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Last Update: December 10, 2019

Hey everyone,

I am reaching out today to get your TOP questions that you have for me within my first "ask me anything" (AMA) live class. I am gearing up for this and want to get your questions in advance of the live class that will be taking place on December 18th, 2019 at 5PM PST.

If you haven't registered for it yet, I recommend that you do below.

Making Money in 2020 Q & A - Kyle Goes AMA

I am really interested in the questions that you may have, and I hopefully am going to have enough time to answer most of them (I will do my very best).

Below I want you to spend a moment and ask your questions that you have of me, my journey online, where I think the online business is headed, questions about anything related to affiliate marketing (or making money online)....you name it.

I really look forward to questions and offering you detailed responses on these on December 18th. I will be offering all sorts of other insights as well that are going to be prepare you for a brilliant 2020 ahead!

Happy Holidays!

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chaldo4life Premium
Hi I just started my sight www.outdoorsurvivalsituations.com I was thinking of having my home page set up just with a bunch of articles about diffrent things to do with survival. And the outdoors and then another section that just has a bunch of survival gear that you can buy I can have affiliate links to Amazon to make a commission from them is this what you expect from a websight or am I doing this all wrong and is this niche even worth getting into I'm finding it hard to figure out what to write about check out my sight and let me know if I'm doing alright so far
mlight56 Premium
Hi Kyle,
I know that you are busy, I did ask this question on your "ask a question blog" but apparently I might of stepped in someones way, but that's alright. Just wondering if you might have any suggestions or thoughts on the "Product CSV Import Suite" plugin for woocommerce ecommerce since I'm building an online store with thousands of items and it is very time consuming updating everything.

Anyway I will be at your live session tonight hoping to gain more insight on this whole business of making money online I've been at it for a while built my first website in 2003 made a few dollars here and there but nothing considerable. I also have a certified programming course that I completed back in 2000, and I not about to quite cause I know that it can be done.

The online store that I am in the process of building is for our store (my dad's shop) he started his business in 1949 and is still at it, the guy is 90 yrs old this year and still working very hard, paint and sanding boats. He is an amassing hard working guy, and with that nothing comes without working at what you believe in, the Dream must go on.

Thank you for your time and consideration on this ... cheer ... Michel
DetailsD Premium Plus
Hi Kyle, here is my question:

I would like advice on what to do when I start designing my website, and I come up against a technical issue, like there's something I want to change on my site that I am unable to do because I'm not a design person or a coder. For example, the last time I tried to work on my site, I picked a theme that I really loved, but there were things I couldn't figure out how to change, like getting rid of some of the "blog-type" features that WordPress has as the default. It really tripped me up and I got caught up in the details of trying to change the site, instead of just moving through the course lessons.

What should we do when we want to change things in our site design but can't figure it out? Asking questions in the community doesn't always work because it depends on who happens to see our question at any given hour of the day (whether in the community or tech dept.). What is a way to either get a specific answer to a specific difficult question?
- OR, maybe better yet:

What is the best approach (mindset-wise) when coming up against these things and there just isn't a timely answer? I tend to give up easily. So I'm trying to get ahead of this issue now before I start a new site again.

Thanks for your help!
Hackerist Premium
All of us have three options to get our questions answered:
1. Ask the community. Usually, you get quick answers (more than one) from the community.
2. Follow the training where you will find answers to most of your questions.
3. Send a private message to your personal coach (under who you signed up to WA) or any other member.
Lyle-P Premium
As far as mindset goes, since that affects everything else you asked about and more:

If you know you often give up easily, then I recommend l making two lists: 1. List all the benefits you will gain as a result of focusing on this endeavor for years. There is no quick money to be made here. 2. List all the excuses (real and made up) that you think will slow you down or help you decide to give up.

You have to make a commitment to do the work. You have to decide to not quit. That’s the secret. Just don’t quit.

Tweaking your website to improve user experience and branding is only important when you have traffic. Early on, it’s a form of procrastination.

Do the hard work. Create content.