Vegas 2015, The Best Year Yet!

Last Update: Jan 21, 2015


On Monday night, I started to make my journey to Las Vegas for the annual Super Affiliate conference. In flight, I happened to have a few empty seats beside me because obviously Carson and Jay were unable to make it this year due to their circumstances, but they absolutely were present in the meeting discussions (Carson even popped in via Facetime on the 1st day).

On the plane, a neuroscientist ended up moving to a seat beside me, which made the 2.5 hour flight fly by... and I ended up learning a good deal about Neurobots. If we ever want to develop a way to inject Internet Marketing knowledge straight into the brain, this would have been the guy to know lol.

Anyways, just a short flight later and I arrived. My ride was waiting for me when I got there... the warm Vegas air hit, and I was instantly in 2015 conference mode!

How it Went Down…

We all arrived in Las Vegas on Monday. Typically what we do is have a little social to get to know one another. With the exception of one person this year, the same folks that were in Vegas last year were also there this year, so it was like a meeting with some great friends.

We met over a few drinks, a few laughs, some pool, and of course some talk about the online business world (there are always some very interesting conversations and perspectives on this).

Group Meetings

Every day we all take part in group discussions where we talk about how to make Wealthy Affiliate better. That is our ultimate focus.

All our projects, all our evolutions, all our plans surround the service and community here at WA...therefore it is only natural that our discussions are centred around what we have coming, what is exciting, and we offer some very concise insight into the numbers and plans behind WA.

Many people probably are alarmed that the focus of these meetings is not strictly about how to make more money as affiliates. The reason is this. You earn more money as an affiliate the better the service here is at WA, the more people it actually helps out, and the better the technology is behind it.

We want Wealthy Affiliate to be a platform that anybody can use to build a successful business in any niche, and to be the best it can be. If we can do that, there is going to be a growing windfall of opportunity for those that promote Wealthy Affiliate. With each year that passes, the revenue of affiliates is only continuing to grow significantly.

As always, there was a lot of great conversations, a lot of excitement about some upcoming projects and current projects we are working on, and in general 2015 is going to far exceed any year yet! Exciting times are ahead.

Private Meetings

Everyone has a private meeting while we are in Vegas. We discuss the “numbers” of business, offer feedback and insights into their business (from a unique perspective), offer ideas, and even let folks know where and why we might have hit stumbling blocks along the way.

These are always fun, laid back, and very productive one-on-ones.

Some Delicious Food!

What is a trip to Vegas without taking advantage of some of the best eating in the world. This year we all made our way to Craftsteak for the main event meal where you order your main "meat" and then community sides.

Needless to say, it was freakin' delicious and I know I will be back there.

A Little Gambling, Against All Odds

What would Vegas be without a little gambling. This year we tried to take it to the Craps world (the dice game) and we actually came out on top...for the first couple of day anyways. It was a blast and was a little bit of a learning experience for all of us.

We didn’t beat Vegas, but if you come out even and you had fun you definitely did well!

And Don’t Forget the Entertainment

What would a trip to Las Vegas be without catching a show. This time we headed off to the newest Cirque Du Soleil at Aria called Zarkana. As per usual with “cirque” shows, it was nothing short of amazing and somehow I was selected to be part of the show (this is not the first time!).

All in all, the trip was one full of entertainment. Whether we were hanging out chatting, shooting pool in the Skyloft, watching a show or grabbing a drink and hitting the was by far the most rewarding trip yet and I honestly can’t wait until the next one.

Something That is Evident Amongst ALL Super Affiliates?

Whenever I pose the question “Why are you succeeding whereas some people are not?” to anyone that has created a certain level of independent success, the answer is always very similar.

Is it that they think they are smarter? No.

Is it because they know some secret? No, quite the opposite.

Is it because they are doing something that nobody else is doing? No.

The real answer is “hard work”. They are willing to work a little bit harder than the person next to them, their competition, the rest of the industry. I mean really, if you are working as hard as you can at something chances are you are working harder than others. Fatigue sets in for the "others" at some point and this will let you rise to the top and continue rising to the top.

Absolutely anyone and everyone can make Vegas…anyone can create a full time and very successful business online...IF, and only if, they are willing to work hard at it.

The Group Consensus, We Want to HELP!

One thing has always remained a static focus within all of the conferences, this year was no different. We want to help and find better ways to help you succeed online through the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Our goal with every year that passes is to get better at helping people with their online businesses by providing better tools, better support, better services, and a better platform. That is consistent and 2015 will be no different and the folks in Vegas really help validate and refine some awesome ideas that we have coming to the community in the year ahead, many of which already getting very close to being released.

You Want to Hang in Vegas in 2016?

Outside of the few folks that couldn’t make it to Vegas because of personal reasons this year, many people were very close to making it last year and are on pace to make the Vegas 300 sales this year!

My personal goal in 2015 is to help YOU make Vegas, and if you are interested and willing to work hard I know that you can absolutely make it in the year ahead. Head over to the Affiliate Bootcamp, take action and be willing to work your butt off. That is literally what it will take, but it will be well worth it.

I know you are capable of achieving the Las Vegas criteria and far beyond. What better program/service to promote than one that you understand, use, love, and hang out within on a daily basis.


So there you have it, I am officially back from Vegas. Haven’t lost too much money (thanks to my radical Christmas Tree roulette strategy) and I have had another awesome year hanging out with some really awesome people.

The ideas and the evolution of Wealthy Affiliate are full steam ahead in 2015. They have never been better. The community here has a lot to be excited for and in the months ahead you are going to see some really awesome stuff being rolled out!

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Sounds outstanding as always, a great mix of work and fun. Question: how is Jay doing? And how is Carson's sweet baby Kai?

I would really love to know about Jay and Kai, too ....

More from Wealthy Affiliate. You guys have this game all figured out.
Thank you Kyle, Carson and team. This is already the best of the best.
We have only just begun. Grow WA Grow!

Glad you had a good time, sorry the others couldn't make it. Thanks for looking out for us, we are all looking forward to the new good stuff.

We had a great time Kyle! Can't wait until next year!

Most definitely Eddy, it will be a blink of an eye and we will be there again.

You guys are just an amazing bunch. Yes! Vegas we shall come.


For sure Tich, would love to have you there next year!

Sounds like you guys had an awesome time! It would be cool to get there one of these days. Time for me to get to work. Lol.

Meghan, I know you can do it! Focus on your niche if that is your main focus, just do know the opportunity is there if you ever do feel like going in the WA promo direction.

It sounds like you guys had a good time yet were productive. it's been noted that more women need to be there next year. :-)

Yes, yes, yes. We need some more of our WA women there next year!

I would so love to get to Vegas so its hard work and focus this year for sure, sounds like it is a great event

Work hard, take action...and move your way through bootcamp and you will be on the way to LV. Here to help every step of the way!

thank you kind of at a standstill with bootcamp working on my review

You forgot to mention the poker table adventures :(

I didn't forget about that, it was already starting to sound like we all had a gambling problem so I toned it down lol.

Ah gotcha. Keeping it on the down low ;)


I had a blast this year and I know I'll have a blast next year as well. A lot of people are going to read this and think it's one big party, and sure, we have fun, but we do work and plan for the year ahead. I always come out with new ideas on how to move my business forward. This year was no different.

Plan for the year ahead guys. I look forward to meeting many of you in 2016 :)

Most definitely, lots accomplished this year and lots of awesome discussions (and a tad bit of fun). Looking forward to it next year man!

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