Succeeding With Golf Balls, Scaling With Shoes!

Last Update: July 19, 2018

People have this inherent concern that their niche is too narrow or specific and they are going to run out of content ideas or potential if they are too specific.

Anyone that is successful online knows that this is not the case and I can tell people until my voice box is gone that there is unlimited potential in any niche idea, but it doesn't make sense until I show real examples.

So here I am today. I am going to give you a real example of a niche that is seemingly VERY specific, that started off as something that may have been small and unsubstantial and has growing into a business doing well over $20MM in business and has over 160 employees.

That business, is

In recent months, I have worked with several people in the golf niche and I have also had people come to me asking if "golf balls" or "golf clubs" or something of that nature, was too specific. The answer is no.

In fact, golf balls alone is a billion dollar industry, with a great deal of affiliate opportunity and anyone that wants to establish themselves as an expert/authority in the golf balls space, has a lot of opportunity available to them (which is the case for any niche).

If I do a quick search in Jaxxy Alphabet Soup under the term "golf balls", I can get all sorts of results. In fact, I get 1,000's of ideas. One search, 30 seconds, and 1,000's of different directions and opportunities I could head within the Golf Ball space alone.

golf balls keywords

I stored those to the keyword list, which you see above and I got 20+ very low competition keywords in a matter of 30 seconds. Anything under 100 QSR is what I am after, and content that gets some traffic. In the case of a term like "automatic golf ball", I believe that would make for a cool article and would get searched more than the estimated traffic throughout the year, so I included it. And remember, this is ONE search and just a minute fragment of the awesome keywords I found, using the Jaaxy Alphabet Soup platform!

For those that are not familiar, as a premium member you can access Jaaxy Alphabet Soup from the main "Research" menu under the "Alphabet Soup" menu item.

Jaaxy Alphabet Soup

This is something that the brand has harnessed and taken advantage of for many years now, but it doesn't mean there isn't room for MANY more. There are plenty of blogs and websites leveraging the golf ball niche and driving a considerable amount of revenue through affiliate programs alone.

In fact, you can even promote through their affiliate program which pays 7% commission on all sales that you drive to their website through your blog or social media.

This is just one of many in the golf ball space alone, there are 10,000's of products within this ONE seemingly small niche that you make use of. There are lots of different brands of golf balls, different types of golf balls, customized golf ball sites, golf ball products/accessories, etc.

It's vast. But that is not where you have to end in this niche. surely didn't.

Moving From Golf Balls to Golf Shoes & Beyond

The thing about any niche, no matter how specific, is once you gain clout within that niche you can diversify and start to move into other facets in this niche.

A prime example is Their website topic is self apparent. It is golf balls. But if you go to their website, you will discover they are now involved in many other categories.

<a affiliate marketing" title=" affiliate marketing" style="cursor: pointer; max-width: 100%; height: auto;">

As you can see above, these categories include:

  • Golf shoes
  • Golf Bags
  • Golf Accessories (GPS, head covers, spikes, ball markers, divot tools, umbrellas, etc)
  • Sports Teams (branded and custom golf equipment)
  • etc.

That is how most companies diversify and scale their business and income. Although you may find that this is quite a unique example, almost every major corporation and thriving company has followed these same diversification principles.

Amazon started off primarily selling books. They are now the largest ecom website in the world, selling 100's of millions of different products. They are also one of the largest web services and web hosts in the world.

Apple started off making computers. They are now the highest valued company in the world with a majority of their revenue coming from mobile phones.

And look here at Wealthy Affiliate. We started off as a keyword list website. It is now the largest platform in the world for affiliate marketers, offering hosting, research platforms, a content creation platform, coaching, live training, and many website based products/services.

That is how it works. You don't start off targeting some broad demographic, you start off by offering a quality service, blog, and experience to a niche audience and then you diversify once you establish some authority and clout in your industry.

Whoever said golf balls is "too specific" of a niche is crazy! A new website in this space could one day be operating an 8 figure business, selling golf shoes and umbrellas while still only scratching the surface of their profitability potential.

Now get out there, get niche, and then diversify. You are capable of HUGE things if you focus on establishing something much more specific first. :)

I would love your feedback and thoughts here. What are your biggest issues or concerns when heading into a niche? Where do you have issues diversifying and building out your website? What are the biggest factors that hold you back on researching niche?

Please take a second to chime into the conversation below.

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SAWalden Premium
A very timely article - at least for me a total newbie. While reviewing the beginning lessons and spending every spare minute reading everything, I can the thought that each niche I was creating was not specific enough but specific is too specific?

Your examples are spot on - (Amazon, Apple, etc.). Like most anything in life you start with one "thing" and diversify as you grow.

I also read an article awhile back (I need to look it up) that stated the key to Amazon's success is as a business they keep raising the bar. Accomplishing an achievement / business goal is not the end destination. A successful business does not sit back and coast but instead looks for new product or service to offer. Once that is done, start creating another goal.

I think that same mind-set to never stop growing / learning is what has brought many of us here to WA.

And thank you Kyle for bringing your "never stop growing - never stop learning" mind set to create this most inspiring community!

fleurallen Premium
Thanks, Kyle when reading your article I feel I understand the concept crystal clear but then applying it to myself suddenly I draw a blank.

This month as a result of the hot buttons training for month 5 of Super Affiliate, Masterful Marketing, I narrowed my niche from those that wanted to work from home to parents that want to work from home as it is a part of my own story and I feel I have much to offer this audience.

So do I niche it further down to single parents or single mothers or in a different way? Narrowing the niche to the essential tools for a home-based parent to succeed? Or in another way, niche to teachers that are now parents that have the knowledge to share or business professionals that are now parents and at home?

Sorry, 20 questions! Clearly, you've got me thinking!
laurenjean Premium
Great questions, Fleur. If it were me, I see would choose the niche I'm most comfy with... Probably the one that described me best as I would relate to an audience who are experiencing similar Challenges to me. Not sure if that helps you? So I would go Moms who want to work at home rather than parents.
fleurallen Premium
Thanks Laurenjean I hear you my only reluctance is there is already so much out their for woman however not much for dads but I’m not a dad! Maybe single mothers... I think I need to research it more
herinnelson Premium
I love this article, Kyle! It surely heads everyone in the right direction! I, for one, have a Ladies Night In niche that started with chick flicks, recipe books, romance novels and all things that women would like to do on their night in with friends. I am now branching out to clothing, makeup, nail polish and beauty products! It does exceptionally well on Pinterest!

The sky is the limit with any niche, and you have so perfectly proved this! I'm sharing your article on Social Media and with all my referrals! Brilliant post! Thank you!

Erin ;)!
Kyle Premium
Really cool, branching out is the natural process as you build out your website/business. You will know when you are ready and often times you can go MANY years before you ever have to even consider branching out.
Vickic3 Premium
I love this article and believe any niche is only as small as your thoughts and research and you have given such a great example in this article Kyle
Thank you
Kyle Premium
Well once you understand how to research, NO niche is too small. I have always been in a surplus position with any niche I have entered into...too many ideas, and never enough time to tackle them all.
pinkthistle Premium
thank you! my niche is not that narrow, maybe too broad, I dont know but I still wonder if I will run out of ideas to write about so I will continue to focus on a small area of my niche and move forward from there! thanks again, great post!
Kyle Premium
You can choose a broad domain, and then you can narrow down things as you build it out. A broad brand is FINE, but keep your content topically specific when starting out.
pinkthistle Premium
thank you.... that helps too. I was wondering???