become a skill that I am still working on, but I feel I am getting a lot better (and definitely more comfortable with). It has been added to my broader skill sets within the business world, and has become a real asset.

And I love the one shot approach, I do that all the time. The thing is a video becomes more authentic and fun to your audience if there is the odd mistake within it. You are doing awesome Stacie!

I seriously would like to try a few 'other' things besides what I'm doing. Why? Cause I've been here 12 years and have only scratched the surface with a little more than a few D.J. Gigs from my website.
Into another type of site now that I am determined to go forward with. But I have not made anything YET. Signed: Determined to steer the path and Continue..............Scotty B ♫ º_º

Good luck steering the path.

Luck - the nexus of preparation and opportunity. You've been preparing for 12 years.

There are so many new tools here at Wealthy Affiliate with Hubs and AI.
It's a great vehicle for success.

Nice response here, Andrew :)

You find your sweet spot Scottly and scale on it :)

Good morning Kyle,

I know where you are coming from, Kyle, there is only so much we can do in a day, etc.

I used to think of a podcast as something that was just audio, but now it appears that people create podcasts on YouTube with video! So, in some ways, I don't know the difference between a podcast and a video, if that makes sense.

I listen to someone who teaches YouTube, he has his main YouTube channel and his podcast channel. The fact is, I don't really see any difference in the two channels, they are both teaching the same thing. So if I look at it like that, then you are already doing a podcast with "Beer With Kyle"! But to me, I still look at a podcast as an audio broadcast, rather than a video.

Have a great day.


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